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Map Updates – Medium French Village – part 3

We saw you discussing the capture zones on the forum and thought it was a good idea to review all the capture zones for the Keating build. You are now able to play the Town map with pretty much every capture zone revamped. In this post, I’ll tell you about the changes. Overall, they have become larger, and some areas have even gotten some new entry paths to allow for more interesting close combat gameplay.

Revised capture zones

At A3, B3, and C3 you can now capture in the entire 2nd floor of the house. These houses have all gotten a new ladder added at the back. The house at C1 has also gotten a new ladder.

Groups of barns figure as capture points now at B2, A2, C2 and D2. More specifically you can capture inside:
– B2: both of the barns and within the small space between them.
– A2: 2 barns and the area between surrounded by the fence.
– C2: both barns’ ground area – and the court in between them
– D2: all barns inside and the court between them.

Along the E-line the Farm House at E1 can now be captured on the 1st and 2nd floor. At E3 (River Ford Barn) the barn and now also the small shed next to it counts towards making a capture.

The entire ruins at D3 (North West Ruin) is now a capture zone, and not just the small room by the radio. In the Stone Bridge Tower at D4 we’ve expanded the capture to include the Basement AND the ground floor.

At capture point C4 (Iron Bridge Townhouse) and B4 (Town Side of Pontoon Bridge), the house is replaced by a new one, and the capture is now in both 1st and 2nd floor (while not in the attic). A back entrance has been added to this house to provide more tense capturing!

We hope you enjoy the new captures and look forward to hearing your opinions in the forum! Happy capping!

  1. MasterTankerMasterTanker08-08-2013

    The tweeks to the MAP are really nice, feels so polished now and beautifies the landscape.

    But please add new maps even if they are only blocks, im tired about to play the same map.

    The lag is killing the experience, many players complaint about it, are not the machines or connection, is something inside the game what makes frame-drop all the time, especially when you are in front of the enemy, fps drops and then the only think you know is what you are dead.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-08-2013

      I’ll spend the upcoming weekend trying to see if I can clone the Level dudes so they can work faster :-)

      As for the low framerate, it is not lag, but a performance issue. We have finally identified a major performance issue and we are hotfixing it as I type. Once the servers are back up (with a build number higher than 70698) it should improve.

  2. KP0TKP0T08-08-2013

    approve of the good changes
    will be more difficult to hold the line,
    as well as more difficult to figure out where the enemy sits,
    especially for the pilot))

  3. smknsmkn08-08-2013

    Cmon guys, most of the ppl with FPS issues have 35€ motherboards (u expect that to be good?).
    I have a Q6600 (one of the very first quad’s coming out), with a great graphics card (SAPPHIRE HD 7870 2GB GDDR5 XT), but my motherboard (which came with the rest of the pc, not the graphics ofc, as a bundle for 500€, 5 years ago), is a shitty one (doesnt even hold the 1066 BUS speed it says it can, it actually says it can OC @ 1600) and makes me use my 4GB (2x2GB) Crucial DDR2 PC2-8500 1066MHz @ 800MHz. Even so, my FPS which where @ 30+/- with a ATI 9600GT to 50+/- fps. So most likely ppl dont know how to configure a PC, neither how to buy it, it’s not the game dev’s fault.

  4. fagadabafagadaba08-08-2013

    New things to look at and explore yay! This Keating build is starting to feel good(if you actually fix the performance issues for some people)

    • fagadabafagadaba08-08-2013

      By the way, war has just started back after the downtime today and it’s already 161 ger vs 115 usa :/

  5. ApplayApplay08-09-2013

    I think it’s time to start playing H&G again!

    • evilsamarevilsamar08-09-2013

      Yeah I’m pretty sure I’ll start playing again when I get back home.

  6. andreaske1andreaske108-13-2013

    The new cap points encourages teamwork to cap and defend , GJ Reto! ” On the good way i’d say”
    No ego camp-cap anymore !

  7. BroArmyFTWBroArmyFTW08-13-2013

    The ladder additions are great also a couple new maps might be good to calm down some people and add some sniper spots in trees if you could. It would be cool if you could some underground tunnels and trenches to some maps. A beach map might be cool to like in Normandy but I am still content with whatever map tweeks or additions you add

  8. whitedanwhitedan08-14-2013

    thats good but how about some new content like rifles/smg/mg/Mortars ?! !?

    Its not that hard to find a 3d model of a gun and do some animations, it would be ok if we get them after 1 month but how long are we waiting now ? 3 months ?! and i dont mean rushed crap like the g43 with exactly the same stats as garand !

    • RaulRaul08-14-2013

      Yeah sure, this thing wasn’t rushed, they even stated that they are gonna make it the same for balance’s sake, the mortars are on the loading screen for more than 1 year…

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