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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 11

Hansen is alive! The ‘Hansen’ build has fought its way unto the live servers. This is the first new build after going into Open Beta, so it contains a lot of fixes and tweaks. We have also upped the player cap in the action game from 16 vs 16 to 18 vs 18 (so 3 full infantry assault teams can fight on each side). We have also added a lot of back-end robustness and data gathering points to make it easier for us to pin-point and fix future problems and issues.

The new Android version of Mobile Command has made its way through Google’s play store and the iOS version should be ready as I type. We thought (naïvely maybe?) that the submission was faster, but we now know to schedule more time for mobile submissions. We did not submit earlier as we wanted to get as many fixes in as possible.

So now part of the team is working on hot-fixing the Hansen build and another part is getting ready to lock down the featureset for the next major build named Irwin. Then it will go in to the stabilization process as we keep moving forward through the alphabet :-)

Have a great weekend everybody! :-)

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Developer Blogs this Week

Hansen is live!

By Reto.Robotron3000, Community Manager & Game Designer
“Hansen went to war!  New build online” Read More

Is Data Mining really that boring?

By Reto.CrazyCat, Games Analyst
“A few details on the data we grab from the action game.” Read More

Team Debriefing



Game Director
“- Insignia System “
“- Level Design pipeline optimization”


Level Designer
“- The ‘Leveldesign Department’ is working to create a new toolchain and workflow regarding level creation “


Level Designer
“- Experimental level building with the new terrain system”
“- Acquainted myself with some XSI plugin code.”
“- Level design meetings”
“- Worked on my skirmish map”
“- Wrote a blog post on our new approach to level building”


Community Manager & Game Designer
“- Writing changelogs for Hansen”
“- Survived (barely) Operation ‘Wild Boar'”
“- Equipment system setup for weapons”
“- Spawn delay setup for Irwin”
“- Not a single bit to censor! “



3D Artist
“- This week I have been planing new weapons and vehicles.”
“- Also been putting the finishing touch on all the new weapon textures.”


Lead Character Artist
“- This week I found reference for future assets, did outsourcing lists and communication and squeezed in some characters highres uniform parts. “


Art Director
“- Screenshots etc. for future press events”
“- other meetings and planning”
“- Colours and shapes for web-sites.”
“- Directing the artists”


Lead Animator
“- G43 reloads and poses.”
“- M1903 reloads and poses.”
“- Ladder crawl exit animation.”


Environment/Props/Concept Artist
“- Working on new level”
“- Planning meetings regarding new level”
“- Finding concept”
“- Spent time looking through Band of Brothers ep 3(carentan)”


Effects Dude
“- Working on tracers and explosions”


3D Artist
“- Correcting outsourced weapons.”
“- Texturing and getting to know game engine compression.”
“- Research for new stuff.”
“- HighPoly modeling on new stuff. Mmmmm”
“- Scratchliquid Out… . .”

Coders & QA


Programmer and Technical Lead
“- Meetings, meetings & planning!”


Render Programmer
“- Build and Deploy Hansen to live (Hansen)”
“- Bugfixing live (Hansen)”
“- Research clouds (Jefferson)”


Gameplay Programmer
“- Irwin: Equipment system”
“- Irwin: HUD update”
“- Hansen: Monitoring Action Servers”


Gameplay Programmer
“- Faster startup code”
“- General bug fixing”


Senior Programmer
“- Worked so hard on the resource system that I got a nasty infection in my foot.”
“- But hey! I don’t code with my feet!”


QA Manager
“- Meetings.”
“- Rework test procedures.”
“- Handle feedback.”
“- Coordinate testing.”
“- Work on test flows.”


IT Architect
“- – chat channel names are now limited to 30 characters.”
“- Working on the new battle system”


Flash Programmer
“- Login issues handling, forum watch and trying to explain what’s going on [Guderian]”
“- Fixing bugs [Hansen]”
“- Hansen went to live, helped stabilize [Hansen]”
“- Started work on Assault Team Insignia’s [Irwin]”
“- PAX briefing and preparations [Press]”


Server Programmer
“- Looking into server issues login/connection issues. Lots of new data collected in Hansen build.”
“- Adressing server stability issues, adding more logging so we have more information when stuff breaks.”


Server Programmer
“- Insignia work”
“- Resolver work”
“- Started work on a Starter Pack feature”
“- Meetings and company stuff”


Mobile Programmer
“- Pushed updates for iOS and Android versions of Mobile Command through submission, so they both work with Hansen builds.”
“- Added GUI for joining wars on iOS”
“- Added logic for moving AT’s”
“- Started on GUI for moving AT’s on Android”



Lead Sound Designer
“- I spent Monday and Friday working on the sounds for the Gewehr 43, the days in between were spent at home fighting the flu. :(“


Audio Programmer
“- Work on steam executable”
“- Bug fixes “

Management, IT & support


“- Meetings galore”
“- Backlog grooming”
“- Review of future weapons and vehicles (oh yeah!)”


IT Admin
“- Build and test new database slave on stable.”
“- Move the test (db replication) setup to live.”
“- Bild new nagios service to monitor database sync”
“- Planing new servers (NAS box)”
“- Backup.”


Project Coordinator
“- Nice week with: Meetings, Coorditating and Practical stuff :)”


Support Manager
“- Getting a bit tired of swinging the ban-hammer so much! Why can’t we all just get along!”
“-Bacon sandwich, very nice.”
“-More support, added a bit of support with support.”


Games Analyst
“- Meetings”
“- Running stats”
“- Writing programs”



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  1. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti403-15-2013

    @reto Injection i hope you get well fast possible now quit few time you fight vith your foot. ( is it to much to ask what happens, due iam interrested you mention your foot now second bulletin) iam trying send you mental healing for your infected foot. ( jeah you didnt code vith foot, but you still needs come to work vith them) .

    Nice Bulletin , not to much leaks inside this Time, still think thats wanted this way and its good thought.

    Ps.can we havesome more infor about the “new battlesystem”.

    Pps. @Bacon i think you have ( one of ) hardest Job due you have most contact to community ,trolls and other Human/non Human excesses due that Ban hammering swinging. Iam for that you become some extra Bonus food Ration and bacon.

    ppps. you ask if we cant get along , yes we could but ouer pressures of a materialistic society and of capitalism wanted acquisitive frenzy shows us in Games, mirror of payoff.

  2. Commando_GhostCommando_Ghost03-16-2013

    I second the motion for “slightly” more leaks :3

    And thank you Reto, for giving us the FPS & Strategic fans a game to live for :D

  3. evilsamarevilsamar03-16-2013

    Nice name for the next build…absolutely love it

  4. kachaumkachaum03-18-2013

    do want brazil server back online…

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