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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 25

Jefferson and the accompanying Videolog is online. As you will probably be aware, it is summer here on the Northern hemisphere, so a lot of us are having some time off to go on vacation, frolick in the sun and spend time with family and friends. But fear not, not everything stops. We are gathering feedback and data and hotfixing Jefferson as fast as possible, if you run into issues, please head to the forums, and even if you might not get a reply from a developer immediately, we are reading and following up on all the important threads. As I am up next for some R&R there won’t be an Intelligence Bulletin for the next two weeks, but then I expect to be back with tall tales from the Swedish forests and a lot of information on the next exciting features for the game.

The team here is currently working on four major things: First is hotfixing bugs on the Jefferson build on live, second is helping the next build Keating through it’s Quality Assurance sessions to get it stabilized, third is working on features for the upcoming builds and last, but not least – vacations at various beaches and chilled white wine in the shade.

That is all from me, and have a great Wednesday everybody! :-)

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Team Debriefing

Game Management

  • Bugfixing
  • Jefferson rollout
  • Observe and fix Jefferson issues
  • Vacation

Action Game Team

  • Jefferson hotfixes
  • Work on new Armor model
  • Spawnmenu graphics work polish
  • Work on new spawnmenu code
  • Vehicle texture work
  • Vehicle external accessories graphical work
  • Jefferson Videolog, Screenshots
  • Work on fire & smoke textures
  • Vacationing

Graphics & Level Design Team

  • Mountain map level design fixes
  • Mountian map bug fixes
  • General map bug fixes [Keating]
  • Marketing graphics
  • Vacationing

Campaign Team

  • Bugfixing Jefferson (AT’s not being undeployed, etc.)
  • Fog of war
  • Fixes to localization bugs [Jefferson]
  • Fixes to various bugs regarding AT positioning, info pane behaviour and so on [Jefferson]
  • Code cleanup and refactoring to make things smarter [Keating]
  • Play with friends / The game loop discussion [Design]
  • Bug Fixes [Jefferson]
  • ATs worth 18 spawn-slots allocated from warserver per accesspoint, not per battlefield [Jefferson]
  • Finished work on mission population delay [Keating]
  • Added metrics counters [Keating]
  • Fixing issues after power shortage
  • Work on Impact override system [Leeb]
  • iOS & Android: Fixed a lot of minor things found by QA.
  • iOS & Android: Found at least some of the disconnection issues [Jefferson]
  • Android: Implemented battlefield search on Android. It works, but needs some usability polish. [Keating]
  • Vacationing

Sound Team

  • Vacation
  • with a bit of bugfixing

Community, QA & Support Team

  • Testing Jefferson hotfixes
  • Gathering Jefferson feedback from community and rewriting it into tasks

Misc. Team

  • Reto.Jose_L is fixing forum bugs.
  • Reto.Injection: Resource system ready for first test cycle, then vacation.
  • Reto.HansG: Make sure all the new fans does not blow the fuses.
  • Reto.CrazyCat: Metrics and stats.
  1. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti407-17-2013

    Jeahh let sunshine for all xD

    were awaiting a Summer peak next week here in Europe so i will dig a hol eon top of my Bunker and leave some sun inside.

    reading this infos is ever a delicious recharge. one thing jumped into my eyes iam not sure about if i understand it right.
    Qoute( from campaign team) : ” 18 spawn-slots allocated from warserver per accesspoint”

    ,- did that mean theoretically we will be able open 90 slots per mission if all atack lines are open ? will current setting 12 assault team maximum per mission block this by max allow of 72 slots ( all inf) ? or will max ammount of ats get on 15 ? …ohh wait current it could be that way.. arent 3 ats per line active ?


    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti407-17-2013

      sry:qouted only half .. : ” ATs worth 18 spawn-slots allocated from warserver per accesspoint, not per battlefield [Jefferson]”

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