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New German Recon Uniform

The Wehrmacht is about to unveil its September 1939 men’s collection, and this year the focus is on simplicity of form, light fabrics and neutral colors. Here is a glimpse of what you will soon be seeing on the runway in Paris… unless the Allies can prevent it!

Gliding silently like a shadow through the undergrowth, here comes the most sharply dressed sharpshooter on the Western Front. Notice the practical pockets in the front of the windbluse for ammo (and snacks), and the exclusion of all unnecessary accessories. The Recon soldier travels light, trading firepower and supplies for stealth and speed. No shiny helmet to give him away in the moonlight, but an M43 field cap, or bergmütze.

It’s a shame you probably won’t get the chance to really look at this stylish new uniform before its wearer puts an 8mm bullet between your eyes.

  1. Sgt.MckinsonSgt.Mckinson09-02-2013

    Germans … OK but where is the new US uniform ?!!

    • zedollazedolla09-02-2013

      U wot m80? ‘avin a giggle?

      • Sgt.MckinsonSgt.Mckinson09-02-2013

        What language are you talking ?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300009-03-2013

      Not in THIS blog post… But maybe in another one called “New US Recon Uniform” that reto.gargamel is currently finishing :-P

    • muchofunkablemuchofunkable09-03-2013

      Seriously dude you just had a Pershing revealed for your team, and now you’re moaning about Germans getting a SKIN?

      • SurrakorulesSurrakorules09-04-2013

        um yeah!the pershign doesn’t count!it just balances things cause teh germans had a heavy tanks while the allies don’t!so shut up all of you about teh pershing

      • SurrakorulesSurrakorules09-04-2013

        and um!your recon doesn’t haev a helmet that shien while our recon does!and the pershign doesn’t count cause the germans ALREADY HAD HEAVY TANKS WHILE WE DIDN”T!SO SHUT UP WITH THAT SHIT!

        • muchofunkablemuchofunkable09-05-2013

          Well, it’s not really much of a Heavy Tank right now, the Tiger I, more like a tank made of cardboard. Even the Stuart can take down the tiger from the front with 6 hits. And yes, we don’t have a helmet, but the helmet on the US Recon has camonet, so it negates the shining. Taking a tank, the Tiger I, which had around 1500 productions and facing them with a Pershing of which only max 15 saw combat in Europe is absolute rubbish, but since this is only a WW2-era based game I don’t really mind, unless the devs deny on making other German tanks like the Jagdtiger, Jagdpanther, Panther or even some prototypes.

          • sicamsicam09-10-2013

            It is a fact that there are not so many tigers destroyed by another tank.
            mostly they were destroyed by airplanes and artillery.
            It is also a fact that you could shoot in to the tank, prism were not common in those days

  2. westwickwestwick09-02-2013

    Some good lookin’ sn1p0rz there.

  3. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers09-02-2013

    The soldiers uniform looks great, but those trees at first screenshot…

  4. RaulRaul09-02-2013

    Wonder how will the US recon look like, hope the clothes won’t be made of too much camo ^^.

  5. patton1995patton199509-02-2013

    Awesome :D
    can’t wait to see the US uniform …
    (and if you guys don’t mind me asking…will all the other classes be getting their own touch? – ex like machine gunner with a little more gear and a belt of ammo around his shoulders?)
    Anyway thanks in advance :P

  6. MasterTankerMasterTanker09-02-2013


    i am lieutenant now, i think what a new uniform will be cool.

    Please add the names of my fellow AT members next to that yellow spot over their heads and the number so i can give correct orders as commander.

  7. LongBeach_PatriotLongBeach_Patriot09-02-2013

    I am guessing that the new US Recon uniform will be bright colors, like a highlighter. Since the U.S. is obviously nerfed in nature, as per the devs actions

  8. SinioSinio09-02-2013

    Okay. That’s cool. But will this actually help? You see I’m one of those who go 1,200 meters out of a fire fight and pick enemy soldiers off 1×1 and since I’m far away hiding surrounded by vegetation is pointless for me to be around since it will disappear for my foes because it wont render. It’s cool, but not to helpful.

    Thus link is for you to check out and leave a comment on what you want to see in the game in the future.

  9. rosiemarosiema09-02-2013

    LOL xD

    • muchofunkablemuchofunkable09-03-2013

      What’s so “LOL xD” about this?

      • ralpgallandralpgalland09-04-2013

        Rosie is just an allied player who just saw the American Recon. With his glorious camo.
        Our Gebirgsjager looks rather 1939 in comparison :P

  10. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry09-02-2013

    Too bad I won’t be able to see this in all of it’s glory on low graphics. Oh well, I can’t play action game any more anyway because of framerate.

  11. FontanFontan09-02-2013

    since 95,56 % of all players always play recon and 97,34% of all Assault Teams are Recon ATs and therefore most battles are decided by Recons its a very useful addition to the game.

    Anyway…its good looking.

  12. ralpgallandralpgalland09-03-2013

    Short brim cap, non camoed anorak reversible with lots of pockets and things on it…
    Reto gives us the gebirgsjager.

    He’s only missing his edelweiss.
    And it should come in 3 colours, Green/White and Beige/White…. Good item for later customization if Reto gets that far. :P

  13. drsstardrsstar09-03-2013

    nice stylish uniform, made by hugo boss :)

  14. Task4Task409-04-2013

    more ridiculous then recon suit is german infantry camo colour FIX IT

  15. SurrakorulesSurrakorules09-04-2013

    and um…taht doesn’t look like a 98k!and why do teh sniper rifles do less damage tahn teh mothereffing 98k and m1903>theya re teh same fucking guns!

  16. Yves1Yves109-06-2013

    ja die us uniformen die sind woodland tarn wie heute in den usa

  17. SurrakorulesSurrakorules09-09-2013

    WOW!even a cap has a fucking number!m43!REALLY

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