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Map updates – Medium French Village – part 1

After managing to sneak a lot of improvements into the town map, I managed to sneak up on Reto.Ratamahat and ask him to talk about the upcoming improvements and tweaks to the Town map. – Reto.Robotron3000

In the upcoming Keating build, we have given the Town map a graphical makeover and made some improvements to the level design. In this post I highlight some of the most important differences, and compare the old with the new. If you’ve been playing the map for a while, this might be a speedy way to find new hiding spots, and develop attack lines and defensive positions!

Continue reading to see what else has been polished and improved.

Recently I have been busy lifting our Town map over to our new pipeline. The improved pipeline has allowed us to do fresh iterations on the graphics and revise the design of the map.


The terrain heightmap has gone for a spin in XSI and World Machine 2. Overall, the terrain is more varied, a little lower and less steep. If you’ve recorded the previous map to memory, you might find that your bullets might not land where you expect them to, but the feel and gameplay of the original level has been preserved.

We have updated the the terrain shader, so that terrain textures blend better and fade when you zoom out. The color of the water has changed and the adjacent ground texture blends better along the river to represent changes in the water level.

In addition to new, flowing elevations in the terrain itself, you’ll see more natural effects like sediment carrying channels added as an effect of applying more erosion to the terrain heightmap and texture masks. Some areas are re-designed to make it look either more natural, like the shape of the river and river bed areas, or more man-made, like the layout of fields. Changes in the layout of fields and forests means that a lot of rocks, trees, and other vegetation have new positions as well.

Level design

Changing the look and position of things affect level design. New fields or forest edges provide more and different cover at certain points, and new terrain features affects lines of sight and points of advantage. Therefore, deciding to polish the level also provided us with an opportunity for us to think up some new solutions and address some of the feedback from our players in for instance threads like these. Implementing these are also much more convenient using the setup in our new pipeline. It is easier to preview the changes we make and we have more tools at our disposal now, as well as a faster turn-around.

In continuation of Reto.Fleck’s anti-grief fixes, I’ve made some more local variations to the terrain so there are less “clear view” open areas. I’ve added some ditches and shrubbery alongside some roads for infantry to take cover, and I’ve changed the river’s exit points to flow more naturally and provide better vistas when looking down them. The river areas are flattened out a bit which leads to a lower elevation point for attackers to some degree. The forest edge is drawn closer to the water in many areas, providing more cover. Let’s take a closer look at some of the bigger changes you might stumble upon.

Stay tuned for more details tomorrow!

Update: Part 2 is here.

  1. kristiskristis07-29-2013

    So, maybe we will be able to play with AMD systems and normal FPS as before? :)

    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers07-29-2013

      It isn’t just for AMD systems fool.
      I’ve got a 20 fps drop with this build.
      And from alpha version to this it’s already 40 fps drop.
      I guess keaten build will get my frames even lower on my mid range build.

      Main build doesn’t have any problems yet.

      • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers07-29-2013

        With builds i meant my pc rigs.

  2. RaulRaul07-29-2013

    It is great to hear such news, if you are going to adress to the latest things in Jefferson such as the new battle system, it will improve things even greater, a system such as the suggestion Dondergod made, seems like the way to go.

  3. kachaumkachaum07-30-2013

    Things i expect from keating (or jeff expect):
    removal of the new laggy netcode (its really more lagged now, everyone seems to be teleporting around, shooting with any kind of automatic weapon is frustating and etc);
    make crosshair aim possible, since jefferson build got on you cant aim cuz you loose all your fps and it turn the game into a flashgame;
    make things not ‘disappear’ at long distances (sniping is turning out to be impossible, this is not wot);
    and the the last and still fix for bugged AA’s invulnerable to airplane direct bombs.

  4. kAAMEhAMEkAAMEhAME07-30-2013

    PLS dear instant to fab arround on 1card/map pls develope new maps couse we play everytime the same boring map and its kinda lame.

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