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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 28

After a bit of downtime, the servers are back up with the Leeb build. A couple of the servers also moved physical location, some of the got updated hardware and they all had a bit of TLC. Rolling out a new build is always exciting as it is such a great feeling to let you guys play with and experience the new features we have built.

On another note we have reinforced the community team with Alex aka Reto.Chinch – Reto.Chinch is based in London and will work as a spy in the War Office, community manager, helping us take better care of all players, their feedback, questions etc. as well as help me (Reto.Robotron3000) with getting more exciting information out in various formats. We will of course do a full developer profile (detailing and disclosing every single skeleton in every single closet) shortly, but until that surfaces, please join me in welcoming Reto.Chinch to the team. I also hope that you have all enjoyed the last couple of weeks’ posts on the new features in Leeb, and that they have given you some ideas of what you can expect to experience in the game. As always if you have ideas for stuff you would like to know more about in the game, please let us know and we will do our best to answer your questions!

That is all from me, have a great week everybody! :-)

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Team Debriefing

Game Management


Game Director


Programmer and Technical Lead




Project Coordinator
  • Meetings and planning
  • Moved Reto.RedBjarne into the Graphics/LD office to help out for a while.

Action Game Team


Lead Animator


3D Artist


Gameplay Programmer


Gameplay Programmer
  • Fixing bugs [Leeb]
  • Fixing other bugs [Leeb]
  • Fixing old bugs [Keating]
  • Starting up Videlog production
  • BomberBo back on Action Team
  • Outsourcing planning

Graphics & Level Design Team


Lead Artist


Art Director


Level Designer


Lead Character Artist

Effects Dude
  • Play sessions – Internal tests on Mountain Map major revamp.
  • Testing capture area distances.
  • Scheduling and planning when Mountain revamp is done – aim for Manstein

Campaign Team


Render Programmer


IT Architect


Flash Programmer


Server Programmer


Server Programmer


Mobile Programmer
  • Work on the Support tool
  • iOS: Fixed some minor bugs and submitted the iOS client. It has been approved and is ready for release.
  • Reto.sNell: Got turned into a newt. Got better, but I am now a Flash programmer until I get better again.
  • Reto.Vashu:They should call me “Slayer of Bugs, Overlord of Stabilization” instead they just say “fix bugs, programmer #34” [Leeb]
  • UI revamp continues [Manstein]
  • Reto.Vashu: Developer Feedback thread on the forum [Communication]
  • Getting a new setup, fancy words for moving to a new desk [Internal]
  • Initial design on Supplyline skirmishes, codenamed “initiative missions” [Design]
  • Getting Reto.Snell up to speed on the Client setup [Temp flash programmer setup]
  • Fix – AT movement to a battlefield assigns the correct accesspoint as the destination marker [Leeb]
  • Fix – Correct the orientation of tank factory map in terms of which faction spawns at which accesspoint [Leeb]
  • Fix – Supply AT movement speed is dependent on the parent type [Leeb]
  • Fix – Some ATs might be rewarded even when they have not lost any tickets [Leeb]
  • Fix – Airborne ATs do not have destination markers [Leeb]
  • Mechanism to record metrics for game design purposes [Leeb]
  • Record concurrent user load [Leeb]
  • Automatically move ATs which have been left stranded on supplylines [Keating]
  • Implemented dynamic thread allocation for task system, started tested performance implications
    changed retry mechanism to employ queueing (instead of retrying directly in the change propagation thread)
    Fought the staging servers a bit.
  • Bugfixing (Leeb)
  • Started work on new terrain rendering algorithm (Manstein+)

Sound Team


Lead Sound Designer


Audio Programmer
  • Gun sounds redeigned and getting ready
  • Propaganda radio outsourcing
  • Old sounds reworked in stereo
  • Armor Model sounds work
  • Bug fixing Leeb
  • Mono to Stereo and 3D sound code
  • Coordinating destruction sounds

Community, QA & Support Team


Support Manager


Community Manager


QA Manager
  • Leeb: New Hi-Prio bugs identified.
  • Helping ID stability bugs on Game
  • Planning test sessions
  • Meetings with Square Enix Europe, planning how we can work together with more efficiency

Misc. Team


IT Admin


Games Analyst


Web Developer


Senior Programmer
  • Stuff
  1. caseymaster24caseymaster2409-12-2013

    welcome to the crew Reto.Chinch :D

  2. MasterTankerMasterTanker09-12-2013


    The new DEPLOY SYSTEM IS SWEET!!!! nice effect! very nice view of the maps, the new uniforms are so cool specially the german one.

    I like what now the tanks needs 2 magnetic mines to be destroyed, the new magnetic effect is really neat!!

    But RETO, im still having that “LAG” or “FRAMEDROPPING”, especially when you are fighting, i have a nice system but is common what frame rate drops to 7 FPS, please, this is the most important thing to fix.

    And please, new maps!!!! please add secundary objectives, like capture the flag but with other things, please add kill the leader mode, all mixed, H&G could have more complex gameplay.


  3. Reto.KenSoloReto.KenSolo09-12-2013

    I just want to get one thing straight! As a producer I care a lot about our team and would never refer to Reto.Vashu as “programmer #34”- never!

    We simply don’t have that many programmers, so Reto.Vashu is more like programmer #11 or so… :-P

    .. Sorry about the lame joke – love you all!

    • ChlodovechChlodovech09-12-2013

      He deserves a spanking for lying like that.

  4. ralpgallandralpgalland09-12-2013

    Moved Reto.RedBjarne into the Graphics/LD office to help out for a while.

    I can see it now:
    RedBjarne: “Nooooo, not the Graphicnerd den! I’m the director, you can’t make me!! Have mercy!”
    With KenSolo and half the team bahind him pushing him in and locking the door.
    KenSolo: “Thank the lords I didn’t lose that last pokergame, that could have been me!”

  5. patton1995patton199509-13-2013

    Good one ralogalland … had a few laughs out a that one :P

  6. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti409-13-2013

    i see game get even more pimped, now slowly my dreams come true and i didnt need dream anymore about just need type and it happen.

    Reto is growing . Welcome Reto.Chinch , i am sure you got warm welcome and some warm soup by Reto .

    ps. if you become some home sickness trigger that : i hope you will see less rain in kobenhaven xD

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti409-13-2013

      wait … it think ive missed ..that youre based in London xD ?

      hmm unusual for reto to have members outside of kobenhaven.

      • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti409-13-2013

        hmm, why i have now GCHQ in my mind….

  7. KP0TKP0T09-14-2013

    A couple of the servers also moved physical location, some of the got updated hardware and they all had a bit of TLC.

    My friends and I hoped that after the update, the server will return to Eastern Europe,
    now I am in depression from lousy ping.
    Please return the server FPS.

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