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Guns… Lots of guns..

In the Jefferson build we are rolling out the next iteration of the equipment system, that gives you a lot more flexibility as to what gear your hero brings to the battlefield. I cornered Reto.RedBjarne and had him explain. – Reto.Robotron3000

Equipment System iteration 2

For Jefferson we have updated the equipment system with a few new features.


The system was introduced in Irwin in its simplest form. Basically each uniform of the different soldier classes (Infantry, Paratrooper, Recon, Armor and Fighter Pilot) carries a number of equipment points and for every weapon equipped a number of these points are spent.

In Jefferson the next iteration is rolled out with more customization available.

Freedom of choice.

We wanted to make a system that was more flexible than the old ‘fixed class’ structure many older FPS games use, where the main weapon dictates the soldier class (like ‘Machine Gunner’).
Below you can see how it looks when you change the amount of ammunition carried and its effect on the equipment points.

With the addition of the ability to remove additional ammunition it is now possible to combine otherwise ‘illegal’ weapons like the bazooka and rifle or a rifle and SMG. In order to do that the player have to sacrifice almost all of the ammunition of one of the weapons, but what can be carried in the weapon. Below are a couple of examples.


In a more ‘normal’ loadout, the player can also add extra ammunition and then leave his pistol or knife in the locker.

Danger! Mines!

Another addition is turning grenades and mines into expendable weapons just like any of the special ammunition types (current price is 6000 credits for a box of 80 hand grenades). Especially the mines have been changed a bit. They are now live from when they are placed and until some unfortunate enemy triggers them. We feel that this is more realistic instead of removing mines when the player is shot or limiting the amount so that the player ‘cycles’ through 3 or 4 mines. Because the mines are expendable a player trying to abuse this system by, for instance, covering enemy capture points with mines will soon run out of mines.

This is a first iteration and we are aware that our measures might not prevent some players from trying to abuse the system anyway and we have several tweaks we will apply if this turns out to be a problem.

We would like to further expand this system in the future, by adding skill points (earned along with the ribbons) that can be spend on increasing the amount or equipment points. Also adding bags and pouches can enhance this system. So, as always, please comment and we will take all the good ideas and, if they fit the game, add them to the todo-list :-)

  1. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers06-28-2013

    My current build is spade, bolt action rifle, smg, but it seems in jefferson you’ll pretty much end with a shovel with such build.

    And skill points, extra bags are great ideas also.
    For example if you buy an extra bag your character will have more space for weapons/ammo but character will become significally slower when running and walking and aswell would get exausted easilly.

  2. louisdesnowlouisdesnow06-28-2013

    Does this mean I can place over 4 or 5+ mines without some disappearing?

  3. mercenaryirelandmercenaryireland06-28-2013

    will the hoarder badge still be effective and allow extra ammo or is it been replaced altogether.. this is something that will have to be consider more under this new system .. also with the rpg side of things it will help as it was if i equip rpg i would get 2 rockets <not veryusefull but if i picked 1 up i got 4 but was not anymore exhausted.< didnt make sense..

  4. kalashnjkovkalashnjkov06-28-2013

    i want to bring panzerfaust along with mp40, is it possible in next build?

    • Thompson153Thompson15306-28-2013

      @louisdesnow As far as I know, yes.

      @kalashnjkov I think so, but you would only be able to bring one clip for your MP40 and one Panzerfaust. I may be wrong though.

    • AuroN2AuroN206-29-2013

      Okay you seem to have missed one key point reto guiz
      is the how many clips do we want system including the already loaded clip? or is it just the extra reloadables that im burdened by?

    • DondergodDondergod06-29-2013

      Looking at the screenshot, a mp40 with 1 magazine takes 5 dots. A bazooka with 1 round takes 5 dots.
      So it is possible but not wise. rifle + bazooka is a better idea.

  5. zzzzzzzzzz06-28-2013

    mmmmmmines ))) i see the minefields from Zzzzz )))

  6. PegoPego06-28-2013

    Great Job Reto !!!!

    I love how you guys Innovate ! Bringing nea idea to the gaming industry will draw attention towards you !

    Way to go guys !!

  7. ApplayApplay06-28-2013


  8. Gaius22Gaius2206-29-2013

    hmm…So there’s no point in getting an Anti-Tank character? since everyone will be able to carry a bazooka/panzerfaust along with their rifle/sub-machine gun. And if noone will use an Anti-Tank character, whats the point in getting an Anti-Tank AT?

    Unless I’m missing something…

    • DondergodDondergod06-29-2013

      They might go back to old classes at some point. Which probably will mean you can’t equip a bazooka on a rifleman anymore, but for now you can.

      • jonatsku1jonatsku107-02-2013

        Should go already.
        I’m having some conserns about this. More and more are classes being mold together making “do it all” Rambo characters, and we will end up with some win-win combo that everyone will use.

  9. routier1642routier164206-29-2013

    Good work.
    These are all worthwhile developments!

  10. routier1642routier164206-29-2013

    Also, it will be nice when the encumbrance/stamina thing starts to resemble something we can recognise as human performance. At the moment, my man jogs like he is wearing gumboots full of water, and sprints for 4 seconds before he is out of breath, like a 60-year old man with emphysema.
    I welcome the end of that farce.

  11. Pandemic4444Pandemic444407-03-2013

    i would like to see the stg44 on the german side and maybe the m1918 bar on the us side.

  12. djopadjopa07-03-2013

    will it be possible to decrease the amount of lets say grenades you wear?
    so you have lets say 2 pieces instead of 4 and therefor you have more stamina or you can take more ammo for your submachine gun.
    if not it would be cool if you would add such a feature. :)

  13. katthedemonkatthedemon07-06-2013

    i really appreciate the changes but its a little sloppy implemented and is missing some key features

    the ammo count should be available in number form just like the ingame ui shows them not in cryptic symbols that are open to debate when it comes to counting ammo with or without the one you have in your gun at the start

    the other thing relates to grenades that cant be modified like weapon ammo
    the only thing i expected from thsi consumable system was that i could equip 1 stielhandgrenade and 1 h3 in addition to other equipment but thats not possible for some reason

    the third issue would be the fact that you CANT equip an mp40 with a panzefaust right now because you need to equip the guns before reducing the ammo cost. so even if you could carry 1smg with minimal ammo and 1 bazooka with minimal ammo you cant equip them thats a design flaw imo …

    lets see how it works out in the live server im a little bit sceptic about retos general tendency to ballance stuff by making it more expensive and then give players the opportunity to spend gold on them …

  14. iamnotacommunistiamnotacommunist07-07-2013

    this title is decieving, i thought there were going to be more guns :(

  15. Mr_jimwestMr_jimwest07-10-2013

    So now we have to “pay” for grenades? :(

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