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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 15

SABOTAGE! A heinous crime has been committed! Nefarious persons unknown have been distributing small bits of broken glass on the road, thus leading to Reto.Robotron3000’s bike getting a flat tire!

[Yeah, yeah your bike had a flat, not THAT interesting for the rest of the world, get back to the real content NOW!, Ed.]

Oops got a bit carried away there, sorry!

Well after a couple of false starts it seems that spring has finally arrived. And so what better time for a hefty round of spring-cleaning?
We have spent most of this week cleaning up old code, checking under the carpets and behind the curtains for bugs, and removing graphical cobwebs,. In between these mad bursts of cleaning we have been polishing features and content for the Irwin build and also more detail-planning on Jefferson features and getting things into manageable chunks of tasks.

Have a great weekend everybody! :-)

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Developer Blogs this Week

New weapon textures

By Reto.Hr.Wille, 3D Artist
“All weapons have been retextured and polished for Irwin!” Read More

Team Debriefing



Game Director
“- Design meetings (I think we’re finally ready to move on with Jefferson)”
“- Removing old work-around-pissed-off-programmer code from the campaignmap making it easier to understand. Still some work left.”
“- Play-with-your-friends (Platoon?) design meeting.”

– Irwin bugfixing”


Level Designer
“- Fixing bugs all week for upcomming release – next week might get more creative :-)”


Level Designer
“- Writing export terrain vegetation masks plugin”
“- Testing new WM heightmap generation settings”
“- Level design and planning meetings”


Community Manager & Game Designer
“- Digging through stats and ID’ing misbehaviours for future automation.”
“- Had to fix my bike’s flat.”



3D Artist
“- Playing with weapons, getting ready for production of next batch of weapons”


Lead Character Artist
“- This week I did outsourcing work and various ingame models.”


Art Director
“- Planning”
“- Bug fixing”
“- Concepting”
“- Re-thinking and digesting the French kitchen.”


Lead Animator
“- This week I have been in the last bunch of design and planning meetings for this stint, also I have managed to fix a couple of bugs before my machine died … “
“- Today I am lodged deeply inside the furious mayhem of reinstall hell.. hopefully up again on monday.”


Environment/Props/Concept Artist
“- Fixed bugs”


Effects Dude
“- Texture production for BloodSplatter decals”
“- Tweaking of all caliber AP miss explosions”
“- Ground explosions for all caliber cannons tweaked – sparks added”
“- MuzzleFlash and Tracer now mapped correctly on M1903”
“- Cannon 37mm now have a full explosion set (not yet tweaked)”
“- 37mm, 76mm and 50mm cannon AP_Armor_Hit explosion added”


3D Artist
“- Continuing modeling the ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ HighPoly”
“- As you might have read in Reto.Hr.Wille’s blog post new weapons are on their way, but I am working on yet MORE weapons.”
“- Scratchliquid out… . . “

Coders & QA


Programmer and Technical Lead
“- Meetings & planning”
“- Planning & meetings”
“- Getting localization online”


Render Programmer
“- Design meetings mostly”


Gameplay Programmer
“- Irwin Bug Fixes”
“- Meetings”


Gameplay Programmer
“- ពិធីបុណ្យអុំទូក in Yangon, Burma”


Senior Programmer
“- Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnnssssss”
“- Reto.Injection is still battling his zombie foot infection”


QA Manager
“- It’s groundhog day!”
“- Irwin test”
“- meetings”
“- Irwin test”
“- Irwin test”
“- pester the in-house testers”
“- more meetings”
“- more Irwin”
“- Irwin stuff”


IT Architect
“- AT reward system”
“- Half size ATs are rewarded half the rewards”
“- Bug – Captured supplies are shown as deployable”
“- Bug – losing ATs show up on the map, but not after browser refresh”
“- Bug – reinforcements would sometime reset accesspoint’s owner”
“- Bug – Some ATs in the mission lobby turn out to be empty in the action game”


Flash Programmer
“- Bug and localization fixes, so many! [Irwin]”
“- Playing with friends design meeting, trying to get it in Jefferson [Planning]”
“- Answering questions on the forum related a bit of everything [Forum]”


Server Programmer
“- Working on improving server performance”
“- Still investigating login issues, but it’s improving”
“- Striving to stay serious while writing debriefs”
“- I can do it”
“- hrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhggggg”
“- I’m doing it”
“- Not being silly”
“- See?”


Server Programmer
“- Meetings galore”
“- Bugfixes galore”
“- Brought some tools up to date regarding the int64 conversion”
“- Redid some resupply logic to make it work with the upcoming pricing scheme”


Mobile Programmer
“- Added multi move for the Android client.”
“- Fixed automatic reconnection and login on Android.”
“- Fixed some more bugs on Android.”



Lead Sound Designer
“- We are working on a new design for what happens when a tank is hit by a shell fired from another tank. In that connection I have been working on some ideas for how the sound reacts and what it sounds like if the shell ricochets, explodes on the outside, penetrates the armor, explodes on the inside, etc.”
“- I have also been bug hunting and bug fixing”


Audio Programmer
“- Bug fixing for Irwin “

Management, IT & support


“- Production meetings”
“- Jefferson planning meetings”
“- Publisher meetings”
“- Trying to get rid of snot and the pain in my head”


IT Admin
“- New servers ordered and setup”
“- FTP server problems moved to comms.”
“- Move backup from one server to another.”
“- mail server test, test and more test setup of SPF on server”
“- Misc IT stuff.”


Project Coordinator
“- Nice to be back in business – I have been missing my colleagues…..but now I miss Sri Lanka.”
“- Beside that updates, meetings and coordination.”


Support Manager
“- Struggling with a throat infection – beat it with loads of bacon flavored pills!”
“- Meeting & plannings”
“- Support support and more support”
“- Support process works”
“- Bacon bits on leverpostej”


Games Analyst
“- Meetings and more meetings”
“- Faction win analysis”
“- Looking at weapons and kill rates”
“- Fun with other stats”



The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
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  1. SolidSnakeDKSolidSnakeDK04-19-2013

    Please just get the servers up and running thx kk ;)

    But anyway looks cool! keep up the good work! love your game! :)

  2. ChlodovechChlodovech04-19-2013

    If half size ATs gonna earn half the rewards, will they then finaly just take a half spot in your assault teams too?

  3. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers04-19-2013

    “- AT reward system”
    I guess that means a big GTFO for Windows phone 8 users…

    • Reto.sNellReto.sNell04-24-2013

      I don’t get how those are related?

      • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers04-25-2013

        iPhone and Android users will be able to control their Assault teams, so they will collect warfunds with ease and they have ability to play both fps and tactical game at same time with phone game.
        It’s kinda obvious.

  4. MattMatt04-19-2013

    Men of War and WWII Online share similar armor hitting sounds.

    I always freak out when I hear the round bounce off, then when it does penetrate its just chaos to the ears. XD

  5. ApplayApplay04-20-2013

    Looking forward to see the new FX.
    And, again, I can’t wait for Irwin build. :3

  6. philiporrisphiliporris04-20-2013

    a flat tire? I feel you brother, let me know when you wanna go after the culprit.

  7. basett3basett304-23-2013

    New game new bugs :)

  8. wikidjunglistwikidjunglist04-23-2013

    So what is the ETA for the servers to be back online? I finally got to a great connection and was looking forward to dying.

  9. Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-23-2013

    Some data conversion has taken much longer than expected. We are working as fast as we can to get the new build up.

    • wikidjunglistwikidjunglist04-23-2013

      No worries bro. Was just curious. I know what it takes to do what yall are doing and I greatly appreciate being able to test this game. Take your time on it. When you rush is when mistakes happen. Good luck.

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