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Half the Battle: The War Economy

The way your assault teams earn warfunds has changed in the Leeb build, as we are moving towards a system which rewards risk-taking and initiative. This blog post is for you, Generals!

The French have a saying: L’argent est le nerf de la guerre. Money is the main nerve of warfare. Some battles are lost not because of lack of courage or inferior tactics, but for lack of proper supplies — that is to say, lack of money. In Heroes & Generals, this means warfunds. Warfunds are the Generals’ currency, with which they purchase assault teams, upgrade them in size and equipment, and most importantly, resupply them.

In case you just got here, I’ll quickly go over the basics once more. Warfunds are earned by your assault teams as a reward for taking part in combat. Battle rewards have two components:

  • The participation bonus: what your AT earns for just showing up… well, not exactly: it has to lose at least one of its soldiers to be considered has having fought in the battle. This is valid for both auto-resolved battles and played (FPS) battles.
  • The victory bonus: as the name implies, this is an extra reward for defeating the enemy.

No Pain, No Gain

So what’s changed in Leeb? Well, if you take a look at this convenient table, you will notice that the less expensive assault teams (Guard, Infantry, Anti-Tank Infantry, Recon, etc) are now earning more for participating in combat, but less for winning, whereas the opposite is true for the more expensive ATs. Those Heavy Armor units are costly to deploy, but now they earn significantly more for winning.

The last two columns in the table highlight the differences between assault team types by providing two income scenarios. Income is understood here as what you earn from one battle, minus what you spend to fully resupply your AT.

  • In the best case income scenario, your AT only loses that one soldier, so the cost of resupplying is an absolute minimum, represented here by 1% (which is an approximate value).
  • In the worst case income scenario, you lose the battle and your entire AT. You earn only the participation reward, and need to fully resupply.

As you can see, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. Use your elite unit unwisely, and it will end up draining your budget. But lead it to victory, and it will earn you substantial rewards. And there’s one more thing to consider: players who purchase a Veteran Membership earn more warfunds for both victory and participation.

Of course, the warfunds system, like many other features, is still in development and may require some further adjustments. Stay tuned!

  1. patton1995patton199509-13-2013

    Sounds fair enough to me :D
    (Hopefully getting a new AT soon)

    Keep it up guys, hands down best game I have ever played

    • patton1995patton199509-13-2013

      Just had a look at the “convenient table” … I have to say … that you guys now have me overly excited for the Artillery and tank destroyers XP

      Looking forward to the next build (not that there’s anything wrong with Leeb :P)

  2. patton1995patton199509-14-2013

    I really want this post to reach you guys at RETO so I am posting the link here
    (Hope I’m not breaking any rules)

  3. djopadjopa09-16-2013

    the convenient table says 1200wf to fully resupply and inf at while in game it needs 1600.
    someone had a beer or 2 too much the night before he did the table. :)

  4. westwickwestwick09-16-2013

    Nice article. Decals on the stuey look great!

  5. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry09-17-2013

    Not just mortars but artillery too; bombers at some point, and whats the “commando unit” on that list? This has me more excited.

  6. GerhachtGerhacht09-19-2013

    The concept about more risk more earnings is a great System!
    The Problem with SMART and CAREFUL use of the expensive ATs by the General is very much limited by any lack of control atm. General decides for moving/sending ATs to a certain City/AP, BUT his control/influence on System choice for participating (by 2 AT/AP Limit) is very limited. And even worst if it Comes to control by the General of his assets in FPS battles. Generals have NO control about the use of spawns by heroes. From that perspective it is like to place a bet on the roulette table…

What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!