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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 12

A lot of planning and meeting has happened this week. We have been planning for the Easter where next week is full of holidays and we are fearing a full frontal attack by chocolate-egg-laying rabbits. We have also shipped two of the guys up to Boston for PAX East where they will present the game to US press and eat a lot of lobster I presume (Note: Reto.Robotron3000 has never been to Boston and his idea that the city is full of drunk lobsters listening to Dropkick Murphys while trying to get into either MIT or Harvard MIGHT not be a correct representation of the city).

As you might have noticed we don’t have (m)any easter eggs in the game, so I thought I’d show you one of the weirder weapons that appeared in the game. Take a look at this week’s cover image and behold the Scharfshütze Schanzzeug or Sharpshooter Shovel as it is also known. :-)

Next week also brings us the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, where we are sending a handful of people with flowers in their hair. OKAY OKAY! I’ll stop with the stupid music references now! And just tell you that there won’t be an Intelligence Bulletin next week, due to people travelling, holidays and the fact that I’ll be hiding from the easter bunny invasion in a cabin in the Swedish woods with my cat, my trusty Mauser and a bottle of moonshine.

Hopefully spring will arrive in the meantime and we can then all get back to the regular programming in a weeks time…

Have a great weekend everybody! :-)

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Developer Blogs this Week

Wonderful World of Weapons – Gewehr 43

By Reto.Scratchliquid, 3D Artist
“Take a look into the build process of the Gewehr 43” Read More

Level building pipeline

By Reto.Ratamahat, Level Designer
“Level Design pipeline is coming along, map production time is improving tremendously.” Read More

Team Debriefing



Game Director
“- Appraisal talks with some of our brave troops.”
“- Simplified ItemContainer window (used for weapon mods)”
“- UI tweaks on new equipment system.”
“- Lots of monetization work — numbers numbers numbers”
“- oh.. a few meetings”
“- and some planning..”
“- leaderboard feature brainstorm”
“- commandstructure feature design meetings”
“- preparing for GDC”
“- getting my ass kicked in blood-bowl”


Level Designer
“- Researching lobsters in Boston (according to the rest of the team)”
“- Attending PAX East to show the game to our American friends.”


Level Designer
“- Level design on new map”
“- Learn the new terrain system”


Community Manager & Game Designer
“- “
“- Could not find enough time to answer all the interesting threads in the forum, so had to just read :-(“
“- Planning meetings for new armor model”
“- Setting up weapon mods for M1903 and Gewehr 43”
“- and I have never been to Boston, MA though I think I have a pretty good idea of what the place is like, Mr. Harvard-educated-lobster-drunkard!”



3D Artist
“- Getting the new build up and running.”
“- Setting up new weapons and vehicles”


Lead Character Artist
“- I’m managing outsourcing and making character uniform parts. “


Art Director
“- Art directing new Assault map that reto.ratamahat is building.”


Lead Animator
“- Finished animation for the two new weapons and started planning for the next build”


Environment/Props/Concept Artist
“- Been sick! harbinger of the flu…”


Effects Dude
“- WIP: New tracers for modded weapons”
“- New tracer design and color convention”
“- New tracer mappings and muzzle flashes on all “portable” guns”
“- Reduced number and lifetime of particles and reduced number of smoke emitters from 6 to 4 on both airplanes damage effects”
“- New MuzzleFlash for all tank cannons + Hull dust colors tweaked”
“- Muzzle flame added to all tank cannons”
“- Research of blood splatter decals”
“- Deflective (direction reflection) sparks and debris particles added to all suited explosions and impacts (so it will be a bit easier to see where shots are comming from)”
“- MuzzleFlash and Tracer on Bazooka/Panzer Faust overhaul”


3D Artist
“- Texturing, Outsourcing, Blogging and having fun while drinking tea.”

Coders & QA


Programmer and Technical Lead
“- Appraisal talks with some of our brave troops.”
“- Meetings”
“- Planning.”


Render Programmer
“- Moved Iriwin to test phase (Irwin)”
“- Work on Clouds v.2 (Jefferson)”
“- Feature and Design planning (Keating)”


Gameplay Programmer
“- Irwin: New HUD stuff”
“- Irwin: Tweak equipment system values”
“- Irwin: Pickup and drop weapon fixes”
“- Irwin: Tactical XP statistics fix”
“- Hansen: Defenders will always start with the capturepoints between objective points”
“- Hansen: While waiting for a game to start the rank displayed on the scoreboard should now be correct”


Gameplay Programmer
“- Bug-fixes for Hansen”
“- Worked on improving ladders”
“- Code refactoring”


Senior Programmer
“- Reto.Injection is still in the hospital and they have been operating on his foot to try and get rid of the multidrug resistant infection.”


QA Manager
“- Meetings”
“- Cake”
“- Handle feedback”
“- Plan Irwin test”
“- Test Irwin”
“- Handle Irwin bugs”
“- GDC next week, woot!”


IT Architect
“- Working on new battle system rules.”
“- Did a post office run.”


Flash Programmer
“- Trying to convince Reto.Fleck that lobsters are not trying to take over the world, and that he does not HAVE to eat them all before leaving Boston.”
“- And attending PAX East to tell our American friends about the game.”


Server Programmer
“Reto.indusninja: Have to drop off a package… Be at work around 10:30 am”
“Reto.masterDisaster17: Pffft. I once did the post office run in under 12 parsecs.”
“Reto.indusninja: 12 parsecs? Where was this post office? On Kessel?”


Server Programmer
“- Did some resolver work”
“- Fixed up the loadtester to work on the newest build”
“- Optimized process of getting prices from spreadsheets to static data”
“- Began work on a new admin tool”


Mobile Programmer
“- Finished 1st iteration of Assault Team Movement on iOS, now ready for testing and tweaking”
“- Improved load times a lot on iOS”
“- Ate cake almost every day because of birthdays! Nom nom.”



Lead Sound Designer
“- I have spent all week creating and setting up the sounds for the two new rifles, the Gewehr 43 and the unscoped version of the M1903. Both rifles will be in the forthcoming Irwin build.”


Audio Programmer
“- Locale fixes”
“- Weapon timing fix”
“- Nothing else to report”

Management, IT & support


“- Outsourcing meetings”
“- Production planning”
“- Preparing and presenting features for Jefferson to the Team Leads”
“- Production meetings”
“- Started writing the script for the Irwin Videolog”
“- Preparing various promotions for marketing”
“- Getting ready to hunt down the easter bunny with the upcoming G43… *POW* *POW* *POW*!”


IT Admin
“- Order and setup new EU server EU-16 is online now.”
“- Backup of some systems”
“- Working on new mail server to hng mails. (not done)”
“- Test and more test of Sao Paulo server that has SSH problems (network)”
“- Order new NAS server to replace drobofs and new services soon online.”
“- Create new services monitor in Nagios, we now have about 63 servers and 500 services monitored in Nagios.”
“- Check network problems on our in-house network provider”


Project Coordinator
“- Preparing stuff for GDC travellers, like home-made business cards.”
“- And I am preparing my colleagues with task while I am on holiday. “
“- And I make sure they know I am going to a warm and nice country!”


Support Manager
“- support tickets!”
“- support (bacon) tickets!”
“- Investigating reports!”


Games Analyst
“- Meetings”
“- Lots of stats and writing programs”
“- Determining KPIs for future stats”



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  1. PegoPego03-22-2013

    It seems like the Irwin Build will come in very soon !! It hasn’t been long between hansen and Irwin yet…

    Keep up the Good Work !

  2. AuroN2AuroN203-22-2013

    Robotron isn’t censoring anything? not even the hint on the new town battle?
    Those lobsters that good, eh?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300003-22-2013

      No, I am trying to talk reto.ratamahat into documenting the process of making a new map as a blog post or two. So I have to make sure that everybody is ready to start pestering him if he tries to worm his way out of it :-)

  3. ralpgallandralpgalland03-22-2013

    Wait, KenSolo is outsourcing meetings?
    But… What will you guys do then?

    • Reto.KenSoloReto.KenSolo03-22-2013

      Soon I will have outsourced all my tasks… And then I’ll have time to go hunting Lobsters in Boston!… That is as soon as I have squashed the easter bunny… Schhhhh…. Don’t tell anyone…

  4. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti403-22-2013

    have great easter Time

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti403-22-2013

      @Reto Injection all best man.. sounds crazy … ugly/painfull wound . I hope docs can extirpate durable that bakteria.

  5. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers03-22-2013

    Irwin next month ?

  6. jarlojarlo03-23-2013

    hope it hope it :)

  7. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers03-25-2013

    Arma 3 just got sick update, “destructible windows” can you imagine it ?
    Yes it’s possible to destroy windows, i wonder when such revolutionary feature will be avaible in HnG.

  8. jarlojarlo03-25-2013

    with the Irwin this week;)

  9. konigadlerkonigadler03-28-2013

    Spring?? lol British Summertime is supposed to be starting this sunday and there’s still snow outside!

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