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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 26

Back to work! After Vacations are coming to an end and we got the Keating build online we have been spending a lot of time examining the data and feedback we have from Keating. As you might have noticed in the earlier Intelligence Bulletins we have spent quite some time profiling how the game performs and adding points where we can get some data to analyze. This has helped us locate and fix some bugs that had been in hiding deep in the code for a long time. It also enables us to better track performance and we are currently gathering as much info as we can on PC configurations that are not performing as we want it. Take a look at this forum thread for a bit more information.

We are currently in the process of locking down the features for the next build, and I am gathering screenshots and info from the rest of the devs so we can start presenting the new features in the coming build.

On another note I have press-ganged reto.Gargamel into starting a new column on the blog called “Half the battle“, with the title taken from the saying “Knowing is half the battle”. In it we’ll try to shine a light on some nifty things you can do in the game. Please drop him a PM in the forum or write a comment if you have ideas for future posts.

That is all from me, have a great week everybody! :-)

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Team Debriefing

Game Management

  • User interface Design (strategy)
  • Player experience design
  • Meetings & planning

Action Game Team

  • Spawn menu ready for testing
  • AmmoModel work, increase testability
  • Reto.BomberBo & reto.Scratchliquid moved to GFX team for organisational purposes
  • Leeb bugfixes
  • Armor model balancing and testing

Graphics & Level Design Team

  • Updating recon – almost done
  • New animations for smoke & fire
  • Prop lists for Airfield for outsourcing
  • Work on lifting Mountain Map to new pipeline and overhaul
  • Bug Fixing
  • Destruction – break stuff

Campaign Team

  • Vacations
  • Added airfield maps for auto-generated missions [Keating]
  • Add backend data for US Heavy [Leeb]
  • Bug Fixes [Keating]
  • Warmap fixup
  • FogOfWar mapView fixes
  • Adjusted pricing of Assault Teams [Leeb]
  • Added Faction Specific Assault Team Templates, this opens up for unique AT pricing and sizing, among other things [Leeb]
  • Assault Team Progression work [Design]
  • Auto Generated Mission AT setups [Design]
  • Fix: Redeploying grounded paratroopers can sometimes spawn them on a normal battlefield instead of an airfield. [Leeb]
  • War end statistics are collected more efficiently so as to not cause bottlenecks on war servers. [Keating]
  • Logic to handle reserves which are stuck at a battle location has been updated – reserves on losing side are captured by the enemy and the ones on the winning side are re-directed to their AT [Keating, Leeb]
  • Server optimizations
  • Investigated buffering views.
  • Currently investigating server freezes. So far, it seems this is pointing out the StatDB as the culprit again.
  • Started work on Archiver for war db to reduce number of player accounts in memory
  • Android: Making Fog of war visuals for Android.

Sound Team

  • Finishing new sounds for US Heavy
  • New sounds for spawn menu in the works.
  • Reto.Lord helps out campaign team: Fixing Flash Bugs
  • Reto.Lord helps out campaign team: Support tool improvements
  • Reto.Lord helps out campaign team: Pollas: Battlesystem tasks

Community, QA & Support Team

  • Testing everything
  • Helping players understand the game
  • Trying to force devs to explain how new features work so we can inform all the players about the wonderful new stuff
  • Gathering feedback, trying to help find performance bottlenecks for hotfixes
  • Swinging banhammer
  • Watch replays of players reported for breaking the rules.

Misc. Team

  • Vacations
  • Bug-fixing and integrating resource system
  1. wolfbaronwolfbaron08-27-2013

    love you guys…big supporter….game still needs graphics optimization even for med and low end pcs : )
    support all the way to you

  2. groundtroopergroundtrooper08-27-2013

    Seeing a Pershing in in-game render makes me kinda nervous given the current performance ratios between the German and Murican tanks.

  3. Thompson153Thompson15308-27-2013

    So the Pershing will be coming after all… I wonder when it will arrive.

    • RaulRaul08-27-2013

      Think that most likely in Leeb, though when will Leeb come? Maybe after the summer break.

  4. DW_UnbeugsamDW_Unbeugsam08-28-2013

    Hey DEVs,

    we need a better Content for alle Gamers.
    The Game have not realy a Endgamecontent.

    See my Ressourcen ,Charackters and Ats….me is boring to play .
    I have all…
    New features is not the Answer for a MMO Game.
    The Gamer will need more Contents to do anything into there time to play.


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