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Hansen is live!

The new build named Hansen (after the Danish VC recipient Percy Howard Hansen) is now live. This is the first major build after we went into Open Beta so obviously the focus of this build is bug fixes and tweaks to the servers and backend to hopefully make the game run better, (and also to provide us with more information on things that might break so we can get it fixed).

Skirmish - fighting at the radio tent Having a picture of me writing changelog or servers deploying is not THAT interesting so here is a brand new screenshot.

But it is not ONLY bug fixes and boring stuff behind the scenes, we do have some new stuff in this build as well. :-)

New features:
  • Improved spawning – you are now invisible for the first 5 seconds to help counter spawn camping etc.
  • New Skirmish map – “The Hill” is online.
  • “First blood” can be replayed by all your characters.
  • Upped player limit from 16 vs 16 to 18 vs 18!
  • Lots of small fixes and polish.
The Localization backend is also in place so expect to see localized versions of the game very soon, we are currently looking at thelanguage setting in your browser to determine what language to show you (with a fallback to English). Also Reto.Injection is working diligently on finalizing the new resource system. We are currently stuck as we are running out of texture memory and we can’t add new “things with textures” until the resource system is done.

Mobile Command

The Mobile Command is currently making its way through the various submission processes. We expect the Android version to be available later today, and the iOS version soon™. It was submitted more than a week ago, so it should be right around the corner now.
For a more detailed changelog take a look here: Changelog on the wiki.
  1. MaLiBuKiLL3rMaLiBuKiLL3r03-14-2013


    Seeing forward to new maps and weapons in the next build

  2. Commando_GhostCommando_Ghost03-14-2013

    This is gonna be AWESOME :D Updating now, it’s gonna take some time. :o And I can’t wait for whatever’s gonna come in the next build :)

  3. kyoshimkyoshim03-14-2013

    Awesome update !

    18v18 will be great :).

    I hope, we will see a 32v32 in few months :).

  4. RudySanErikRudySanErik03-14-2013

    i hope that in the next update will be a new weapons and maps :) but nice work Gj

  5. jarlojarlo03-14-2013

    good job:)

  6. NawyiNawyi03-14-2013

    The spawn camping was a big reason I’d leave a game, hope this 5 second invisibility fix helps. Other than this, I feel the game has come a long way. Great game.

  7. Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300003-14-2013

    We are currently hotfixing things as fast as we can so the game can be running as good as possible for the weekend :-)

  8. buzz_offbuzz_off03-14-2013

    Very good job on updating the graphics, can finally see were the enemy tanks is shooting from. Thank you for letting me see who is in my squad and who is the squad leader :)

  9. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers03-14-2013

    Improved spawning – you are now invisible for the first 5 seconds to help counter spawn camping etc.
    Dumb feature, now capturing bases will be even harder.

  10. CraneTYSCraneTYS03-14-2013

    Good innovation Reto-Moto team, but sill a lot of work to do with the game.We need MOAR!!! content.

    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers03-14-2013

      @Crane Read before talking “We are currently stuck as we are running out of texture memory and we can’t add new “things with textures” until the resource system is done.”
      And how is it innovation ?
      It’s just same crap in different colors…

  11. CraneTYSCraneTYS03-14-2013

    Whe i said innovation i mean some new usefull features if you interested more about my opinion you can read forum topics(Discussions about build and others)
    Also before say that smd cant read read too, because it’ doesnt matter resources problem or other stuff this game still need more contet, that’s what i am talking about.

    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers03-14-2013

      Did i insulted you ? No.
      Did you insulted me ? Yes.
      Why ? Because you’re butt hurt.

  12. Gaius22Gaius2203-14-2013

    I took a look at the changelog, very nice additions. This post is great! only 1 thing is missing, some screenshots of the new map. Not only here but in the media section, its a new map!! It deserves some exposure

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300003-14-2013

      I’ll see if I can poke reto.ratamahat to do some screenshot of Skirmish_Hill.

      • Gaius22Gaius2203-14-2013

        Also, I wont be able to play for a few days and I’m too damn curious to wait xD

  13. zikoziko03-14-2013

    Good job guys , at last no more tanks killing us at spawn.

    • MaelstromMaelstrom03-21-2013


  14. andreaske1andreaske103-16-2013

    Great job !
    The game is smooth and polished so far… Hope we see some more progress soon ?

  15. mantleymantley04-01-2013

    Hi, i´m a recent heroes & generals players and i am really liking the game. well for the first days i was playing pretty badly, missing almost every shot which i felt strange because i was a good fps player, but now i am improving. the learning curve is a bit steep, the game mechanics seem a bit different from COD, BF, etc, which is good. i like the camouflage map type, day and night, hide in trees and snipe from location from location. bad side i feel the characters and weapons should be like half the cost or even less(at least in beta), but thats just me, that came from a grind game like World of Tanks (which i am very bored to play again). I would like to see the Q and E buttons enabled, as well as the lie down movement a bit faster too, C to crouch would be good too, instead of always pressing control button. the graphics are pretty good but i think its a bit heavy and should be optimized (not a bad thing for me as me pc is 1 year old). Keep up the good work guys, i was waiting for a bit for old war online fps game, seems that you are going to keep me playing this awesome game :)

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