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How much power does Heroes & Generals use?

Behind every action game bullet and every strategic movement a server is using electrial power. In this post I will tell you a bit about the use of power switching on the backbone network.

Here is the picture of the power used by the backbone network. All servers is connected to dual power supplies in the servers. This is for safety use, if the normal powers drops it will switch over to the backup power. We have two power feeds.

This is the power consumption in the morning Central European Time. In the morning there are lots of players and more players give more power use by the servers.



These are of course not all servers in the network as we have servers in hosting centres all over the world. The action servers start and stop as needed and they do not use nearly as much power as the backbone network.

It is possible to power down servers from the remote console and restart them again, even delayed start/restart – ff you for example want to start-up one or more servers at a specified time. This also allows us to handle these issues ourselves without needing to talk to the Hosting Center’s support team, to make them power cycle servers if needed. This gives us the freedom to better control the power use and general setup as if the servers were situated in-house at Reto-Moto HQ.

In Denmark we have high prices on electric power, and when we are using the same amount of power as one normal household (with two adults and two kids living at home), just for the backbone it pays to be a bit careful with where we place servers and how we use them.

If we count all the servers used by the backbone system, including web, database, proxies, fall-over and the backbone servers we use about the same power as two average private houses.

We have action servers all over the world and the power cost is not the same in the different countries. Therefore we can not use the same price rates for the calculation of power consumption, but it is a factor worth considering when deciding on where to locate servers.

The hosting centres have dual power connected to the servers racks, to make sure we are on-line all the time, even if some hosting centres lose their power from their power deliver company. This give the power uptime about 99.9% or in English about 10 minutes power loss pr. year.

  1. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers04-03-2013

    When can we expect steam version ?

  2. NerdCoreJmNerdCoreJm04-08-2013

    Yeah.. was Denmark part of the Kyoto Protocol? cos if they are, they probably put like a carbon tax like to us, Australians. And even if we have one of the biggest coal reserves in the world, we also have one of the highest paid for electrical taxes. Just move to a country with lower power taxes. Like America. I dunno just making suggestions.

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