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Irwin in infirmary!

After rolling the new Irwin build out unto the live servers, we unfortunately found a few nasty bugs in the game.

The worst bugs that forced us to wheel Irwin into the infirmary for some quick surgery are:

  • Large number of crashing action games due to miscommunication between action game servers and warserver
  • When Assault Teams are out of resources (if they f.ex. lose a battle) they LOOK like they get deleted from both map and your Assault Team screen. They don’t get deleted, but it looks that way and it is very confusing.

We are working as fast as we can to get the bugs fixed so we can so we can Irwin back to the front!

  1. supahnerdherosupahnerdhero04-25-2013

    Theres also a sound bug that if you run it hears like there are 100 soldiers running but your alone

  2. PegoPego04-25-2013

    Good to know you are working this out !

    Jut don’t forget the other bugs, like the Thouand men BREATHING!

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti404-25-2013

      This is actually fixed last night (arround european midnight).

  3. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti404-25-2013

    Will you plz reset war and ouer assault teams so we can get too whole impression of new strategic map gameplay and reinforcemants system.

    Plz same time set up a supply/reinforcemant system work explain link in war info screen .
    To go sure all are able read and inform himself before buying (upgrade) assault teams .

    Would be really cool if youre able enable ability to set up two guard units in one at slot in that case.

    Thx for new “step forward” game impression all in all vith new build.

  4. MrCatMrCat04-25-2013

    plz go back to the old hud, kills in right corner are too far from the action, many get pwned while they try to figure out if they actually killed someone.

    Health bar is a bit drastic :O it’s so huuuuuge

    Knife and shovel couldnt weigh that much tbh, certainly not a knife, to sprint like before, we should only hold a pistol or so..

    Mg = still OP

    Keep up the good work,


    • RaulRaul04-25-2013

      Tell that to my Inf soldier…he would gladly take a pistol rather than his full set…I mean after waiting 30 secs or so to spawn I cant even sprint more than 3 seconds…helluva a soldier lemme tell you that.

  5. evilsamarevilsamar04-25-2013

    Can’t wait when battles will look like the one on the picture!

  6. ralpgallandralpgalland04-25-2013

    Dear Reto, the natives are restless, please send help.


  7. LthappypantsLthappypants04-25-2013

    Would you kindly bring back helth bar? It’s much harder to notice numbers rather than simple green bar.

    • adeladel04-25-2013

      i want it back too

    • adeladel04-25-2013

      i want it back too , and shorter respawn time

      • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers04-25-2013

        No i dissagre with you, shorter respawn time would result mashed potatoes fest like in previous builds, now game became a bit more tactical and you need to think what to put into your inventory before heading to battle.
        Old health bar was better than these new numbers.

  8. adeladel04-25-2013

    please dont forget the breathing bug, at the start when you join the character breath and that sound dont want to go, it become more and more like many are breathing.

  9. BabylonjokeBabylonjoke04-25-2013

    “The worst bugs that forced us to wheel Irwin into the infirmary for some quick surgery are:
    Large number of crashing action……
    When Assault Teams are out of …..”

    I hope you are kidding reto, There’s an incredible annoyng breath sound which is costantly in my ears. It forces me to remove my headphone.

    And , LOL, sometime mgs got unlimited ammo.

    • BabylonjokeBabylonjoke04-25-2013

      sorry, I’m a moron, havn’t noticed what hasbeen typed above… Seems I have to fix my bugs too

  10. crixocrixo04-25-2013

    Guys is it possible that before launching WarFunds into the game you can solve the Chat system? and Im still wondering why us “generals” should be paying for “heroes” spawns? Its just not fair! WF we earn are a few compared to the reinforcing costs and we dont even get a saved spot in battles…pls think well about every detail before launching, or it will be so ridiculous as squad leader function.

  11. leonzzo4leonzzo404-25-2013

    Dont froget that bvug that crashed shock player evry singhle time you pressed the campain butten

  12. njggggo252njggggo25204-25-2013

    привет всем

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