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Create a squad and play with your friends

An oft requested feature for the game is to make it easier to play alongside your friends in the same battle. This is something we have also wanted to build for a long time and now the time is here for the first version to make its public appearance. So in the upcoming build ‘Jefferson’ you will be able to create a squad, grab your friends and join match-making as a group.

Press ‘Create Squad’ on the bottom of the Characters page and see what happens

How does it work?

The first thing you do is to choose what type of squad you want:

You can currently choose between ‘Guard’, ‘Infantry’, ‘Paratrooper’, ‘Recon’, ‘Armor’ & ‘Fighter Pilots’ and you can of course only create a squad where you have a character that fits. In this first iteration the only difference between Guard and Infantry is the number of character slots available, but we kept them as separate entities so we can add functionality to them in future builds.


Take a look below and see how it works:


This is the first iteration and we know that there are some obvious things to add for the next iterations. Some of these could be – Join a specific battle as a squad – Join a battle being fought by your own Assault Team – Keep Squad chat channel in action game – After a battle continue to the next as the same group – Limit number of squad members to 2 for non-Veteran members – Tag Squad players on the scoreboard & maybe charge a few Warfunds or Gold to start a new squad?

BUT we wanted to get this out to you guys to play with as soon as possible as we feel that it is a welcome addition to the game. :-)

  1. kaspakaspa06-14-2013

    This is what i have been waiting for
    Now i can start killing allies with my friends and clan mates again

  2. ChlodovechChlodovech06-14-2013

    Why would you even consider charging warfunds for creating a squad? It is a pure action game feature and that part of HnG uses credits. If anything, it should be funded with credits. Nevertheless I would still consider it taxation on teamplay and community building.

    • ZilchPlainsZilchPlains06-14-2013

      Because the warfunds are used for strategy properties and the creedits are using by indivual soldier stuff.

  3. XuxuXuxu06-14-2013

    At last !!! Thank you, Reto !!!!!!!!

  4. SemperFiSemperFi06-14-2013

    cool and good worke
    I wait longe time fore this
    and the rest sounds good too :)

    GJ Reto

  5. mobibumobibu06-14-2013

    Awesome enhancement Reto! Looking forward to trying it out

  6. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers06-14-2013

    Charging warfuns for creating a squad is stupid, but limiting squad members to 2 for non premium members is okay, alot of games does that and most of people got used to it already.

  7. ashkentonashkenton06-14-2013

    Nice! Can’t wait to try it out!

  8. routier1642routier164206-15-2013

    How about AUTO NAMETAGS for your squadmates?

    This would help a lot with co-ordinating, esp. since there are no comms or complex commands yet.
    They’re your squad – hopefully, you would know where they were….

  9. kaese_felixkaese_felix06-15-2013

    To see that such a feature is only avalible for matchmaking feels licke a kick in the nuts.
    Will this make joining through campaign map even more horrible and force everyone to ignore the map to have fun in fps ?
    Looks like that’s gonna happen.

  10. rosiemarosiema06-16-2013

    Reto, you should also consider to create an option that you can join battles with >6 friends/clanmates.
    This could work like this: 1 guy enters a starting battle. The rest of his friends/clan right click on him/her and click a ‘follow/join’ in battle button. The friends / clan mates should be prioritized above players who use the automatch button (and perhaps the enter combat button in the campaing tab).
    The first guy’s id should mention where he is and if it’s possible to follow. So his/her mate who just came back from being afk can follow later.

    And this is just abominable : “maybe charge a few Warfunds or Gold to start a new squad?”
    Tax teamplay? Djeez, how to scare off players…


    can we name the squad too?

  12. s0wbears0wbear06-17-2013

    ok that sounds nice, but a simple queue system for battles of your own choice would have been more useful imho

  13. Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-17-2013

    We decided to get this first iteration done and online first. And then we can start scheduling people for the next iteration, both fixing whatever bugs might show up, new features AND of course feedback.

    Joining specific battles, joining your own assault team, sign a group up to follow a specific player’s assault teams etc. is something we will look at, but we think that making it easier for new players to play together even though they can’t choose the exact battle is an improvement.

    I have taken the concerns and ideas voiced here and will bring them with me to the design meeting for the next iteration. :-)

  14. rudzupuke25rudzupuke2506-17-2013

    Latvieši taisam savu squadu german armijā.

  15. PierrotPierrot06-19-2013

    only new unexperienced players join battles through the character tab interface. usualy new players have no team to team with.
    Experienced players join battles through the campagn map tab and will not benefit from this improvement !

    looks like the nice “squad leader function” nice on the paper but almost never used (not to say useless) in battles. A pity to have to wait for the second or third or fourth iteration of a function to begin to play with.
    I don’t want to be harsh (as I realy love this game) but again you stopped half way of a nice awaited function that would greatly enhance many players pleasure to play this game.

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