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Tons of users playing, servers trying to cope!

It’s now 22:18 GMT+1 where I’m sitting and a lot of players are enjoying / trying to play Heroes & Generals! I’m overjoyed and super happy! Sadly, the servers are not exactly feeling the same way, they are trying their very best to handle all of the fantastic players as fast and as well as they can!


Here is a picture of the servers being under load from another point in time! Enjoy!

We won’t be able to do a lot to ease your issues right away, but know this, we will be putting this information to very good use as fast as we can, since you’re helping us stress test our systems as part of this Open Beta!

So from everyone at Heroes & Generals, thank you! We hope you enjoy the game and will stay with us as we continue to improve the game!

  1. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti404-07-2013

    jeah , Time is come where we stress test Servers vithout official Call for it ( still remember old server stress test dates including mail invites).

    Now you do not need call players anymore …… they will now pilgrimage to see GREAT GAME . JeeaahhHH

    AWESOME …. Reto iam proud and happy vith you

    Reto Moto FTW , Servers FTW , Retox Engine FTW !!


  2. soren0071soren007104-07-2013

    Great game, Sad to see the servers down so much but happy for the improvements to come! Showing great promise!

  3. PimmehPimmeh04-07-2013

    Well, the game is going to lose some players if the servers cant handle;),

    Its an awesome game, but with lags it becomes only frustrating and unplayable:)!

  4. BloodskyBloodsky04-07-2013

    Did the servers crash? Or are you patching?

    Either way, server downtime on weekends is ultimately your loss.. less time for testers and less stress testing.

    Although I’m very excited that so many players are online at once….

  5. konigadlerkonigadler04-08-2013

    “Tons of players”?? There’s been a considerable drop from the number of players who used to play this game a month ago and imo its been largely due to the server issues. Waiting for ages to get into a battle to have it then crash is no fun for play-testing never mind gaming.

    • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu04-08-2013

      In our world, yes it’s is tons of concurrent players. And we would much rather “lose” players now when the game is still very much in development, while we are expanding capacity and testing our systems.

      Well, everytime the battles crash, we get a notification and we can improve on the game and remove that crash, so it’s extremely valuable to us!

  6. RaulRaul04-08-2013

    Ahem…tons of NEW players, from too many newcomers the servers began to have IRC problems, also many vets didnt quit just for this.

    • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu04-08-2013

      Raul, that’s certainly true, and we are taking steps to address those reasons, part of the development is to ensure the scale of wars are reasonable.

  7. AdudemanAdudeman04-08-2013

    How long is the server down anyone?

  8. AdudemanAdudeman04-08-2013

    how many people use this forum? 1st here is a issue for you guys would you like me to help?

  9. Reto.VashuReto.Vashu04-08-2013

    Adudeman, this is our news post. You should go over to the actual forums,

  10. philiporrisphiliporris04-08-2013

    you deserve the attention reto team!! i enjoyed a lot being part of the closed beta, you hear the players opinions for real and you do your best to keep us informed of everything, really cool guys.

    • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu04-09-2013

      Thank you for the kind words, we are doing our best!

      btw, I edited your comment and removed the extra comment, just to keep things nice :)

  11. LaudanLaudan04-09-2013

    As i said on many occasions before- this game has a great potentional, but will suffer because of minor things. One of them is server-crushing. I dont think you can afford to lose players, if you want to gain reputation or to earn some money ( i dont believe anyone nowadays is developing anything just to have fun by himself ). Will it be hard to create a server join-limitation? So after 400 players are logged at Julius next 400 should be redirected to Hannibal, and than again and again….The gameplay wouldnt suffer because of lagging, servers wouldnt crash ( i think ) Believe me that bad advertisement ( that ppl playing H&G should spread because of nonplayable FPS ) will do you a lot more damage then advertisment jumbo-pano in the middle of New York. And believe me I really want you to succeed in the cause, that you have started.


    • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu04-09-2013

      Hi Laudan,

      Thanks for the concern, it means a lot! We want to enable bigger wars, so we need to push our servers higher and yes we might take a hit in popularity right now, but that’s way better than sacrificing our ambition in order to please right away.

  12. konigadlerkonigadler04-10-2013

    Yes they do respond to players and its good to see in any game – especially one where they realise the great value the testing-player-base has. But I would be concerned from a business point of view of adopting the outlook “rather lose more now than later”. Bad press is difficult to get rid off and if word circulates that the game is unplayable then how do you know people will come back?

    Like Laudan I see great potential for this game both in a business model and as a gaming accolade. In fact its the only game Ive paid money for while in a beta-stage!! But lately I havent played and thats more to do with not wanting to spend my time hoping to get into a battle that will last before crashing.

  13. knifurknifur04-11-2013

    Reto.Vashy you skills promoting the game is zero I’m worried that you actually have tools to talk on homepage. If you lose players now isn’t that counter constructive to the game itself? If you work on something and tell the group to fuck them self and still think that they gona come the day after and even bring friends…. You Vachy should stfu

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti404-11-2013

      Trololo why you so harsh … didnt you become enough personal Love and atention of Reto…

  14. LaudanLaudan04-12-2013

    I dont want to chat-spam this site, so my last post in which I will try to explain myself

    Its great that you want to asure battles on the large scale.In the moment there are 1.600 ppl online. On Julius server, Axis side 800 and Allied 700. That makes like 100 ppl on Hannibal server. According to my expirience more than half of those 1.600 are newbies that arent aware what to do in the game, while those kids dont want to play First blood, they just want to go in and kill some “real” enemies. We have like 30 opened battles in the moment at Julius, 1/3 of them are debug missions. In best case (18 vs 18) that gives place for 1.080 players so the rest 420 are just standing in the line to grab a chance to enter battle of anykind. Between those 420 you can find a large amount of veteran players which would like to decide important battles but are unable to do that while……..In my previous post I stated that after first 400 players logged in Julius server the next 400 players should be redirected to Hannibal. When Hannibal gets 400 players limit full, next 400 again enter Julius server ( so 800 at Julius and 400 at Hannibal )Now Julius locked again and next 400 goes to Hannibal ( 800 at Julius and 800 at Hannibal ) So the population of 1.600 is nicely distributed, the game doesnt laggs, the servers arent crushing and the players are still playing the game while there all things are running fluidly. The veteran players wont leave because of frustration while not being able to play and the new will come while there will still be place for more. The Hannibal server wouldnt be limited to 3-hour wars based on softcapping London/Berlin because of lack of players and many will not lose their enthusiasm after not being awered what just happened and why the war is over already and they cant do their FPS battles anymore ( last time at Hannibal 6 battles ended the war…???)
    The thing a bit offtopic but BMHO also important for the future of the game is that players under Level 4 should be redirected with matchmaking ( orelse ) directly to debug missions so they will be able to get some expiriences and to learn game machanics, which they have failed by not playing First blood ( reading all the forums frequently and following ingame axis channel believe me veterans are getting multiple nervous breakdowns on that behalf )This should probably bring the same prosperous results for the game as the issue i explained in the first part of the post

    So thta be it, sorry for the essay


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