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Map updates – Medium French Village – part 2

As promised in the last post I will now go through the 5 attack lines on the map and try to illustrate some of the upcoming changes in more detail. Enjoy!

Re-designed areas


The area between A2 and A3 has gotten a hill sneaking across the road, while the road leading towards A3 is more sunken into the terrain, secluded with shrubbery and bushes.

Versus the old version below:

The forest on the right side of the road towards the church is bigger. The forest on the left side stretches up at the end towards the church grounds. Defender emergency spawns have been moved into this forest. I am looking forward to seeing some new scenarios unfold in this part of town! First the new and then the old version for comparison:

Furthermore, the hill by the river bank in the south pulls away from the A-line road and no longer dips as steeply towards the river as it used to. The stairs by the Pontoon house capture point have been removed.


You’ll notice some areas that are more bulgy, for instance in the hill leading down to pontoon bridge from B2. If you choose to drive off-road, be careful with your vehicle! On the safer hand, enjoy a nice crawl from mound to mound with your soldier:


The Iron bridge now provides more obstacles on both sides of its entry points.

I’ve added some small islands in the river. Of special interest might be the new island to the south of the village. Bring a tank from the east and check out the view. The terrain has been sunken a bit at the river bank in a direction from C2 and the new forest found there opens to reveal the island entry area. Oh, and speaking of C2 – the fences by C2 has been updated and has an opening to allow vehicles entering, while we wait for fence-destruction to make its appearance.


We’ve  added a “lip” by the stone bridge for infantry to take cover, and the forest edge has been pulled closer to the water on both sides of the west side of the bridge.

Versus the Jefferson version:


On the west side of the river crossing, around E3, the terrain has gotten some variations on both sides of the road and onwards toward the river, and the road leading down to the E3 capture from E2 is steeper. The capture point has gotten some new props.

Capture point E4 (River crossing) has more forest cover down towards the water and less linear terrain:

And in the current build:

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the new landscape in the forum. Finally, we have also made some changes to a lot of the capture area sizes, as well as knocking down a few walls in some of the houses that contain them! All of which you can read about in a future news post!

Update: Part 3 is here.

  1. dcisardcisar07-30-2013

    Nice! Now just wait into new build. It starting be better and better!

  2. sejmundosejmundo07-30-2013

    Happy new :) + biggest news in my opinion is the fact you are planing fence destruction (hoping for more inviroment destrucion XD )

    • RaulRaul07-30-2013

      Well, this thing was said months ago in another News section ;).

  3. sejmundosejmundo07-30-2013

    Happy news :) + biggest news in my opinion is the fact you are planing fence destruction (hoping for more inviroment destrucion XD )

  4. MasterTankerMasterTanker07-30-2013

    Thanks for all your hard work, but please fix the lag, i doesnt matter if you have nice ping and a good machine, the FPS drops for everything

  5. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers07-30-2013

    Wow so much cover! It’s great, but forest near church will be great for spawn killers mostly and will be harder to shot down planes with AA i guess.
    Visually it looks great aswell but will it drive me finally to 30 fps from 90 alpha version fps?
    Aswell when will it come out? No need exact date, just aprox.
    1 month, 2 months or so.

    • dcisardcisar08-01-2013

      I agree with that AA, now it´s good, but with forests? It will be like on point D1 or A1. And spawn killing is easy in forest because they can´t see you in these trees (i know it because I´m often victim of spawn killing :/). But if will be there some small hills like at E3, mmm that will be more harder for spawnkillers.

  6. kAAMEhAMEkAAMEhAME07-30-2013

    PLS dear instant to fab arround on 1card/map pls develope new maps couse we play everytime the same boring map and its kinda lame.

  7. KP0TKP0T07-30-2013

    Fix cards for the sake of balance good idea.
    The main problem is пропадающая vegetation in the distance.
    The player is hiding in the bushes, but from a distance it on the bare ground.
    Game designers think about that ?



  9. djopadjopa08-01-2013

    why do i have a feeling that the tanks will be like less useful on such maps overcrowded with small hills on every few hundred meters?

  10. TuupertunutTuupertunut08-01-2013

    The new picture of river crossing is from the west side, not east side.

  11. TuupertunutTuupertunut08-01-2013

    And tanks should be less useful since now they decide almost completely the direction of the battle.

  12. Reto.RatamahatReto.Ratamahat08-02-2013

    Glad you’re excited about the changes. I’m also looking forward to having you all play it! We’re working on improving performance so you can enjoy the maps in all their splendor!

    Let’s see how tanks and emergency spawners fare in the new version. Players should always be careful when hiding in vegetation. The new bushes by the stone bridge are more reliable.

    • dcisardcisar08-02-2013

      Now just test it and upgrade it into better version! :)

  13. andreaske1andreaske108-02-2013

    I’m verry scared about all those textures and FPS performance … :S

    Also adding more trees , but they are still bugged with bleeding trees with giant hitboxes?

    • Holsten99Holsten9908-06-2013

      omg, those hitboxes are a nightmare…

      still looking forward to the changes :)

      • Holsten99Holsten9908-06-2013

        Can’t edit my post?

        Just wanted to add that mostly playing one map surprisingly isn’t boring. Would love more skirmishes again but this seems to be adressed by Keating’s retreat / win system.

  14. konigadlerkonigadler08-06-2013

    YAWN – not impressed by another failure to address the real problems with the game and not divert flak by changing cosmetics. As for comparison pictures, well it would help if the old and new versions were taken from the same angle to show the difference. Zooming out or changing the direction the camera is facing in does not show changes.

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