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Upcoming improvements to the HUD/UI

We recently gave the Heads-Up Display (HUD) a major overhaul and we think it improved it tremendously, but all was not perfect and so based on your (very welcome) feedback, and our thoughts, feelings & sketches on napkins, we decided to do a few updates and some polish for the Jefferson build to make it even better.

In Irwin we took a step towards cleaning up the HUD by removing all the unnecessary clutter, which resulted in a cleaner & simpler HUD as you can see below.


In Jefferson we wanted to bring back some of the information we removed, but this time without it taking up half the screen, in addition we also wanted to add some new information that you long have been asking for.

Below is the same screenshot in the upcoming Jefferson build.


The areas that have been affected is the bottom half of the HUD and can be split up into the following categories: Weapon Info, Health/Vehicle Info, Vehicle Icon, and Kill Messages.

Weapon Info

First of all the weapon range setting has been isolated so it is always visible. The ‘Factory Standard’ message at the bottom indicates that it is an unmodified weapon. When reloading this will be replaced with a progress bar indicating the progress of the reload action.
If a weapon has multiple ammunition types, e.g ‘High Explosive’ and ‘Armor Piercing’ in tanks, then it shows the current ammunition type and the arrows on the side will indicate if it is possible to switch to others.




AP Ammo type selected




HE Ammo type selected

Health/Vehicle Info

The bottom left has been changed from numbers to progress bars again. The top progress bar indicates player health and the grey background will begin flashing once you have lost some health to indicate the point where you will heal up to. Once in the last health tier the bar will turn red to indicate that your health is critical.
The bottom progress bar serves two purposes, when on foot it will show your fatigue and when in a vehicle it will show your vehicles health.
Additionally your characters rank has been added, which in a later build will indicate how close you are to ranking up.


Full Health


Health Low


Just a scratch


Vehicle status shown

An extra, much requested, feature that has been added is that when in a vehicle a list of the top two other players in a vehicle will be visible, as seen below.


Driver & Passenger

Vehicle Icon

This was actually introduced in Irwin but is getting a slight bump in Jefferson. When in a tank a tank icon will appear at the bottom center of the screen. One of the things that is possible to see is the direction all the gunmounts of the tank are pointing, so if the gunner is engaging enemies to the right then driver will be able to see which direction he is firing and help him out.


Turret direction, AA MG direction & Camera view in relation to turret shown. (enlarged)

Kill Messages

We have decided to isolate kill messages that are related to you to the centre of the screen. So whenever you kill a player or your character is killed that kill message will be at the bottom centre of the screen, whenever some other player kills someone else then the kill message will be in the bottom right corner.

  1. DondergodDondergod05-22-2013

    Looks great :D.
    Gives more info than the current build and takes less space :).

    Huge improvement from what we currently have!
    Do wonder what those kill-messages will look like.

    • reto.ogssanreto.ogssan05-23-2013

      Currently we are just using the same type of kill messages, so the only difference is that yours are just at the center of the screen.

  2. daKramerdaKramer05-22-2013

    Damn, I need to play this game again.

  3. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti405-22-2013

    looks good so far need testing in action

  4. hchrishchris05-22-2013

    This is an enormous improvement, great job!

    Thank you very much!

    I especially love that in a tank it shows the gun name AND ammo type with the historical designations, this is fantastic, I was always hoping for something like that. It really brings a lot of immersion.

    Btw if you could also update the tank gunsights it would be great….

    I wrote you guys an email some time ago that I could provide all historical gunsights, how they looked, how they worked but nobody replied so far :-(

    I was a professional WW2 researcher for 8 years and I have spent enormous amounts to research the gunsights of WW2 tanks, tank hunters etc….

    If RETO could send me an email address I can provide the needed information to get the historical gunsights for each tank into the game.

  5. ToiletpriestToiletpriest05-22-2013

    Thumbs up!

  6. ApplayApplay05-23-2013

    You guys really improved the HUD this time. I thought you guys were going to remove the heal up limit, but it seems it will just be displayed differently. Nice!

    Great that we will be able to see who’s in the vehicle.

    Gotta love the Jefferson build. :D

    • ApplayApplay05-23-2013

      One missing info is about the position of the chat. Is it in the same place?

      • reto.ogssanreto.ogssan05-23-2013

        Yeah, we haven’t touched the chat in Jefferson, but we are considering doing a small iteration on it soon. So any suggestions are welcome.

  7. DerJoachimDerJoachim05-23-2013

    This Jefferson build looks like really the biggest improvement ever, cant wait to play the new build, keep up the good work.

  8. ckatossckatoss05-23-2013

    Buen trabajo :D

  9. idrahilidrahil05-23-2013

    Looks very promising!

  10. thenewlagconspiracythenewlagconspiracy05-23-2013

    Well, at least I can finally know if I have a gunner in my vehicle. Also, the way you said multiple ammo types seemed peculiar. Are there plans for say, equipping a set amount of certain bullet type (like 2 clips of match grad bullets and the rest factory standard)? That would be cool, we could switch bullet type for different situations.

  11. routier1642routier164205-24-2013

    Definitely looks like an improvement.
    Good work.

    It’s a shame the PRONE/CROUCH/STAND indicator is still gone.
    Perhaps it will return when the CROUCH TOGGLE finally makes its long-awaited appearance. (hint hint)

  12. punzybobopunzybobo05-27-2013

    Also looks like the Shermans’ getting a new paint coat… A really weathered green paint.

  13. routier1642routier164205-31-2013

    Having the other vehicle occupants listed is a very welcome addition – thank you!

  14. jonatsku1jonatsku105-31-2013

    “We have decided to isolate kill messages that are related to you to the centre of the screen”
    I don’t like that.

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