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A horse is fine too

Our (almost) tame intern Reto.Desji is currently raising a herd of binary horses that he then intends to hurt horribly. This is all very confusing to me, so I’ll let him try and talk himself out of problems with whatever Binary-Animals’ Rights Groups that might be reading along. – Reto.Robotron3000

Did you know that over 6 million horses were utilized by the armed forces in during world war 2?

In times of oil shortage, large horse caravans would transport supplies and most nations had not even phased out cavalry units in the beginning of the war.

With this in mind, I (graphics intern/office slave) was tasked by reto.Owleater [Art Director, Ed.] to make “dead horse and wagon” props that will be put into a new map currently being developed by the gentlemen [read: Level Designer, Ed.] duo Reto.Fleck and Reto.Ratamahat.


Now personally I think the horse is a terrible animal since it has been known to kick people for simply standing behind it. This is some completely uncalled for wicked behaviour. Thus I have no problem mangling digital horses for a living. Here are a couple of snapshots from the production of horse and wagon.


Now with the preliminary work done, it is time to do some horse-mangling. Hopefully you will be covering from enemy fire amidst horse guts on the new map soon.

UPDATE! The horse hurting has begun!


Mmmm Delicious Horse guts…

  1. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti404-11-2013

    Njiiiiiiihhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa ,

    but still last picture is like “halloween” . what you did of grey beauty … omG …..

    pps. this Horse on ingame testing picture has a saddle, i want ride it …. possible ?

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti404-11-2013

      this would beat bike awesomenes thought…. damn okey drive bikes in ww2 is cool …but hell riding Horses ? omg…

  2. MattMatt04-11-2013

    Will you be doing cows and sheep too? Or do you fear the anger level of animal rights activist will rise even more? XD

  3. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers04-11-2013

    Dafuq… Last picture looks like damn creepy zombie mode…
    I hope you won’t put such creepy model into HnG, wayyy tooo creepy….
    P.S Oh i saw title under that pic now, thought it’s an final model of white horse, but i guess it will be brown when done and aswell won’t be creepy.

  4. ChlodovechChlodovech04-11-2013

    Only dead horses or will they eventualy be implemented in assault teams?

    • konigadlerkonigadler04-13-2013

      Of course the allied horse will be able to kick with all 4 legs while the axis horse with just 1

  5. LthappypantsLthappypants04-11-2013

    Hell yeah XD one guy rides a horse and passenger shoots MG !!

  6. bushwackerbushwacker04-11-2013

    Zombie-Horse ?

  7. flashrazzeflashrazze04-11-2013

    Well, this is certainly something new. I haven’t seen a game do anything as this before, especially a shooter. If you could manage to implement horse wagons into the gameplay, they could be also used for transporting AT guns, mortars and soldiers. That would be really cool. Keep up the good work! :D

  8. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers04-11-2013

    I think that horses will be just a dead props for cover, but imagine if you could find a horse in a forest or near a house and literally ride on him like a f*cking cowboy, would be fun and would bring even more unique features to this game, alot of people were amazed by simple thing such bycycle in this game.
    Imagine what effect horse that you can ride would bring..
    But it would suck if horse would dissapear after getting killed, it should stay as cover atleast for 5 minutes.
    And ofcourse they would be very vulnerable 2 shots into body would kill them( or even one ).
    All i can say that would be very unique feature but i guess it’s very very hard to implement it properly to function normally.

  9. andreaske1andreaske104-11-2013

    yay,HnG supports animal abuse … >:C

  10. PirikitumPirikitum04-11-2013

    Priceless…. ;)

  11. LaudanLaudan04-11-2013

    Please dont. We have enough newbies that are running around like horses on the loose, that will just create an extra kaos :)


  12. ApplayApplay04-11-2013

    Wow, that looks pretty cool. Looks like the next update will bring a lot of cool stuff. New weapons, horses, better sounds and new HUD. (:

    Keep it up, guys.

    • ApplayApplay04-11-2013

      Oh, one question I forgot to ask.
      So, a horse getting hit by a tank or bazooka, what’s it going be? Will it fly away to the after life, will it just lay down on the ground… dead, or maybe we will get some horse meat?

  13. ashkentonashkenton04-12-2013

    Zombie horse of Doom!

  14. Virtual_RealityVirtual_Reality04-12-2013

    ”The horse hurting has begun!”

    Watch out of PETA!

  15. ArthArth04-12-2013

    plz tell me this is a bad and late april fools joke… plz

  16. reto.desjireto.desji04-12-2013

    Hey guys, about living horses – I believe it is a feature that is being considered to add in the future – it certainly has been discussed around the office, and obviously most of the visual leg-work has already been done. However it requires the involvement of an AI programmer and an Animator with alot of time on his hands – so you are not likely to get it for atleast a couple of months.

    That being said – one of the great things about developing with open communication to the community is that Reto can listen to feedback, and I am sure the interest for living horses shown in this thread will help push that feature through the pipeline.

    – Applay, As you can see I have a talent for gore – I would absolutely love to make exploding horses :-)

    – SkyDaggers, Yep it is a Gore layer (patent pending ;-) ), it goes on top of the existing texture. Working with layers ensures we can combine different color horses with different wound patterns.

    – Matt, I believe cows are already made, just not put in the game yet. I’m going to rain check the sheep – that fuzziness is ridiculous to make :-)

    • ashkentonashkenton04-12-2013

      I do know its sounds silly, but consider instead of AI having actual players control the horse. ;)

      Maybe even make a “Horse Character” for those PETA supporters.

  17. senettsenett04-12-2013

    and i thought it couldn’t get any lamer then dino d-day

  18. PegoPego04-12-2013

    I must admit, I did not expect that…

  19. saddamhuseinsaddamhusein04-12-2013

    Request zombie-horses mod.

  20. Pvt.Ryan.Pvt.Ryan.04-15-2013


  21. SummariusSummarius04-16-2013


    There are some serious issues with balance and fairness.

    Artwork is all well and good, but will that issue that is making me contemplate quitting be addressed?

  22. Blitzkrieg_H2HBlitzkrieg_H2H04-16-2013

    Add spears in too =p

    I want to do a cavalry charge on the open fields against those pesky allies hiding in the bush.

  23. reto.desjireto.desji04-16-2013

    Summarius, you can rest assured other people at Reto are constantly working on balancing. The game is always being improved in multiple ways simultaneously.

  24. hchrishchris04-20-2013

    Looking cool, would love to see rideable horses ingame.

    If I remember correctly no other FPS game has done this before.

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