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New weapon textures

We are constantly working on improving the game, one of the very visible things is when we update the look of weapons and vehicles and this time it was the weapons’ turn for a haircut, shave and manicure in the binary beauty parlor. – Reto.Robotron3000



For the Irwin build all weapons have been given new textures and I wanted to share that with you. So take a look at the detail to the left. And below is a larger image showing all of our current weapons including a few teasers for what I am currently working on. :-)


If you want to download the images to use as for example desktop backgrounds then here they are:

  1. zerov25zerov2504-16-2013

    Having new textures, means to have a heavy file. Will it effect the performance of the game for the computers which have few ram memory or a mediocre graphics card?

    • hakre1hakre104-16-2013

      New or Re-made, doesn’t necessarily mean higher-resolution. Either way I’d say its worth it, they look great!

      • zerov25zerov2504-16-2013

        not saying it doesn’t worth, I’m happy they are improving the quality!

  2. DealmanDealman04-16-2013

    Can’t wait for the Irwin build, am so eager to get my hands on the G43. Also couldn’t help but to notice the BAR in those renders, STG-44 or any other kind of German “equivalent” planned?

    Looking great so far, only thing I could provide feedback on would be that *In my opinion* the G43’s wooden texture is a bit too bright. I think it would look much better with a slightly more dark brown finish similar to that of the K98k. Personally I prefer the more ‘rugged’ look, like if it’s dirty.

    But that’s just my opinion ;) ‘Tis looking amazing nonetheless! Keep it up!

    • cylo233cylo23304-19-2013

      in the left corner is the fg 42 so yeah thats the equivalent would make sence since both have 20 round mags

    • SoldierMHSoldierMH05-01-2013

      The FG42 is there to compare with the B.A.R, although the B.A.R fires much slower and the FG42 fires much faster.

  3. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers04-16-2013

    Is those 2 “coming soon” is an assault rifles ? If yes then im pumped!
    By the way C96 is gorgeous, i wish colt would look as cool as C96 :/..
    Aswell is there a date for Irwin build ?

    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers04-16-2013

      Aswell there’s any plans for drum magazines in final build ?

    • DealmanDealman04-16-2013

      The top-most one is the American Browning Assault Rifle, commonly known as the BAR. The on at the bottom left is the German FG-42. I actually missed the FG-42 due to the size of the image :P

  4. Thompson153Thompson15304-16-2013

    @Dealman BAR was considered more a light machine gun than an assault rifle, so the STG-44 would not be a good counterpart to it.

    In terms of the textures though… Everything looks amazing. If we are extra good, can we get Irwin this week? ;)

  5. MattMatt04-16-2013

    The BAR has no equivalent, it’s flexibility for use as both a regular rifle and a squad support mg makes it asymmetricaly balanced to heavier medium machine guns like the MG42.

  6. MattMatt04-16-2013

    Also I would like to add that though the FG42 is pretty in general the FG42/II is far prettier. :(

  7. ApplayApplay04-16-2013

    New weapons, omg! I’m so excited :D

  8. bushwackerbushwacker04-16-2013

    Nice ! When been new sound weapons?

  9. andreaske1andreaske104-17-2013

    Seems great!
    I like the new skins , the C96 looked like a BB-gun :P !
    Great work keep up the good work Reto!

  10. muchofunkablemuchofunkable04-17-2013

    Yeah man!!! FG42! It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of gum.
    Now Fallschirmjägers are gonna be able to do some serious Anti-infantry damage. :)

    p.s. Excuse my exaggerate joy. I’m happy to see so many new weapons in development, it’s great! Very good job devs, you’re amazing.

  11. ralpgallandralpgalland04-17-2013

    Skydaggers, the Thompson we have is the M1A1 version. It does not support the drum magazines.
    What I’m wondering is ofcourse, will the BAR replace the fantasy 1919?
    Will MG’s get a overhaul by the time the BAR and FG42 arrives, so they actually do damage and can be used for supression?
    Will the FG and BAR get their selective fire? Bipods?

  12. Acid4bloodAcid4blood04-17-2013

    FG42 Woohoo!
    this made my day

  13. AuroN2AuroN204-18-2013

    ALSO GEWEHR.. why is it greenish brown?

  14. SnowDogSnowDog04-18-2013

    Yep nice work reto. But noone sees the flaming about the OP panzershrek? You have some kind of bodyshield on it and when you lay down you’d should be somewhat safe from enemy bulletfire.

  15. hchrishchris04-21-2013

    Looking good, any chance for a M1 Carbine + M1A1 Carbine for the Paratrooper?

  16. fagadabafagadaba04-22-2013

    Those new weapons look dope as fuck. Keep up the good work, Wille!

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