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Retreat!!! We have lost the battle!

I am very happy to be able to say, that this was the first and the last build that sponsored WOI. We are going back to WOII since retreating is enabled once more starting next build.
However, the retreating system will not work like it did in the past. In this article you can learn how we can capture and control towns in the future.
– Dondergod

(This screenshot has nothing to do with this article, but who cares? It has bikes!)

Sound the retreat!

The battle-system consists of 4 steps: Skirmish, assault, defense (counterattack) & retreat. Here is a quick walkthrough of what happens in the various phases.

The skirmish is initiated in the same way as in Jefferson-build. You move your units onto an occupied enemy access point and the skirmish begins. However, when you win the skirmish, it does not matter if the enemy still has assault teams in it, either the attackers are forced to retreat, or the attackers move on to step 2. All units on the defeated side, are still ‘undeployed’ if they were involved in the battle. The undeploying still goes for all battles.

The next step is the assault. The mighty axis infantry unit has won the skirmish, and could start an assault on the town. There are of course again 2 things that can happen. If the allies are to win the defense, all axis units that have not been undeployed in combat, are forced to retreat from the city. If they manage to win the assault, the roles change. The axis gain control over the town and the allies are forced to attack.

Which leads us to the third step, the counterattack. The axis have turned into the defenders, whereas the allies are now trying to retake the city. If the allies manage to win, the battles gets thrown back into step 2. But if the axis manage to win, they gain complete control over the town, the allies are pushed out over the access points they were standing on to the town(s) behind them.

The last picture probably does not need more explanation. The allies have retreated from the town, leaving the axis units the command over the city. I expect this system to bring back speed into the game, but at the same time, make it slower than it was in Irwin and before.

  1. RaulRaul08-05-2013

    Finally, great news to hear, I was waiting for this system ever since you mentioned it Donder, I am happy ^^.

  2. dcisardcisar08-05-2013

    That was seriously fail with this system, I’m very happy about that good news!

  3. Thompson153Thompson15308-05-2013

    Very nice news there. It probably won’t get me playing full time again, but at least it’s going back towards a direction that was better.

  4. jonatsku1jonatsku108-05-2013

    Compared to Irwin, we have now solved the “press attack 1st” problem.
    2nd problem is about constant reattacking while your own troops retreat.

  5. KP0TKP0T08-05-2013

    With FPS everything is quite clear.
    How does automatic system of the fight ?
    Why 32 paratroopers frozen huge army ?

  6. kAAMEhAMEkAAMEhAME08-06-2013

    Thats a good begin to make your game better.
    but whats more important “PLEASE DEAR RETO TEAM BAN MUTLIACCOUNTS”

  7. Holsten99Holsten9908-06-2013

    Good news and good work, Dondergod!

  8. OMG_in_your_FACEOMG_in_your_FACE08-06-2013

    waw that is good new…
    Oh by the way dondergod, WO is not English, but Dutch. The correct term is WW in English :D

  9. djopadjopa08-06-2013

    good news!
    donder good work!

  10. AdolfWolfsschanzingerAdolfWolfsschanzinger08-14-2013

    i am happy that you dont suck harder than i am expected, thanks for proofing me wrong

  11. Marv2.0Marv2.008-19-2013

    nice donder this is biketastic XD

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