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Warfunds: How do they work?

It’s a common question ingame, on the forums and pretty much everywhere: “What on earth are Warfunds?”
In this short article I am going to try and explain what you can use them for, how you earn them and share some strategies for a solid army.

The idea for warfunds is to add a deeper layer to the strategy game as the first iteration of a system of limiting supplies. It should make the strategy part more interesting, rather than just sending your limitless supply into combat. This new build will make it an important decision if you sent your tanks into battle A or into battle B. You could send them to A… but do you really need them there?

We have come to a stage where a lost battle, can actually be a win. If you managed to destroy a lot of tanks. The ‘heroic last stand’ can help your faction greatly.

What are Warfunds?

Simply said, they are the currency used by Generals. You can use them to buy assault team slots, assault teams, upgrade your teams and lastly resupply your units.

Now, these last few words make a lot of people worried.
‘Why should I pay for resources so noobs can waste them!’

An understandable question, but then again, what do you want to do otherwise with your warfunds? You can’t use them on weapons, on characters or whatsoever. You can buy new assault teams with them, but if you refuse to resupply them, why would you?

How do you earn Warfunds?

Every player gains a small amount of warfunds through combat. They aren’t enough to keep your assault teams rolling, but for new heroes it is a good motivation to buy some assault teams themselves.

You receive far more warfunds for simply sending your assault teams into combat.
The current earnings are simple:
You participate in a battle: 3000 (it counts as participating once your assault team starts losing supply)
You assault team helps winning the battle: 8500
Total (when won): 11.500

Reinforcing a full infantry unit will only cost you 1600 warfunds. This means you have a minimum profit of 1400, up to a positive result of 9900 (or even higher if your assault team doesn’t completely run out of supply after 1 battle)

How can I keep my assault teams supplied?

Like I told in the previous part, infantry units make profit, no matter if they win or lose. This profit you can use to resupply your more expensive units.

Medium-type units, like mechanised infantry or recon units, are mostly self-sufficient. Unless you go into a bad loss-streak they can keep themselves supplied. That’s why a good idea is, to have 1 infantry/guard unit per 2/3 medium-type units

Heavy-type units, tanks, paratroopers and fighers, these types are hard to keep supplied. Meaning it’s not wise to have more than 1 or 2 per 10 units.
Per heavy unit, you will need at least 3 infantry/guard units to be able to use your heavy unit on a regular basis.

What is good to know, is that the assault-team slots have become a lot cheaper. It is easy to get around 6-7 slots once you started with your first assault team. It is therefore wise to make the first 4 assault teams infantry/guards. They will give you a good profit to be sure to get to those 7 slots fast. After that it’s up to yourself, do you want to keep going low-cost units so you can get to the 10 slots fast. Or will you start building some heavier units.

Why are some units so expensive?

Mostly the paratroopers and medium tanks are known as hugely expensive. But don’t forget, Irwin build is only on the live servers for 2 days now. All prices are temporary and can be changed at every moment. Yesterday they mentioned they where going to keep the prices as they are for a few days, to gather some intel about them before making changes.

A lot of people started the build with invading the forums with rage posts. However, Reto-Moto will probably just ignore these posts. Far more effective is to make it into a good discussions. Share your opinions about what the costs should be according to you. Give the build some time to develop, adding warfunds was a big step and of course isn’t done right in 1 try. It needs balancing and we are the ones to push them into the right direction. Simply flame and you won’t get anything done.
Give it a chance and you might learn to love it. I myself think it will make the campaign a lot more interesting again. Cutting of forces, pocketing units to destroy hundreds or even thousands after 1 battle can make a huge impact on the war now.

  1. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti404-26-2013

    Yeahh, that Bad Vibes and rants are selfmade by RETO . If they would inform better Community / Players about what will happen, rant would be much less. ( posts like this would been better to show to players Before you change whole gameplay)

    What now happens that players who has due now “been able hold some control vith his activity on map ” are in disadvantage due not be able use his high level units anyomore.

    they need delete them and start form scratch up . ( what cost allot of good vibes) its easy for you maybe to stay cool this way due you have had enough Time to prepare yourself for that switch by knowing about.

    But ouer Core Player Base got punched straight into face and kicked into nuts . You need get this, ask yourself why players rage/rant about ……

    did Reto guys has all done to prevent this? Is that been your intention to create moaning about = press interrest? iam not sure , i like that build and ive rant/raged too whole near 3 days. Iam still not over that , due ive feel misled .

    This crated allot bad vibes who infected allot comrades arround.

    Reto missed to prevent this , or its benen calculated to awake interrest , but then its just more disapointing to play that style vith Playerbase.

    There is been leak before implementation just of you , who created false awaitings and concerns and , who got like into face punched efect as first high level assault teams didnt moved anymore due missed credits. ( noon ehas knowen due then what happens and how.

    I do not like that style kind of , hey its all okey you guys who rant are just stupid and Reto will ignore your thoughts about. That is Cheeky and unfair Playerbase opposite as special if it comes from a player himself.

    Yes we will sure pimp that build and deal ouer impressions ,due playerbase plays that Game and needs live vith it from one monet to other.

    Is that so hard to empathize , i think not …so plz thx for that explain two days later

  2. PegoPego04-27-2013

    This Post should have been here at least a weeka go , to make the players ready for what is coming. Now you got a crowd of players who don’t even know what the Warfunds are all about.

    Warfunds are truly a GIANT step forward for Reto towards making the Strategy part of the game more important. After all why make a strategy part if its all about the FPS?

    Now lets hope REto is planning to make more for the Strategy part. Maybe making those FACTORY Battles more important ? Is reto planning anything of the such? Warfunds is not enough, we want more for the strategy part!

    Keep up the good work!

    Waiting for Jefferson now…

  3. deathmachineptdeathmachinept04-27-2013

    Prices are too high, isn’t this a beta? I still haven’t managed to unlock the MP 40 or another character slot.
    Prices should be 50% cheaper to facilitate testing, normal prices should only be switch on when live or on the last beta stage. ( I have sink more than 30h in game)

    I know very few of assault teams because of this, also paratroopers should not required a new character this will only reduces greatly the number of players that can use them the same applies to Air and Tanks.

    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers04-27-2013

      30h of playing and still didn’t unlocked smg ? Wow im so sorry for you.. It took me like 4 hours to get enough money for smg. And prices is even too low.

      • deathmachineptdeathmachinept04-28-2013

        Oops they fix this in irwin but on last build you needed to be on Rank 6 to buy it. And for more one character slot you need around 100k credits, now it’s 50% less.

  4. mercenaryirelandmercenaryireland04-27-2013

    yes we should of been warned about this all 8 of my units are med to heavy , so with this new system it is hard to keep my units supplied even with win after win, again this is partially at heroes fault not caring about supplies as it does not cost them to spawn my equipment 1 after the other .I now find myself in a position that i need to sell all my ats back to reto ,as due to tech issues on your side you can not do individual units ,but have not offered higher compo for this , also it is only offered to ppl that have 7 or more units. if i had known about this system i would of kept most my units as standard units to support 1-2 heavy units, as now with reseting them i am losing the 3 star rating and will find i need to go a whole different route with units ,and after spending real money to get gold to buy them ,i should of been informed then….

  5. SummariusSummarius04-27-2013

    As structured, they “work” by giving the side with more players a huge beginning advantage.

    The axis, being a bit better organized (yet another long-standing, built-in advantage that I won’t detail here) and winning more battles will simply build a huge standing advantage in men and materiel.

    My back of the envelope calculations in the forum, based on some observed data is that the Axis earned roughly five times the amount of warfunds the allies did in the last war. That advantage will be rolled into the next battle, and the next.

    This has seriously destroyed any chance the Allies had of winning a war. I am normally a bit grumpy about how it was tilted a bit to the axis before, but this…is a whole other level of give-aways to the german side.

    I am… angry.

  6. LaudanLaudan04-28-2013

    Generals part of game: I found War-fonds good First of all this upgrade will defenitelly stop the para-spam that ppl were whining about all the time. The prices should stay. Generals will now think twice before sending units into battles, we will probably avoid stacking of 3000 units in the same city ( although I believe newbies still wont understand that only first 12 ATs are included in the battle per se ), while if not in the fight directly , no war-fonds will be earned . I have noticed that ppl are now sending empty units into battles – no warfonds to use or just a manipulation if good FPS players will enter thay will get War-fonds for nothing? So only 12 ATs which were in fight should be given war-fonds award those who just put their cattle to the fire without doing anything should be left dry.
    The panzer-units are expensive to reinforce. Great, while that makes the game even closer to reality and they wont be active in the battles on such large scale as till now ( bye-bye panzer campers which were only entering battles where they can boost their kill ratio with shelling radio and spawn points). But it shouldnt be so obvious that we are entering earn-me-some-money phase. We shouldnt be treated like idiots with silent-suggestive style of getting extra money from users in beta phase- eventhough promised that buyed gold will be refunded. But in the end with clever strategic use of units you can cover your needs even without spending a dime.
    I dont know if Reto did that ( while all my 7 ATs were earned on the field with just to buy me 8th one but than Irwin came and now i dont have nothing to do with my 500.000 credits ) but users who gave them money for gold should be preciselly explained before the Irwin release, what will be the issue considering AT level changes, while I believe they only sent them message if they want to change their current ATs back to gold. Many ppl wouldnt buy credits but would wait to buy war-fonds if they would be warned what will happen in Irwin build and all those harsh reactions would be spared.

    Heroes part of game: graphics were stunning before already and I wont digg into weapons realistic performance, cause I believe that Reto devs are trying to do their best from that point of view ( and there are enough smarties on the forum already, that want to see even slow-motion film of their spinning bullets or shrapnels from the blast that will cut nearby soldiers finger or ear…….) although I have to admit that I never witnessed any wooden parts on MP40 in real life- the thing that occured in that last build. Wont even comment bugs, while the expensive games from multi-million developers have them also and they are earning big money with those games. But why to change things that were good already. Why moving ingame-chat ( when working ) all over the screen after every build. Why moving the Kills-scoreboard from middle to the side of the screen, so you have to go from your aim view to the side of the screen to see if your shot was succesfull or did enemy just prone? While game is ruling in graphics why those big ugly numbers showing health and ammo status. Why should I lose time by switching weapons to get the right one reloaded, while there were ammo »spawnkillers« even before? And the main one – instead of introducing even more level-based goodies Reto devs erased the only one that existed. I burned my ass capping and running all over the field with Kar98 getting constantly rapped by multi-shot M1 and Thompson guys till I get me the golden MP40. While this game is leaning quite a lot towards the reality I can tell that greenhorns in real army got Kar98 or G43 while MP40 was reserved for ranked officers so……And now every kiddo can buy himself one. But even that I could swallow.
    I am constantly preaching that more ingame parts should be level-based. If we enter forums and ingame chat we see constantly bitching the newbies ruining important battles, while not awered what to do. They dont want to play First Blood, they just want to go in the game and kill some real enemies and admire their stats at leaderboard. So First blood should be easily removed but players up till level 5 should be redirected into debug missions – so they would learn mechanics of the game on the face of the place, will get their kills and will not ruin important battles that matters in the Generals-part of the game ( what percentage of newbies are entering First blood? How many newbies are awered that there also Generals-part of the game exists where every battle matters? Now with expensive reinforcements and in sweat earned war-fonds those questions bear even bigger importance) Should I bust my ass again all over the battlefield to get me war-fonds for my panzers just that some newbie will drive them directly into the line of fire or some frustrated kid will teamkilled them? So next level-based gameplay should be panzers: medium armor and antiarmor should be accesible from level 7, heavy armor (when allies will get one ) from level 9. Levels to high? Believe me they are not while empty-points capping can probably push your rank pretty fast ( i did it also in the first day of playing while not knowing the game-mechanics ) not to mention behind-the-tree or roof-top camping.

    Overstacked and crashing server issue: … ng-to-cope

    At the end I would like to invite all Reto-devs to split themselves into two groups and enter each ingame faction for one week. Try to play, try to enter game together, pick the battle you want to enter, use teamspeak, read the ingame channel, read the campaign channel, expirience the disturbing stuff and trolling on your own, collect live feedback and you will probably be able to choose priorities which should be made in next build, cause I understand that you will never be able to satisfy every user whishes and whining that we are performing here at the forums. Being tester at some other games years back I can tell you that clique is usually group of nodders, which dont want to lose their priviliged ego-trip positions so come and join us, ordinary mortals, to get the proper picture about the cause you have started and is promising to be the greatest

    Sorry for the essay, I am just in a smart-mood today so I had to put this down


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