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New Deploy Menu

The time has come to reveal the main attraction in the coming Leeb build: a brand new deploy menu with a more streamlined presentation, a cool new flyover animation and detailed information boxes that pop up when you need them! We think you’ll enjoy this one, as it lets you really visualize where your character is going to be deployed in relation to the mission objectives — and more importantly, it lets you see in real-time what your teammates are doing!

One of the main difficulties encountered by new players was figuring out where the hell they were supposed to go. Until now! In contrast to the old battle map (which remains available to you by pressing the M key while in action), the new deploy menu focuses on the attack line where your selected assault team is positioned. Select a different assault team, and different capture points become highlighted. The new menu also acts like a subjective camera, swooping down from the sky to show you what the selected deploy location looks like, and reveals any friendly players nearby. Enemies remain hidden in this view, of course.


The selected deploy location is highlighted and its name clearly displayed.

The crenellated gray line (the thingie which looks like a castle wall) represents a neutral frontline, i.e. it indicates that beyond this capture point lies a neutral zone you may have to fight for. If the enemy has already captured the next point, the frontline will be displayed in red (see the picture at the beginning of this post). This should help new recruits understand where the fiesta is at.

Moving your mouse over the assault team selection box reveals additional details such as the name of your squad leader, the assault team’s type and the number of troops remaining.

The arrows on each side let you browse through the available assault teams.

Your soldier’s name, rank and equipment are conveniently displayed when you drag your mouse over the soldier selection box.

If multiple soldiers can be deployed at the same point, you can browse through them using the arrows as well.

Miniature icons show you what your options are. Deploy on foot or inside vehicles, when available. The icons are the same used for Assault Team resources – check this link for a quick overview.

Once you choose to deploy, a notification box will advise you of any applicable time delays relative to your equipment, or penalties received for falling off a roof, crashing your plane, stepping on your own mines, etc.

NB: This is the first iteration of the deploy system so expect improvements and more features over time. And let us hear your feedback here or in the forums.

  1. RaulRaul09-05-2013

    Great job Reto, might not raise too many question marks from now on for the new boots. We begin to get overwhelmed by new News posts, Leeb is making it’s stand it seems, might come in soon.

  2. SinioSinio09-05-2013

    This is actually pretty awesome. :D

    [i]Link will take you to[/i]:
    [b]|HnG Community Ideas for the Future Development of The Game|[/b] in the [b][i]General Feedback[/i][/b] forum

    “[i]Submit us your ideas and we will answer. Developers are already looking into it, after the improvement of the game is stable.[/i]”

    • RaulRaul09-05-2013

      Keep it up Sinio, though imo, Reto has a schedule, they won’t accept changes until they reach a certain check point. But keep it up, I would like for his thread to become a sticky ^^.

      • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300009-06-2013

        Just stickified (Is taht even a real word?) it :-)

  3. djopadjopa09-05-2013

    good news, new uniforms, better lookin features. thumb up

  4. RaulRaul09-05-2013

    Though I think something like an explanation on which symbol is which might be better, if I would have been a newb and played this game with the old interface, I would be pretty confused, glad that I understand some things from only the News post.

  5. patton1995patton199509-06-2013

    My name is Patton1995 and i approve these changes
    lol ;P

    Can’t wait for the next build

    • SurrakorulesSurrakorules09-08-2013

      I see you reenact RWJ

  6. ApplayApplay09-06-2013

    It looks damn awesome!

  7. CorsixCorsix09-06-2013

    Good job on that feautere Reto. I am especially glad about the penalty timer in deploy menu. hopefully it will help the recruits to increase their own battle effectiveness due their own ingame actions that get now a clear penalty. Maybe a short list of the penalized actions (falling of the roof, killing your own teammates etc.) could be finalized into it as well at sometime in near future ?
    Anyway, keep it up. This is the road!

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300009-06-2013

      Both team kills & suicides are already in the system!

  8. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers09-06-2013

    Nice, finding tanks never been easier!

    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel09-06-2013

      Nope, you can’t see enemy tanks in this view. That would take all the fun out of the game.

      • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers09-07-2013

        Oh it’s cool then and after you spawn you will get that “drop down* view to your character from the sky?

  9. andreaske1andreaske109-07-2013

    Whoa this looks so cool ! One of the things that will be a big “+” , great work !

  10. CorsixCorsix09-08-2013

    The penalties are indeed in the system Robotron, but there werent marked as such. You know, minor stuff like that increase overall playing efficiency. Beg your pardon for not being clear.

  11. lovepurplelovepurple09-08-2013

    This is wonderful, I hope more great things come out from this.

  12. jonatsku1jonatsku109-08-2013

    Sucks! I have to cycle through assault teams with arrows instead of clicking the one I want from a list?

    • SnowDogSnowDog09-10-2013

      Well I am not sure, but this yellow triangle on the upper right corner of the selected AT (same one that’s at the current character too) looks like when you put your mouse over it, the full list will pop up. Just a guess, would be nice if it would be that way.

  13. HANZhladikHANZhladik09-09-2013

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  14. SurrakorulesSurrakorules09-09-2013

    when I saw the weapons i thought you could change them mid battle!goddamnit you can’t

  15. BonuxBonux09-11-2013

    That view from above the clouds makes me dream on a special view on bombers planes (the targeter’s view) when those finally are released :p

    Bombs away!

  16. koigunskoiguns09-15-2013

    I select deploy but it doesn’t show anything. i deploy on foot but it doesn’t load my soldier and stuff

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