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Leeb is alive and online!

The new build named Leeb (after the German Field Marshall Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb) is live on the servers! And here is a short update explaining the new features we have added for you to enjoy!

New Features

New Deploy System

We have updated the deploy system with a much more streamlined presentation, cool flyover animations and better info boxes to make it easier for you to deploy where you will have the most fun. Take a look here for screenshots and additional details.

New Recon character models

The recon units has finally had their new uniforms delivered, and we hope you’ll like them. Check out the German one here and click here for the new US Recon.

New US Heavy Armor Assault Team

The rumbling in the distance has revealed it’s source! New US Heavy Armor Assault Teams are joining the battle in their M26 Pershing tanks.
Take a look here for more information on the Pershing.

Improved Armor Model

We have been working on improving the armor model in the game for quite some time as we want to improve the experience of fighting with tanks. The new system is easier for us to maintain, and more precise to boot. This first iteration is designed to improve ricochets, penetration and non-damaging shots and lay out the groundwork for adding additional layers of features and complexity in the future. Take a look here for a more detailed explanation.

We are also still looking for a Front-End Programmer to join our team, so if you are in the Copenhagen area (or willing to relocate) take a look here.

There are of course more happening in the build, so continue reading for more details…

Minor stuff

Here is a list of some additional features in the Leeb build.

  • Improved textures and setup on motorcycles
  • Improved textures and setup on Panzer III
  • Improved texture on Flakvierling
  • Improved character positioning in vehicles
  • Mountain Map train wagons replaced
  • New network sync system
  • Squad Leader only available from Rank 3 up
  • Added range to HUD capture points
  • Improved grenade physics
  • AT movement can now accept an accesspoint or a battlefield as a target
  • AT can be moved to another accesspoint on the same battlefield
  • ATs take 1 sec to travel between 2 accesspoints on the same battlefield
  • Movement speed of supplies is dependent on their parent type
  • Capital markers are now behind cities and accesspoints
  • New Auto Generated Mission Assault Team Setup
  • Loading Screen for Campaign map added

Mobile Command

The Mobile Command app moves along on its own release cycle (when at all possible) so the current version is compatible with the Leeb build when it goes live. The newest version contains the option to move Assault Teams to specific access points on a map, as well as bug fixes and performance improvements on both iOS and Android

For a more detailed changelog take a look here: Changelog on the wiki.

  1. RaulRaul09-11-2013

    Glad to see it finally got in, and glad we are back in action ^^.
    Those features were promised, here they are now. And you say Reto ain’t listening to the community :P.

  2. pirocudopirocudo09-11-2013

    each day better!

    Piroca neles!

  3. GnomefatherGnomefather09-11-2013



    I wonder if the M26 will be very similar to the current Tiger I.

  4. call911call91109-11-2013

    the anti-tank grenades are nerfed in damage ..
    did the cost of them went down as well?

    or are we spending the same amount of credits for less stuff?

    great work btw, keep it up :)

  5. westwickwestwick09-11-2013

    Congratz on a great build!

  6. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti409-11-2013

    iam imprssioned from first look on. awesome. i like the new spawn system and ability to move on diferent accessoints . fraky cool worked .

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti409-11-2013

      ohh i missed : “e” , “f” , “p” , “e” time for new keyboard. xD

  7. StormSkilledStormSkilled09-12-2013

    I think this is a great improvement of the game. I cant wait to see whats next. In the meantime I will enjoy these new features!

  8. Division-WikingDivision-Wiking09-12-2013

    Nice picture,but could u give the german mobile infantry soldiers glasses on the Stahlhelm?

  9. DondergodDondergod09-12-2013

    I’m glad the sticky’s and H3 got nerfed a bit.
    Honestly, it’s not enough for me. It’s still better to have H3 or sticky’s than a bazooka.

    For the rest I’ve noticed a lot of good things. One of the best builds so far if you ask me. Armor system seems to really change the gameplay. We had a lot of trouble taking down PZI’s in a skirmish map, where they used to be dying left and right.

    It has quite some bugs, but that’s always the same when a new (big) build comes out.

  10. pirocudopirocudo09-12-2013

    h3 nerfed?

  11. LuubuXLuubuX09-12-2013

    i play HnG but the loading very slow

  12. proteasproteas09-16-2013

    When I press the red ENTER COMBAT button some Error dialog appears with “LaunchCommand/no_hosting_centers not found”.

    Before that, I play the game tutorial “first blood” successfully.

  13. silvertip83silvertip8309-22-2013

    Love the new build! Keep up the good work

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