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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 14

Spring was apparently only a short visit last week. This week ‘Rain’ and his evil cousins ‘Sleet’ and ‘Snow’ came by for a surprise visit, so there is not much to do except sit inside and work on the game. So we have spent a lot of time this week focusing on fixing bugs and getting stuff fixed for the Irwin build, as well as designing and planning and generally improving our workflow.

Our delegation of graphics dudes managed to both get into France, and get around and collect photos and reference without any serious diplomatic incidents. There might be a single roadside inn or two where Danish gamedevs are no longer welcome for lunch due to their horrid behaviour, but everybody got back in one piece and with a lot of new ideas and ready to take the map building to a new level [Worst pun ever! Ed.]. As you can see from this week’s cover photo they have already started rebuilding and we have been told that most of the damage should be fixed before summer. :-)

If you missed it last week; we are looking for a web programmer to join the team here at HQ, so take a look and feel free to forward the post to friends/relatives or others that might be interested.

Have a great weekend everybody! :-)

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Developer Blogs this Week

A horse is fine too!

By Reto.Desji, Graphics Intern
“War zones are often littered with dead animals. Our resident horse hater is working on creating meaty infantry covers ” Read More

Creating Sounds – Equipment Should Not Steal Your Focus

By Reto.DraebeSmoelf, Lead Sound Designer
“Look back to the core klings and klangs of sound” Read More

Tons of users playing, servers trying to cope!

By Reto.Vashu, Flash Programmer
“A large influx of new players over a very short period of time helped us find a lot of bugs.!” Read More

Hiring: Web Programmer

By Reto.Robotron3000, Recruitment Officer
“We are looking for a web programmer to join us!” Read More

Team Debriefing



Game Director
“- Planning meetings”
“- design meetings”
“- bugfixing”
“- optimization/refactoring/bugfixing on the campaignmap code.”
“- a bit of help on XSI tools regarding new terrain flow”
“- work on fog-of-war design”
“- design/planning of command structure (clan feature)”
“- UI review (establishing basic rules for the UI for the entire project)”
“- Campaignmap 4th iteration brainstorm”
“- playing clash of clans with my son.. omg those builders are expensive!”
“- playing a bit of EVE online”
“- purchased SWHC and being generally happy with this weeks gains.”


Level Designer
“- Returned stuffed with foie gras from research-trip in France Tuesday”
“- and hit right into a huge pile of bugs, which I’m fighting with as we speak…. “


Level Designer
“- Fixing bugs”
“- Tracking down some mysterious bugs”
“- Worked on new assault level”
“- Worked on terrain masks export tool”
“- Feeling bad for the frogs I ate on my research trip to France”


Community Manager & Game Designer
“- Planning updates & improvements for websites”
“- M55 Quad tweaks [Irwin]”
“- Work on M1903 & G43 ribbons”
“- Work on M1903 & G43 mods”
“- Better halftrack weapon balance”



3D Artist
“- I have been setting up 5 new vehicles and 3 new weapons.”
“- Other than that, this week has been all about getting the new build polished and stable for launch.”


Lead Character Artist
“- Revenge of the Frog! Ate a frog (or something else) that was off and has been sick since. “


Art Director
“- Back from research trip in France. All GFX people went.”
“- Concept for new levels, props, Houses and landscapes.”
“- Focus on GUI and accessibility etc..”


Lead Animator
“- This week I have been doing a lot of planning and bugfixing”


Environment/Props/Concept Artist
“- Been in france on inspiration trip for ze game, came back with the plague”


Effects Dude
“- 2 days off”
“- Design doc. for Weapon Mod Effects System”
“- Bug fixing”


3D Artist
“- Polishing the the G43”
“- Continuing modeling the ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ HighPoly”
“- Some outsourcing”
“- Scratchliquid out… . . “

Coders & QA


Programmer and Technical Lead
“- Meetings & planning”
“- Planning & meetings”
“- Fixed a bug in the chat server “


Render Programmer
“- Bugfixing Irwin”
“- Experiments with CSM performance and quality (Jefferson)”
“- Design meetings”


Gameplay Programmer
“- Irwin Bug Fixes”


Gameplay Programmer
“- “


Senior Programmer
“- Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnnssssss”
“- Reto.Injection is still battling his zombie foot infection”


QA Manager
“- Irwin test.”
“- Meetings.”
“- Irwin test.”
“- Meetings.”
“- Irwin test.”
“- Meetings.”
“- Irwin test.”
“- Meetings.”
“- mmm candy.”
“- Irwin test.”
“- Meetings.”


IT Architect
“- Try to spread out load on servers by handling battles one by one”
“- Bug fix – display correct title for a mission (Defend/Assault)”
“- Bug fix – players can now control their supply units”
“- Bug fix – some data was being recorded incorrectly”
“- Bug fix – defending paratroopers should spawn on ground”
“- Bug fix – allow cross weapon unequipping of weapon-mods”
“- Diagnostics – code to pro-actively look for data corruption issues”


Flash Programmer
“- Localization bug fixes [Hansen]”
“- Lots of bug fixes in general [Irwin]”
“- Fog of War planning [Jefferson]”
“- Command Structure planning [Jefferson]”
“- Equipment system Iteration 2 planning [Jefferson]”


Server Programmer
“- Made lots and lots of fixes to improve server performance.”


Server Programmer
“- Bugfixing”
“- Bugfixing”
“- Bugfixing”
“- Lots of meetings”
“- More admin tool development”
“- Some warmap changes”


Mobile Programmer
“- Hunted for places to optimize memory usage on iOS.”
“- Started implementing multi move on Android.”
“- Fixed some new bugs. “



Lead Sound Designer
“- I have been designing and planning tasks for the Jefferson build and fixing a few bugs for the Irwin build.”
“- I have also been writing a blog post which perhaps does not correspond well with what I have been doing today…”
“- Today I have been setting up some new studio equipment. :-)”


Audio Programmer
“- Jumpy mission list bug fix”
“- Bug hunting / fixing “

Management, IT & support


“- Production meetings”
“- Created a pile of new production documents”
“- Jefferson planning”
“- Called out the team for an intensive bug-hunt… so duck if you’re a bug!”
“- Localization meeting”
“- Bought a kilo of candy (shhh… Don’t tell Reto.Robotron3000 – he’ll steal it!)[WHAT!! CANDY!!! WHERE IS HE HIDING THE PRECIOUS CANDY??, Ed.]


IT Admin
“- Building new mail server + test”
“- Built new nfs server for internal systems. Made some disk fault test.”
“- Order new servers. 4 new servers for the game server parks.”
“- Backup”


Project Coordinator
“- Reto.Lusa is probably playing with elephants, dolphins, and some birds we don’t know the name off with a cold drink at a lovely beach – right now!”
“- No that does not mean any of us are jealous of her well-deserved vacation in Sri Lanka :-D”


Support Manager
“- Supporting support”
“- Meetings”
“- Planning”
“- No bacon this week :(“


Games Analyst
“- Meetings and more meetings”
“- running stats and defining core KPIs”
“- communicating with publisher and platform providers”



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  1. rosiemarosiema04-12-2013

    A new assault map! Yes please!! :)

  2. ilearilear04-12-2013

    Irwin i need U !!!

    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers04-12-2013

      It won’t bring anything interesting, except the weapons.
      So don’t be that desperate, seems like all the yummy stuff is at Jefferson.

  3. ApplayApplay04-12-2013

    Can’t wait. :3

  4. defianzdefianz04-14-2013

    Can’t wait for the G43. There’s gonna be some crying by the allies :)

    • Blitzkrieg_H2HBlitzkrieg_H2H04-16-2013

      Some?? I love drinking tears and for the first time, I MIGHT BE SATISFIED. The quality of those tears………….. YUM

  5. Reto.KenSoloReto.KenSolo04-16-2013

    Hey Reto.Draebesmoelf – that’s not an Amiga I see in your office… It looks more shiny and new… :-P

    • reto.Lusareto.Lusa04-16-2013

      Haha :)

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