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Exit Messerschmitt bf109E

A behind the scenes animation timelapse (×12 speed) from sit pose to in game.

This time doing my contribution to the blog I fell in a nasty hole just before the goal line. With a week to go my machine decided to crash and the time for blogging was cut to a minimum.

Even with the strong head wind I decided to try and do another animation timelapse. The last one I did I really liked myself and got a lot of nice feedback. [Strong headwind is good for airplane take-off and landing, Ed.]

Now… exiting and entering airplanes is yet another task that I hadn’t had time for – and as I now have been officially bugged with it as well this is the one I chose.

I promise next time I will try and choose something different than an exit animation ;-)

Cheers – Reto.Colding

[woops typo in the title, sorry! Ed.]

  1. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers04-30-2013

    I see assault team Insignias on the plane :).
    Aswell good job on animation it looks pretty smooth.
    And will we see Irwin videolog ? Those vlogs bring additional media attention and shows how the game looks like to lots of people.

    • jarlojarlo05-01-2013

      And dont forget the cockpit-view ;) wanna be inside

      • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers05-01-2013

        Well im pretty sure they’re working on that.

  2. BaryonyxBaryonyx04-30-2013

    It’s a bf 109E
    Maybe you got it confused with the Focke-Wulf Fw 190? Wonder if that’s in the pipeline haha.

  3. BabylonjokeBabylonjoke04-30-2013

    Excellent animation !

    However , isn’t that bf109 a bit too high poly? ;P

  4. ApplayApplay05-01-2013

    Totally unrelated to your work, but I noticed a change in the GUI. Will they change the health system?
    I like it how it is right now, you have 3 dots that correspond to the amount of health you can restore. It’s a cool concept.

    I noticed a bar for armor (?) too, hmm.

    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers05-01-2013

      Maybe there will be vests for different encounters like anti explosives vest, bullet proof vest, suicide vest…

  5. ivastaivasta05-01-2013

    Jak se jmenuje ten program ve kterým vytváříte hry?

  6. Reto.ColdingReto.Colding05-01-2013

    @ SkyDaggers : Videolog coming up coming up…. :D

    @ Baryonyx : My stupid fingers wrote to fast and wrote 190 instead of 109. So sorry no mystery or exciting things in the pipeline there :-)

    @ Babylonjoke : you think so ? :P

    @ Applay and Skydaggers : GUI is still mutating – trying to find the best suited… its a process :D

    @ ivasta : For animation, rigging, skinning and modelling we use mainly SoftImage – but modelling also involves zbrush, xnormals and a lot of other software… The one in the video is SoftImage (with a bar of custom tools (synoptic to be precise))

    Thanx for the feedback guys.. :)

    • BabylonjokeBabylonjoke05-01-2013

      Yeah , that looks jolly good!

      As I always sed your engine handle quite good the high poly models.

      This is the first game where I see tank tracks modelled!

      Keep it up guys!!

      P.s. the new Stuart texture is absolutly amazing.

  7. BlaubartBlaubart05-02-2013

    I hope you will create a Spitfire too! Also a weather report before start would be nice, it is terrible too fly in dense fog :(

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