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Irwin is online

The new build named Irwin (after the US General Stafford LeRoy Irwin) is online.

New Features

  • Warfunds added, Assault Teams earn Warfunds by fighting and spend them on supplies and reinforcements
  • True Triple Currency means no longer possible to convert gold to credits, but most items can be bought with either gold or Credits/Warfunds.
  • German semi-automatic rifle Gewehr 43 added
  • US M1903 bolt-action rifle (without scope) added
  • First iteration of improved character equipment system

Mobile Command

A new version of the Mobile Command app is currently making it’s way through submission processes at Google and Apple and will soon be available. The Android version should be right around the corner (read: hours) and the iOS version a bit further out (read: a few days)
This new version lets you join new wars from your smartphone AND it will let you move Assault Teams around. :-)

For a more detailed changelog take a look here: Changelog on the wiki.

  1. RaulRaul04-23-2013

    I am so proud :_).

  2. CraneTYSCraneTYS04-23-2013

    German semi-automatic rifle Gewehr 43 added
    sry for caps;3

  3. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers04-23-2013

    “This new version lets you join new wars from your smartphone AND it will let you move Assault Teams around. :-)”
    That’s an insult for Windows phone 8 users :(…

    • Reto.sNellReto.sNell04-24-2013

      SkyDaggers, I get that you’re bummed that the WP8 app is not in development, but we’ve stated the reasons for our initial choices of platform (WP was almost non-existant when development began), and I think most users would agree that it makes sense to have two platforms running as they should before turning to a third one. Now we’re sorry that we can’t do everything at once, but there are only so many hours in a day.

  4. ApplayApplay04-24-2013

    A lot of things that must be fixed, that’s expected, but the new currency for Generals is kinda… I don’t know.

    • XestaXesta04-24-2013

      I think its good. Makes more people wanna play as general.

  5. MrCatMrCat04-24-2013

    Oh rly? Look at the campaign map, way less AT’s than before, many aren’t feeling like buying new at’s for gold after they get destroyed, or resupplying them for way too many warfunds. Thus less war games. Playercount seems to have went down. MG still OP. Sprinting was apparently a no-go in the 40’s holding just a pistol and a garand, spawntimes, I get that, but it’s just a bit too long. Resulting in a slow and even more campy gameplay. I’m finding this update to have focussed on the wrong stuff..

    No hard feelings still a lot of updates to come!


    • NZSASNZSAS04-25-2013

      Come on now MrCat MG’s are powerful weapons i mean just take a look at the size of the rounds it fires realistically if you were hit by just one bullet from pretty much any MG u would lose limbs and the ability to live , maybe they could add more damage to them but more recoil when firing from the hip and less recoil when prone.Id like to say its good to see MG’s actually semi realistic on a game for once everyone on every game allways QQ’s about them when really they should tear people into half’s

      • vassili_zvassili_z04-25-2013

        I agree with MrCat. less people are wanting to spend gold on there At’s and the amount you need to resupply is crazy. less game are available because of this which also makes it harder to find servers for others using different classes eg recon. The issue with the MG’s: i believe they should be less accurate when firing from the hip and they should have deployable bipods so that they can be more accurate. maybe even restrict the class so only 2-3 players can use them in each match

  6. BabylonjokeBabylonjoke04-24-2013

    Looks like this will be a week on fire for reto team! an huge ammount of bugs poped out from this build.

    However I’m really enjoying the new textures, lookin forward to see more weapons ingame and new characters.

  7. Brzi23Brzi2304-24-2013

    when new build came my loading time is just too long :/

    • Brzi23Brzi2304-24-2013

      nevermind its okay now

  8. flashrazzeflashrazze04-24-2013

    Reto, the Kar98 should be kept as the German default rifle. I understand you want to balance things but this goes way out of realism at the point. You should just leave the G43 cost 12.000 as it does now and make the Kar98 default again. I mean 12.000 really isnt that much, its a few games and then the players can decide on weither they will continue using the Kar bolt action rifle or switch to the semi auto G43. Please reconsider this.

    Good work on the update :D

  9. hchrishchris04-24-2013

    WOW cannot wait, what a nice surprise :-)

    Downloading ATM, looking forward to playing it!!

  10. MasterTankerMasterTanker04-25-2013

    Thank you so much for your efforts, the game feels weird, slow and heavy but is fine, with the days everything will be improved and we will get used to the new features.

    The new weapons is strange i cant carry the same weapons as before but i can get used too, please fix the lag is everything what i ask.

  11. polentapolenta04-25-2013

    non stop heavy breathing bug

  12. hamdenseje_captainhamdenseje_captain04-25-2013

    when can we try the weapon? now when the server its down? -.-‘

  13. ilopenilopen04-25-2013

    have the gewher-3 8 round magazine

  14. ilopenilopen04-25-2013

    they should try to ad the BAR rifle, or the luger

  15. SummariusSummarius04-27-2013

    Germans have used the new run and gun rifle to win even more battles.

    WTG, Reto. They aready had a tactical advantage with the MG42 in every soldiers’ hand..

    Now you have the warfunds giving the germans five+ times the strategic resources than the allies have, and you have them with yet another tactical advantage.

    Guess getting people to play allies is not really a priority.

    I can’t figure out if it is on accident or on purpose that the game is so lopsided.

  16. MoonbloodMoonblood04-28-2013

    “True Triple Currency means no longer possible to convert gold to credits, but most items can be bought with either gold or Credits/Warfunds.”

    … bad news,

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