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Gewehr 43 reloading

We are working as fast as we can to get the Gewehr 43 ready for frontline duty! One of the last things missing is the reload animations and I am currently finishing them. Following up on reto.Scratchliquid’s “Wonderful World of Weapons” post from Thursday, here is a quick look on the progress of the reload animation.


Once the magazine is inserted the charging handle is pulled back so the bolt carrier can chamber a new round.

We are also working on getting an unscoped version of the M1903 ready so the Americans can get some bolt-action love going as well and while I am animating; reto.Robotron3000 and reto.RedBjarne are getting weapon mods ready for the new rifles so we can get them in to the game as soon as possible.

  1. westwickwestwick03-26-2013

    Nice work!

    I think the axis will now be sufficiently equipped for Blitzkrieg!

    And those Stubborn Allies can dig in and give the Krauts a taste of their own medicine.

  2. Reto.ColdingReto.Colding03-26-2013

    “they’ve” got it comming…. :D

  3. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers03-26-2013

    Is this a very very early leak of Russian faction?? Oh wait just a weapon for german faction..

  4. godofallcowsgodofallcows03-26-2013

    Please tell me you will be nerfing the MG42 and C96 this build if you are adding the G43. I agree the Germans should have a semi-auto rifle but right now the M1 is the only thing we have over them in firepower.

    • KomorowskiKomorowski04-03-2013

      *caugh* Stuart *caugh*

      • KOLIVERKOLIVER04-09-2013

        *cough* Tiger *cough*

        • JinppaJinppa04-13-2013

          *cough* Sticky Bombs *cough*

  5. CraneTYSCraneTYS03-26-2013

    Good news, will be german paratrooper able to use G43?

  6. BloodskyBloodsky03-27-2013

    Lets hope this means they are re-doing weapon mods.. Or they will be just as useless and expensive on the new weapons.

    • Reto.RedBjarneReto.RedBjarne04-03-2013

      your wish have been granted, oh mighty Bloodsky :-) (we’ve adjusted the ‘wear’ on the expenisve mods way down so they should last a lot longer now giving you way more value for money). The change will come with the Irwin build.

  7. CroGeneralCroGeneral03-27-2013

    Love you guys !! Keep in work :D

  8. SlaxxSlaxx03-27-2013

    Hopefully this time they will make the reloading finish when he finishes the reloading itself, and not after the animation itself is finished

  9. konigadlerkonigadler03-28-2013

    bloody teasers! lol we wants it – we waannnts it!

  10. AquiliferXLegioAquiliferXLegio03-28-2013

    Reto guys!!!! I’ve got the ONLY question W H E N ? ? ? ? Give us any time frame of appearing Gewehr 43, please

  11. hchrishchris04-20-2013

    Looking great, when I saw this post on the website about the G43 and then the FG42 it made me join the game :-)

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