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  1. chaos205chaos20504-03-2013

    About time! Thanks for the post :).
    I have tried all kinds of things btw. I fall into the latter category of your two listed issues, but if I try a different account it works immediately. Then later the second account will fail and the first will work.
    Go figure.

  2. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti404-03-2013

    yeye… happy see soon this “log in problem” solved sounds confident ( can you tell us how much players are affected by this problems actually or how much “crash lg uploads arived per day ? )
    just to know

    ps. by the way i think this front door (picture) cant be fixed anymore how it look slike , you will need replace it complete. xD

  3. ApplayApplay04-03-2013

    Nice to hear that!

  4. PegoPego04-04-2013

    haha ! I Laughed so hard reading this ! you are so funny Reto.MasterDisaster !! this made my day !

    nice to hear you are fixing this !

    And hurry up with that upcoming build ! You lost so many players lately !

  5. torrent15torrent1504-07-2013

    LOOL. looks like you gave yourself a doggy door xD

  6. tyberspacetyberspace04-15-2013

    How do you update permissions for hngsync.exe? The program always asks for administrator’s permission + password input. I have given myself full control of the file, so it shouldn’t ask for administrators permission, so this suggests it may not be optimised for my OS (Windows 7 64bit). Anyone else with the same problem?

    • reto.masterdisaster17reto.masterdisaster1704-15-2013

      It’s not a matter of permissions on the file, it’s windows UAC (User Account Control) warning you because the software was downloaded over the internet. I believe you can turn UAC off for a specific file, but it’s a bit complicated.

      • tyberspacetyberspace04-15-2013

        I have no problem with complicated methods – already tried editing the registry on my computer in order to sort out permissions as well as doing the usual hngsync.exe>properties>security>user>permissions>FullControl tickboxes. However the file still requires administration permissions (I’m on a family computer and only my dad knows/will enter the password and it’s inconvenient for him to do that every time I want to play the game.)
        I’m back to square one. How would I take the UAC off of the file otherwise? (Thanks for the quick response)


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