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Dev Q&A – May 13 part 1


Ladies & Gentlemen! The first set of answers to this month’s Developer Q&A session is here! Reto.Vashu has been gathering questions in a forum thread and then we have answered to the best of our abilities.

So if you are curious to know more about the future plans for Mobile Command or other things we might be tinkering with check it out here: Developer Q&A May 2013 – Part 1

  1. ApplayApplay06-04-2013


  2. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers06-04-2013

    This dissapointed me alot “We don’t want to add a serious MG class”
    I guess Reto.Moto wants to make MG class as arcadish as in BF3, well it is awfull even now so…

    • fagadabafagadaba06-04-2013

      Every update we wish for the MGs to be nerfed, and every update we are dissapointed. Like I’ve said before: we’re not playing this game to have fun, but to support the development of a game that will come out in a couple years.

      • Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry06-04-2013

        I don’t think MGs are really overpowered anymore, but it’s too bad we won’t see any sort of dedicated squad roles.

      • DW_UnbeugsamDW_Unbeugsam06-04-2013

        omg……the next guy they going at morning with a Bike over a Bridge to enemys and hope the MG42 can be nerved ….

        thx for playing

      • fisher666fisher66606-05-2013


    • hchrishchris06-05-2013

      At least you could deploy the MG in BF3…..which would be a big step into the right direction if you ask me.

    • SnowDogSnowDog06-06-2013

      Actually they didn’t say that they won’t change the Mg or its role, they said that they just don’t want a MG character, so the normal Infantry character can develop in different ways, probably rifle,Mg and smg.

  3. djopadjopa06-05-2013

    nothing said about the panzer 1 vs stuart issue….

  4. hchrishchris06-05-2013

    Yeah I cannot understand the statement for the MG class.

    It seems the whole community is against the rambo MG, but Reto simply will not do anything about it.

    Why is it so hard to make a MG deploy function? A lot of other games have it, Day of Defeat, Day of Defeaf Source, Red Orchestra 1 and 2, Battlfield 3, World War II Online: Battleground Europe etc etc…

    Or is this just a misunderstanding?

    We have been crying out loud for 3 things:

    – deploy function for MG so it can act as squad support weapon

    – make it way more difficult to fire the MG from the hip

    – replace the fantasy US M1919A4 MG in infantry use with the M1919A6 which was indeed used by the US

    • djopadjopa06-06-2013

      hehe, the m19191a4 was the most used one….

      • hchrishchris06-06-2013

        Yes indeed it was, mounted on a TRIPOD or on vehicles etc, but NEVER in the role it is currently used ingame – by a single player swinging it around like a small SMG…. this is physically impossible.

        But the M1919A6 with the bipod was indeed used in the infantry role like the MG42.

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