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The M26 Pershing Heavy Tank

Guess what just rolled out of the factory? That’s right, here comes the American answer to the formidable Tiger… ladies and gentlemen, the M26 Pershing!

History buffs will tell you that the Pershing was only introduced in the final months of the war, and saw very little combat in Europe. Only 20 units were deployed. However, Heroes & Generals is not about recreating WWII exactly the way it happened (notice how it’s possible for Germany to win?), but rather about letting you create challenging alternate scenarios set in the WWII time period. The Pershings did clash with Tigers and Panthers in Elsdorf and Cologne, with casualties on both sides, so we feel it’s safe to assume that if the war had lasted a little bit longer, many more of these juggernauts would have joined in the fight.

Steel Behemoth

Roughly the same size and weight as a Tiger, the Pershing will enter the theater of operations as part of the new Heavy Armor Assault Team, a 2-star AT which will become available to the Americans in the Leeb build, thus evening out the AT progression tree for both faction. Look at this beauty…

Technical specifications

41.7 metric tons
8.649 m (turret facing forward)
Primary Armament
90 mm M3 gun
AP M77 rounds
HE M71 rounds

Secondary Armament

M1919 bow machine gun
M1919 coaxial machine gun
  1. wolfbaronwolfbaron08-28-2013

    Wonderful work !!

  2. barecgeshbarecgesh08-28-2013

    hurray now all you need to do is sort out german light tanks i mean if where trying to make things fair

  3. Division-WikingDivision-Wiking08-28-2013

    One Question,could u give the Germans the RPZB 54 “Panzerschreck” because how do u want to knock a M26 with a Panzerfaust (a could give the americans the M9 Bazooka).

    • RaulRaul08-28-2013

      You must be aware that an armor system does not exist yet, if it comes in Leeb, then kiss good bye to Zookas and Fausts, the Panzerschreck is on the to do list already, they showed an image in an earlier News post.

  4. J0N4SJ0N4S08-28-2013

    really great Design work, but it is CRAP!
    see here why I think so!
    Now the game is finally as unbalanced as it could be!
    Stuart vs Pz 1, joke
    Pershing vs Tiger, OMG are you serious??
    This was a Prototype, like the Maus!
    There were 20! tanks of this in the WW2!
    By Comparison there were naerly 500 Tiger 2 (or Königstiger) deployed!
    If you want to keep this game a bit balanced you should add this WITH the Pershing!
    It is really alarming for me, what you are doing Guys!

    • SurrakorulesSurrakorules08-30-2013

      yeha?how about the OP german guns!mg42 much beter than m1919 and even thomson!mp40 more accurate than thomson(even if it has less rate of fire you can flipping snipe with it)ok the 98K and m1903 are the same but gewehr better than garand cause of the range!

  5. bsnake(Latvia)bsnake(Latvia)08-28-2013

    ok so we (German side) are doomed. ok no remove pz 1 and give us 38t . I see that as a logical step towards fair game.

    • J0N4SJ0N4S08-28-2013

      yeah, the Armor system will be the total death of German tanks, pz 1 vs Stuart with armor system, we will see…
      I think they should put Tiger 2 vs Pershing or nothing!
      I think they could put Pz 2 in place for pz 1 c
      pz 3 against M3 lee
      pz 6 or pz 5 vs Sherman.

      • SurrakorulesSurrakorules08-30-2013

        well would be better for pz3 vs m2!same tier of tanks!andf they should have m4 vs pz4 than m4a3e8 vs pz6

    • dcisardcisar08-28-2013

      Ok, but Pz 38(t) isn´t german, it´s Czechoslovak tank (Lehký tank vz.38- Light tank modell 38). I´m from slovakia and I know that. So Pz 38(t) is reserved :D

      • CurstCurst08-28-2013

        Sure Pz 38 isn’t German tank in origin. But only German forces ever used it in battle, so…

        In any case I think Pz II would have been a better choice.

  6. Division-WikingDivision-Wiking08-28-2013

    Yeah the 38 (t) (in german:tschechisch) is from Slovakia but the German Panzerwaffe used them as a suport tank for infantry.

  7. CasmenCasmen08-28-2013

    Yeah as if the German side isn’t underpowered tankwise… Despite the hellcat is supposed to have paper thin armour It still seems to take quite a bit damage before breaking Now the tiger vs Pershing? as JON4S mentioned it was a prototype that only saw combat in the end of the war so maybe we should have a heavy tank which was also only a prototype but saw battle? Say the maus? Panther 2..

    On a more serious note I’d also suggest Pz IV as a medium tank since it would be a better match against the M4 Sherman and as the light tank Pz III..

    Since I don’t see how it’s fair that the American Stuart can fight tanks also higher then it’s own tier such as medium tanks without much problem and then also fight infantry where the German one seems to only be able to take on infantry.. (and the occasional stuart if lucky)..

    It would be like saying the Danish leopard would be a good opponent against the M1 Abrams :P

  8. CurstCurst08-28-2013

    M26? An odd choice if you ask me. It’s much more advanced than Tiger. I think it would have been more logical to add it after Tiger II or at least Panther (even though Panther VS M26 is’nt exactly fair either). Maybe they should have added M4A3E2 “Jumbo” instead of M26.

    • KazekKazek08-28-2013

      Dont forget about M24 Chaffee :)

    • SurrakorulesSurrakorules08-30-2013

      yeah the sherman jumbo would be great!i haev it on WoT!

  9. AntiheroqqAntiheroqq08-28-2013

    You gotta be shitting me, you Add a new tank before you fix pz1 (aka lolpanzer) vs stuart balance? I hate you already

    • J0N4SJ0N4S08-28-2013

      Totally agree with you!
      Beginning to hate this bunch as well…

    • dcisardcisar08-29-2013

      When it´s starting be balanced, you are crying :D So, if will be mg42 replaced with mg34 (slower rate of fire), I´ll agree with you! And you have H3, 1 H3=1 tank, we need (now) 3 sticky grenades to Tiger. And there´s not much of heavy tanks ATs. It´s beta, it´s still testing, so test it too and stop crying. Now u got Tigers, Hitler´s buzzsaw and I´m not cryi. Be like a man, not like a child, please!

      • SnowDogSnowDog08-31-2013

        Bitch please. Tigers are a joke without an armor system, hellcats and shermans surviving well placed 8,8 hits and stuart 3,7 penetrating tiger form the front.. yeah for sure. Mg42 got 33% less ROF ingame, and shots round with pistol dmg, while that thing in rl shot amuntion that the Kar uses. Allied have fantasy stickies(british lol and never used by muricans) and fantasy amounts of e8, with fantasy amounts of hvap rounds. This is not history reinactment as reto stated, I am fair with numbers of tanks produced, or weapons like g43 are overnumbered. But to give allies waepons they never had just to balance out german weapons is a joke, plus giving out numbers of hvap rounds that may be realistic 10-20 years AFTER the war.

        Note I am playing allies for the last 3 wars, though over a year axis before. And it still didn’t change my point of view.

  10. AntiheroqqAntiheroqq08-29-2013

    The thing is , this new ‘heavy’ tank will probably be fast as f*ck, in both movement on ground and movement of the turret/gun. Where the current german heavy tank is slow. Untill you start doing some needed/decent work around here I’m not refreshing my ‘veteran’ status (aka not giving you my money).

    /pissed off ‘vet’ signing off.

  11. J0N4SJ0N4S08-29-2013

    Why I don’t like this change:
    1. You can’t compare this tank with the Tiger! It is faster, has better armor, a better gun and better at everything else! Let’s look at the Tank line: M5 vs Pz. 1, M4 vs Pz. 3 and Pershing vs a Tiger! I think you Guys can see what is wrong about that when you know something about tanks and the second World War!

    2. There is much more IMPORTANT work to do, like make the game attractive for Players who got everything you can get in this game, like NEW characters, new Stuff to unlock or contests, but nooo let’s put a tank in the game that never played a role in second World War! Nobody want’s this except some weird American Players who don’t care about the Game!

    3. you are DESTROYING the authentic feeling of this game! Yet there were only weapons, which were used in the second World War and changed how the war ended and now there is that tank which was used 20 years after war as well and 20 pieces were used in the second World War, that is NOTHING!

    When you really add this tank, add the Maus, the Landkreuzer Ratte or the German missles and Jet Planes too, because we all know, “if the war had lasted a little bit longer, many more of these juggernauts would have joined in the fight.”

    Well Played Reto.Moto, NOT

  12. Thompson153Thompson15308-29-2013

    Now ladies and gentlemen, there is no point in getting worked up about something that we do not know how it will perform. There are still many what-ifs going around, and the only way to put them to sleep is to actually test the Pershing, which probably very few people have done and they aren’t talking about it. Until either we get access to the stable server or it comes to the live server, we do not know how it will perform in the game and therefore cannot say it will be bad based upon what we think right now.

    I would also remind you that a new armor system is coming, which means Tigers will finally get the recognition they deserve (hopefully), so there is still that to hold onto.

  13. FontanFontan08-29-2013

    Well, haven’t seen a Tiger for 100 matches…so be happy when u see a pershing, simply stick ur H3 on it and byebye WF.

  14. venenumvenenum08-29-2013

    Love it ! Now that we have the heavy tank, we can start adjusting the tanks ! Armor penetration, more tanks, another light tank for both faction (One anti-inf, like the Pz.1 and a scout tank as the Stuart)
    more tanks.. Did I mention more tanks ?..
    Really looking forward to this, love new toys !

  15. mercenaryirelandmercenaryireland08-29-2013

    so what reto are saying here is axis we don’t give a shit no point in you now deploying your tanks as they will be destroyed by the already unbalanced allie tanks will destroy all you send..the Sherman was already over powered and had no problem killing a tiger also a stuart could kill a tiger with little difficulty with its rate of fire,not to mention the hellcat so with introducing this to create ballance are reto going to replace the hellcat with a fixed gun rather than a turreted gun as a td ? or are you going to give axis a maus after all it was in the blueprints and partially built to counter the over powered allie tanks?

  16. Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-29-2013

    Gentlemen, you are very welcome to disagree with our decisions, but please use civilized language. Comments full of swear words will be deleted.

    And: We are NOT building a realistic game where the Germans will lose every single time etc etc.
    We want to expand the amount of vehicles and when we get there you will be able to upgrade within tiers – so there should be more than 1 light tank, more than 1 medium etc.

    Looking at the Axis balance over the who won the last many wars, it seems the Axis are doing fine. :-)

    We are not going to remove existing tanks, but we DO want to add more.


    • Thompson153Thompson15308-29-2013

      That’s very good news Robotron. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

    • dcisardcisar08-29-2013

      Yeah! You are making a game (great game!), not realistic WWII movie! You are doing good work, don´t stop! (They would be quietly, if would be this post about (Pz 8) Maus :D)

    • AntiheroqqAntiheroqq08-29-2013

      “Looking at the Axis balance over the who won the last many wars, it seems the Axis are doing fine. :-)”

      that has nothing to do with the current armor inbalance, we just have better inf players. How blind are you to not see the imbalance?

      • ilearilear08-30-2013

        What imbalance? Pershing isnt here yet, currently balance is there.

        When pershing will come along with armor model, balance will have to be redefined. So stop crying now and be pesimistic about it.

        I cant remember when i saw so many posts in any article here :D

        • AntiheroqqAntiheroqq08-30-2013

          What imbalance? Youre kidding right? PZ1 vs Stuart?

          • dcisardcisar08-30-2013

            Pz1 is against infantry more usable than Stuart, and it can destroy Stuart. So i can´t see any imbalance. If you see any imbalance, try to open your eyes.

          • SnowDogSnowDog08-31-2013

            You should open your eyes. Stuart not only hot 1hk HE rounds, it also has a coaxial mg that is over distance even more accurate than the 2 mg34 of the pnz1. So while pnz1 for the average/new player has to be driven in short/medium range to kill the enemy infantry endagered with 150m reaching bazookas, the stuart can be effective for new/average players in medium/far medium distances with a panzerfaust reaching 60m.

    • mercenaryirelandmercenaryireland08-30-2013

      axis doing fine yes due to better level of players not to mention the player imbalance between factions but why not look back on all the games allies won due to Stuart and not to mention the Sherman which was just as powerful as tiger only diff was tiger got better zoom.maybe bringing in the person will bring more players to allie side but it sure wont fix the armour balance situation .. how many tiger ats do you see join a battle in fact how many axis medium do you see join a battle ,compared to the all popular allie armour ats ..<why dont you see them because allies are already overpowered when it comes to armour so destroy all in sight.

    • GerhachtGerhacht09-02-2013

      I am quite sure you know the reasons for warwin Ratio better than trying to explain it by underpowered allied Arsenal.
      To help you out a bit:
      1. account/AT imballance = shall be balanced by global fraction supply
      2. Player imbalance in fps (not as unbalanced as b4) = shall be balanced by incentives gained playing underpppulated side (NO OP Equipment isnt a way to go!)
      It would work if implemented soon…
      The PzI wasnt a match for Stuart ever. The PzI is weaker vs Stuart, the Sherman (buffed to Balance TigerI in earlier builds) is better than the PzIII still.
      If you claimed b4 the tanks are balanced now, how could it be not effected if the Pershing arrives to compete with the Tiger!???
      Unless everything get more balanced by the new armor System, the Balance is shifted to the allied side quite clearly. Arguing otherwise isnt reliable at all imo.

    • kendalVIkendalVI09-16-2013

      We are doing it fine cause we have good tankers, but trust me destroy a stuart with a pz 1 is a nightmare, i have to get at least 50m from the stuart rear and unleash the bullet storm, its kinda difficult to do that cause he can snipe you in the process, so please add at least a pz II :)

  17. BabylonjokeBabylonjoke08-29-2013

    “Looking at the Axis balance over the who won the last many wars, it seems the Axis are doing fine. :-)”

    Amen ! Sweet words!

    I would even add that with the Panzerschreck that will roll in the future Axis should really have nothing to complain.

    I’m a bit disappointed by the choice of the vehicle to be honest, maybe I would have added a Sherman Firefly instead of the pershing , that was actually able to penetrate the Tiger 1 armor.

    However It was a British tank, and I’m sure they will add it in the future as well.


    • BabylonjokeBabylonjoke08-29-2013

      Meh, rather I would love to see mortars and static AT weapons :P

  18. basett3basett308-30-2013

    I think we need light T15 tank or LTraktor :D

  19. Holsten99Holsten9909-02-2013

    Looking very much forward to destroy my 1st Pershing.

  20. TuupertunutTuupertunut09-03-2013

    So, a suggestion for the armor balance:

    Light tank with machine guns: Pz1 vs M2 light tank
    Light tank with cannon: Pz38 vs M5 stuart
    Medium tank: Pz3 vs M4 sherman as it is already
    Tank destroyer: Stug3 vs M3 lee for not having a turret
    Heavy tank: Tiger vs M26 pershing, just make their properties equal

    Not sure what to do with hellcat if you don’t want to delete it.

  21. kristiskristis09-08-2013

    This is nonsence! There ware only 20 of them in whole europe! Are we now playing a fantasy game?!

  22. Tribal44Tribal4409-10-2013

    Why does every ww2 game have to add post-war stuff to “balance” germans?
    It just wrong… Pershing got 90mm gun, angled plates (better armor) ,low profile and good mobility… it s a lot better than the Tiger,

    + in theses games the engagement distance is too short for the Tiger… it cannot be used to its potential …
    M5Stuart already got a magic gun (He on 37mm high velocity gun?) And Sherman is a late war vers.(with 76mm and APHE) (but PZ III got 5cm …ok and PZI have no cannon,seems fair)

    Now the US Heavy tank allright!
    Germans have to manage to kill Stuart with tankette, and Allies are about to crush Tigers with 90mm ok!

    • Tribal44Tribal4409-10-2013

      i propose to remove german semi auto rifle… a bolt action is enough…
      Also MP40 should be traded for broom handle , sniper rifle with binoculars and knife with a banana !
      The MG42 should also kill its user 7/10… hahaha

  23. rayane18rayane1809-16-2013

    Stop arguing so much about the “imbalance”, germans in this game seems to win nearly all battles unless allies got a advantage anyway and also US really needed a heavy tank I mean seriously they didn’t even had one before.

  24. infidel666infidel66609-17-2013

    allies are already OP ……where is armor values,gun penetration,what happened with mg 42’s 1300 RPM(here it looks like 300RPM) & dmg is like mp 40 which is pure fantasy.Nothing should be able to pen Tigers front above 500 meters then Firefly(when using APCBC rounds),where are Flak’s 88,mortars,V2 rockets,jagdpanthers,panthers,nashorns,me 262 jet,gustav railway gun & so on & on…….fantasy arcade game ….. they are probably give allies nuclear bombs in next patch or later….for “balance” purposes

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