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Tier based matchmaking

As an extension to the matchmaking work required by  ‘Play with Friends‘ and as part of the general effort in making the game easier to understand for new players we are working on adding tiers to matchmaking as has been requested by the community for a LONG time. So without wasting further keystrokes, take it away Reto.Hal9K (tier 3) – Reto.Robotron3000

To help avoid the situation where first-time players are being completely overrun by more experienced players, we are working on adding tiers into the action game matchmaking. This is also a benefit for the veterans, as they won’t be as frustrated with people new to the game who might not yet understand what “NMY pz3 at B2 app. B3” means. :-)

In the first iteration we will stick with two tiers, cleverly named: Tier 1 & Tier 2


A player’s tier is determined using the highest rank attained by any one character owned by the player, independent of faction.
Tier 1
Ranks 0, 1 or 2
Tier 2
Rank 3 or higher

For example, if you have a rank 4 rifleman and a rank 1 tanker, you are Tier 2, no matter which character you use.
To keep the first time experience simple Tier 1 players will only be allowed to enter skirmish missions, where the size of the map and the gameplay are a bit simpler than on the larger assault maps.
If there are more Tier 1 players than available Skirmish missions, the mission auto-generator will create more.

Matchmaking system

If a player uses the matchmaking system, it will automatically assign a match that fits the players Tier.

Squad based matchmaking system

When players join a squad, the rank of the player who created the squad will be the rank used for the rest of the squad. E.g.: if a player from Tier 1 joins a group that is created by a player from Tier 2, the matchmaking system will choose a Tier 2 match. So an experienced player can lift his friends.

Manually initiating missions

When a mission is initiated manually from the Mission List, the rank of the player that initiated the mission will be used for the match. All other players will be using the joining mechanism from this point on.
Tier 1 players can only initiate auto-generated skirmish missions from the Mission List.

Manually joining missions

A player can only join a mission from the Mission List, if it matches the Tier he is in. We will prevent the player from joining other missions.

Edited for added clarity, August 13, 2013.– Reto.Gargamel
  1. NoceboFRNoceboFR07-26-2013

    Ok, so skirmish only for new players, that’s… weird, but ok, why not.
    i was thinking to lock them in the debug missions (skirmish, defend, assault) so they can learn the basics but, yeah, skirmish only, why not.

  2. micsal4micsal407-26-2013

    (reto-moto) should put them in different maps (capture, assaults,defend) missions, so that way, when their ranking up, they should know what they are doing, when they end up playing with the vets. Not just skirmish. Skirmish is a good way of introducing the game, but in my opinion, it doesn’t really contain the real foundation, of what the game has to offer. thanks.

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti407-26-2013

      hmm… i see here sense to for able command system . And further ability to lock own assault teams by reached rank , to specific tier .
      and cant await see us testing this, first out .

      one question, i have 7 characters , 6,4 average rank but whats happen if other comrades has 4 characters vith 7,1 average… ahm…. will ammount of characters will be counted for higher tier clases ?

  3. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers07-26-2013

    Just drop them into random debug missions.

  4. FogesFoges07-26-2013

    All my soldiers have different ranks . Or i dont get , where is player rank?

    • daeqolaxdaeqolax07-26-2013

      “A player’s tier is determined by the maximum rank of all characters owned by the player.”

  5. Major_RieckeMajor_Riecke07-26-2013

    Thats crap reto!
    New players learn from Veterans! In every FPS! Yeah … its hard at the beginning, but its hard in every game at the beginning!
    And at the moment are how much players at each side? Axis has ~ 300 Players and you want to split them?
    So Matchmaking takes ca. 10min to find a match for us …. at the moment. With THAT new build it will change to 1 match per day? REALLY reto?

  6. katthedemonkatthedemon07-26-2013

    oh the poor generals that throw their expensive ats in battle just to see how they get wasted by low tier players …

    also does that mean if i only use rank3 soldiers i allways play against newbs regardless of my level of skill or experiece? souds really easy to exploit and manipulate

  7. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry07-26-2013

    It ought to be that it is based on a players highest rank, not the character they are using; that way experienced players don’t just take new characters and go on rampages in battles that are comprised of mostly new players.

  8. andreaske1andreaske107-26-2013

    Carefull with this dangerous system , developers!

    This system does not ensure anything regarding your real skills . If i join a Low Tier match i can easely noobbash . And also people will start doing it intentionally , and that wouldn’t be verry benifitial to the game since they give first time players a verry bad experience!
    Also be carefull with “trying” “New” systems , they can really start harming the already very small active playerbase! (Don’t argue about that , the “!”ACTIVE”!” playerbase is already messed up. I always see the same ppl ingame , same sorth , same problems !)

    I’d say think about it a little bit more , guys and girls of the development team !

    • reto.gargamelreto.gargamel08-13-2013

      If i join a Low Tier match i can easely noobbash.

      … but you can’t. As soon as one of your soldiers reaches rank 3, you’ll be playing with Tier 2, no matter which character you use.
      I edited the blog post to dispel a few misunderstandings, such as this one. The tier system is intended to both protect the newcomers from the wrath of veterans, and veterans from the inexperience of newcomers. So you can’t play below your tier, and you can only play above it if you’re “sponsored” by an experienced Squad Leader.

  9. DondergodDondergod07-26-2013

    So, if I want to fight skirmish X, I’m not allowed to because I’m a to high rank? Suppose I’ll have to make some more accounts!

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti407-27-2013

      they could create skirmish Y and allow there only higher tier players in. ?

    • jonatsku1jonatsku107-28-2013

      I’m afraid of that also Donder.
      I can already see it: An important skirmish battle, but no veteran can join it because some newb got in the lobby 1st.

    • reto.gargamelreto.gargamel08-13-2013

      … but you wouldn’t want to fight in skirmish X, because Tier 1 players can only initiate auto-generated skirmish missions from the Mission List ;)

  10. KP0TKP0T07-28-2013

    A very controversial system, I personally against separation of the players.
    It is better to limit access newcomers to the expensive equipment.

  11. KP0TKP0T07-28-2013

    If everything is still divided by the experienced and beginners, divide into different servers.

  12. KP0TKP0T07-29-2013

    Morning, evening wiser ))
    Let beginners learn to play the Avto Generation !!!

  13. Reto.VashuReto.Vashu07-30-2013

    Guys, I think you’ll find a small but important detail has changed in the post.

    “Tier 1 players can only initiate auto-generated skirmish missions from the mission list.”

    • DondergodDondergod07-30-2013

      That’s great Vashu! Really happy to hear that!
      I still think it would be better to let them play town battles rather than skirmishes, because you don´t learn anything from skirmishes and might actually create wrong impressions for this game for new players.

      • djopadjopa08-01-2013

        yeah, why don’t you let them play all the maps?

        and also if you don’t let higher tier players enter such battles who will teach the newbies how to play this game right?
        a newbie can’t teach a newbie how to play this game right, they will end up running around like headless chickens….

        just restrict lower lvl players the possibility of entering “real” battles via match maker or from the mission list and let them play only debug missions until they reach a certain lvl.
        with such setup higher lvl players would still be able to enter those missions as they are now and even teach new players how to play.

    • TuupertunutTuupertunut08-01-2013

      That actually sounds a bit unfair for newbies. Could they still enter an already initiated tier 2 match if they wanted? Because otherwise they have a very boring game experience only playing in auto-generated skirmishes.

  14. Holsten99Holsten9908-06-2013

    The proposed system is too complicated and provides no benefits – a true reto solution (sorry, but I’ve seen this pattern too often). Keeping players separate and let beginners only play skirmishes just creates new problems. The reasons have been stated above. And debug missions were created for new players to learn

    Simple solution: low levels should only be able to initiate debug missions for obvious reasons. But they can jump into any mission they like as well as seasoned players can join debug missions.

    A related request would be to stop beginners from using expensive equipment outside of debug missions.

  15. call911call91108-06-2013

    i would rather like it that new people can only join skirmishes and debug when they are using matchmaking.. so if they want to do something else they look at the mission list :)

    but i do like the fact that
    – newbies play against other newbies
    – newbies can’t start big battles

    it is true that those tier 1’s can occupy an important skirmish battle, but since they play against other newbies the outcome should be the same as vets against vets.

    i would also like to point out that if you play this game for 1 week you can have rank 3 !!
    so the word ‘veteran’ is more for tier 3 or 4 players (will come later I guess)

    ps: i hope that this doesn’t affect gameplay: generals who retreat units because it’s a tier 1 fight..

    • call911call91108-06-2013

      and if i read well: there are now debug skirmishes?
      that’s +1 to :)

  16. StormSkilledStormSkilled08-09-2013

    I feel that this might be good for some things, bad on the other. For example I just recently purchased $33.11 of gold. I then got me tank crew, fighter pilot,recon and inf. Now I can only play skirmish maps because of my rank? Some people are practically being punished because of their low ranks. I feel definitely that some of this is unfair. And also If I rank up to level 3, will I be out of these skirmish maps? If you have a reply to this, just send it to stormskilled

    • MatChapMatChap08-12-2013

      I know. I used to love playing Attack/Defend, but now because I’s still pretty new I can only play on skirmish. I’m OK with some skirmish maps but IMHO they aren’t as fun or varied as the Assault maps.

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