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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 27

New build incoming! We are currently hard at work hammering away at the new armor model getting it into tip-top shape. The ‘Leeb’ build will show the first iteration and it will form a solid base from which we can start expanding the damage models on vehicles to make them more fun to both fight in and against. Hiding behind trees and observing these metal beasts moving about are the new recon models. We have already released a sneak peek of the German and a sneak peek of the new American recon is on its way as well.

Based on ao. a lot of DxDiags detailing performance issues we have started focusing on more specific performance issues and we are working on making the game run better and more stable for everybody, so over the next couple of months a lot of our focus will be on these issues. We do of course have new features planned, but we also want to increase stability, performance, scalability, fix bugs etc. This might not be as exciting as new content, but it will make the game more fun and give us a more stable platform for the continued development of new features.

Also, as we have done a couple of times before Reto.Vashu is gathering questions from you guys in a new Developer Q&A session.

That is all from me, have a great week everybody! :-)

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Team Debriefing

Game Management

  • Reto.RedBjarne: Soldier progression with Reto.Ogssan
  • Character progression and development design
  • Meetings

Action Game Team

  • Working on Warserver fixes
  • Prepare soldier progression work
  • Armor Model testing
  • Armor Model iterations
  • Armor Model bug fixes

Graphics & Level Design Team

  • Work on Mountain Town overhaul
  • Outsourcing planning
  • Testing Recon outfits

Campaign Team

  • Support tool meeting and initial work
  • Minor localization bugfixes and rearrangement of cities
  • Major resolver bugfixing
  • Build and deploy and webinterface features and tweaks
  • Pricing and balancing [Leeb]
  • Bugs [Leeb]
  • UI revamp started [Manstein]
  • Talking to players [Forum]
  • Bug – Game servers overloaded because of incorrect war statistic logic
  • Bug – Post mission handling of ATs does not work [Leeb]
  • Bug – Auto-generated missions do not show resources in the action game [Leeb]
  • Feature – Participation bonus is not universal anymore and is dependant on the AT type (like victory bonus) [Leeb]
  • Optimization – Updating the status of a battlefield is handled in a more optimized way [Leeb]
  • Design – Leaderboard for Strategy game
  • Mobile Command: Looked hard at strange deserialization bug. The stern look did not alleviate the bug.
  • Mobile Command: Implemented FOW on Android.
  • Mobile Command: Got iOS client ready for test, and it looks like it passed modulo some minor glitches that’s being worked on.

Sound Team

  • Looking at/listening to propaganda speakers
  • Flash work
  • Administrative tasks

Community, QA & Support Team

  • QA: Leeb: Campaign improvements tests
  • QA: Leeb: Action game tests
  • QA: Leeb: Armor Model testing
  • Tickets, tickets
  • Investigating cheat/hack reports
  • Modelling our new recon uniforms
  • Working on a new Videolog

Misc. Team

  • Reto.Jose_L: Web tasks moving acc. to plan
  • Reto.Injection: Streaming Resource system running run time, testing and bug fixing
  • Reto.Injection: Anti-Cheat
  1. wolfbaronwolfbaron09-03-2013

    good work…

  2. SinioSinio09-03-2013

    Nice. Be waiting for the release of this build.
    Link will take you to |HnG Community Ideas for the Future Development of The Game| in the General Feedback forum

  3. KP0TKP0T09-03-2013

    Give reinforcements Reto.Injection!
    From the development of anti-cheat depends very much.
    Thank you for your hard work.
    Good luck to everyone!

  4. foxtrox-sixfoxtrox-six09-08-2013

    gentelman you made a perfect job well done

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