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Open Beta Announcement = Servers stressed and currently down

Our army of trained monkeys has been deployed and they’re working on getting the servers back online.

Well, the OPEN BETA announcement Friday really put our servers on quite a test. We saw issues with auto-generated missions and generally a lot of players were waiting a long time to be able to play missions. And Sunday night at around 21.15 UTC the wars simply stopped and no action missions were spawned.

Shortly after we decided to shut down the servers and we’re currently working at fixing the issues.

It’s a new thing to us to have so many players on the servers, and even though we are trying, we can’t simulate real player’s behaviors accurately enough. So while it is unfortunate that the servers crashes it really isn’t something we can predict. We hope that you can bear with us while we fix the issues and optimize the servers.

Update at 14:37 UTC+1:

We are working as fast as we can to get the servers back up again! Thanks to your diligent testing we found some problems that has to be fixed before we can bring the game back online. Thank you for your continued patience!

Update at 17:11 UTC+1:

Servers are back up! Enjoy the game!

  1. DondergodDondergod03-04-2013

    We hope that you can bear with us while we fix the issues and optimize the servers.

    And what if we don’t? :P

  2. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti403-04-2013

    YADA YADA !!

    xD jeah creaqting misisons is fun ……. atack – CLick- BOOOM – FULL JEAHHHHH jipiiiii

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti403-04-2013

      humm …creating# missions#

  3. ALborik1ALborik103-04-2013

    обещали в 12 включить ,а до сих пор нет игры,хоть написали бы точнее или то что не знают когда включат

  4. NanboNanbo03-04-2013

    The game servers was one of many many many bugs. I have never seen a shooter announce an OB in such poor state. This really needs to be shut down or re launched as OPEN CLOSED BETA. or OPEN ALPHA BETA. I think OB is just a way to start charging peoples VISA legally? I am not sure but wowwww.
    1) MEnu lay out and game type is not clear. The skirmish button is even hidden behind character customizqtion windows.

    2) The Campaign mode is poorly put together with strange match making options etc.

    3) The guns are alpha stage design and hit boxs are poorly made. Spray and pray OP machine guns get head shots from half a mile away…(This is understandable as an OB thing to work on in most FPS, so I let this one slide a little)

    4) Graphics a nightmare to manage in relation to ambience and chat box size and map distortion and lag etc.. This is no Planet Side 2, so why is acting as demanding at times? Although we are thousands of players, we are fragmented into 16 vs 16 at most….(another understandable OB test thing to work on in most FPS, so this is alowable fault)

    5) Poor physics on vehicles. This is so ALpha quality. You have 10-20-40 – 80 – 180 degree turning on all vehicles including bike, creating jeep flip overs for nothing. I crashed a bike and died for some reason. Just poor unrealistic controls! Not at all OB standard. Usually gun fire and speed and armor are things nerfed on vehicles at OB launches, not entire fail designed.

    6:) That constant buzzing noise is annoying! The over all sounds are pretty well done, when there is gun fire, maybe a little more realistic echo would be added later.

    7) Squading up is a chore and leaves nothing but uncoordinated matches. Can we get flares for night missions? Why cant I re take teh tutorial is I missed it the first time? I purchased a bazooka, and the game bugged and said I did not. I backed out, re-entered the store and baught it again, this time it worked, but then double charged me for the first purchase and gave me two. So I was out of credits and two weapon slots filled with bazooka. Fix that, and get a way to ditch or sell weapons.

    I can go on..I think it really is destoryed when we also see hackers already, but an unprotected north eu release is bound to get mass hacked. YOU understand your population is mostly Russians and polish now right? And everything they touch gets hacked. Look at Army Rage…

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti403-04-2013

      YOu sir are a troll and abousing this news section for you spread of obscure first impressions.
      .. maybe you use next Time FOrum for such a ” braindead posting” .

      If you didnt understand Gamemehanix / mission mehanix/ or if they are not your choice of easy way to enter battle by click like mokey only one button….style ability .

      sry … but thats not the Game i oplay you talk about here.

      • DondergodDondergod03-04-2013

        No, he is absolutely right. This is why I and others almost begged them not to go into open beta. Should have at least called it open alpha. Would already have made a difference.

        • NanboNanbo03-04-2013

          Thanks Dondergod, you know what is up. cRo4Ti4 is an obvious troll fan boi that never played the game. Just calls people trolls when the truth is written instead of hidden behind the players who do not like to write.
          How is this obscure? Pick one, I DARE YOU, to pick one of my points and prove it wrong. Oh…you can’t. That must mean this is niether a first impression review nor obscure. It is, if you learn to read, the facts of what is going on in this game that needs to be addressed. I bet you 100 bucks that if the guys complaining about the servers not spawning, you would call them trolls too…. but now look…looks like they are right. GO DERP more pudding brains.

          Sadly, your second paragraph made 0 sense… what is Gamehenix? mission mehanix? mokey? what? DO you even english bro?

          YOu oplay? Wha???? All I know is that you just defined the word troll in your own little rant LOL Bye troll, we the players know whats up.

          • HelrikomHelrikom03-04-2013

            I see that someone can’t handle that someone has more intellect than him lols. Stupid troll fanboy.

        • HelrikomHelrikom03-04-2013

          People like you don’t seem to understand what a Beta is. This is not a public demo like so many AAA titles release their beta’s. THIS IS A BETA. They need people to crash their servers, since now they can read what has happened, the errors that occurred etc. and therefore they can go out there and fix them.

          You can’t simulate thousands of people running into the game servers, without it actually happening.

          TL;DR: People no longer know what a Beta is used for because of “AAA”-titles misusing the “Beta” name for their demo’s. Crashing servers is a good thing, now they can go and fix the errors.

          On a side-note, if you look at the launch of many games, mainly ones which didn’t have an open beta, the launch-experience is horrible. Lag/Matchmaking Limbo/Imbalances.

          If YOU can’t deal with how this game plays right now, than stop playing it… Come back at a later point in time when it’s fixed.

          Thanks to everyone who did crash the servers, who did play when the game wasn’t any good, when the servers weren’t matchmaking.

          • NanboNanbo03-04-2013


            LEt me slap the stupid off your comment:

            1) I take notes and do homework: I saw in each server a max pop of only 500 people. That is also broken down to 16 vs 16 matchs. I personally chose the largest EU server of 1751 people shown as online. Now reduce that to the afkers and chat room boys, and you have aroun 1500 people. Reduce that to the fact the poor servers (NOT OPEN BETA QUALITY) are pushed at that small amount of players???? And this is not like Planet Side 2 where we are all on the same map, this is just fractions of 16 vs 16 that auto populate the status of a bigger map…so that gives them lots of wiggle room.

            2:) This should be point 1 actually. YOU are an IDIOT that does not READ. I do not say this is supposed to be a full AAA launch. I state, “This is an OPEN BETA” and as such it should have OPEN BETA DEFINITIONS. IT does not. I also go on to say this game is in Closed and ALPHA beta. YOU SIR, NEED TO LEARN YOUR OWN ARGUMENT…You also need to see the competition. This is unacceptable. It is fine, as we are allowed to test a public product. So I do not care that these problems exist. I do care they labeled it OPEN BETA (Hence me saying in other posts it needs to say “Open Alpha Beta”. The only reason it is tagged as open is take your cash.
            You can not prove me wrong, all you just did was write a wall of text that makes youlook STUPID and TROLL. You 0 points, me sadly, winning since OB forum opened up.

    • HelrikomHelrikom03-04-2013

      People don’t understand what a Beta means anymore. >_<

      • NanboNanbo03-04-2013

        ACTUALLY WE DO! And today standards this should not be OPEN BETA. BUT, “OPEN ALPHA BETA” test. Look at the competition. The crappiest WW2 game I can think of, Army Rage online, had bugs, but they fixed it in the following months. Everything else was solid. The vehicle physics, the weapons, etc…in fact the “improved graphics” and the “nerfed physics” ruined that game for me. There are forgivable faults in an OPEN BETA. Including balance issues, graphical settings, and server hiccups, which is why this server is down.
        What is not acceptable is that this entire game reeks of bad design, and way to early launch. The servers were not even that packed when it crashed, the max server durring peak time is 1K people.

      • MaelstromMaelstrom03-06-2013

        It’s you that doesn’t understand the definition of Beta testing.

        After 25 years of software production I can say that Beta is when you let your customers test what you believe to be the finished product to find any bugs that you missed during your system testing. This product is far from ready for delivery, it is still it the design phase.

        If I had tried to give the list of excuses listed in the original post to one of my clients, I would not have been surprised to find I no longer had a client. Create a test server and implement a test environment to test things before they go public, including stress testing. You don’t just put something straight in to production cross your fingers and hope.

        I also believe it was called open beta in order to justify taking money from people.

    • MadaoMMadaoM03-04-2013

      You can die if you crash on bike in real world, do you think you can flip over a “car” by yourself to proper position in real world? Of course you cant, thats why you cant do it in a game. Do you think you wouldnt die if someone would spray a machine gun at you from a half mile away? Thats not a movie. Dont compare heroes and generals to “Planetside 2”, Thats a browser game. Players base is still too small for hackers to make hacks. Of course that is your personal opinion. Unprofessional.

      • HelrikomHelrikom03-04-2013

        Planetside 2 is a AAA title published by Sony Entertainment online, with 30.000+ concurrent players… It’s not a browser game.

        • NanboNanbo03-04-2013

          Exactly why this should not be launched this early. Thanks for playing, you lose. good bye.

        • MadaoMadao03-04-2013

          Yes, i know ^^. I was talking about heroes and generals :)

      • NanboNanbo03-04-2013

        ANOTHER PUDDING FOR BRAINS! CAREFULL WHAT YOU SAY, you just made yourself look x50000 STUPID!
        OK pudding for brains, lets say the bike death is “REAL” ohhhhhhhhhhhh then why when I CRAWL ON MY STOMACH MY HANDS DONT MOVE AND I CAN SHOOT??? IS MY PENIS MUSCLE MOVING ME ALONG THE GROUND? Why is there no blood? Why did spray and pray win? Why did I teleport? Why….OH BECAUSE THE OBJECTIVE IS NOT TO BE REAL. IT is a game, with broken basic physics that even Mario Kart game boy gets right…. Go play “real” outside. You cant prove any of my points wrong unless you are willing to look like an idiot.

  5. ALborik1ALborik103-04-2013

    когда уже включите игру???????????????????????

  6. kicuadwkicuadw03-04-2013

    when start??

  7. ThaneSolusThaneSolus03-04-2013

    well i am pleased to see some communication, i really hope you guys get your stuff together in the next months.As for cRo4Ti4 and other cult followers, Nanbo while he used an aggressive tone(which is normal in this case due to frustration), he stated several points most of them in a objective manner. You on the other hand didn’t participate at all constructively. Because people like you devs can do huge fuckups and nobody notices. And yes this open alpha, since features are not ready which it usually happens in BETA. Still the game has a lot of potential and if Reto gets their act together, things can go quite well.

    Lets give them the benefit of the doubt for now and hope this was something that just happen, its normal in the development process. We will have a clear sight of their skills and plans in the next few months or so, but for now indeed it gives a very bad impression, and i am not talking about the server management, but about broken features and imbalance that should be cleared in BETA like everybody does.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300003-07-2013

      Your comment was wrongly flagged as spam by the filter. Sorry

  8. CraneTYSCraneTYS03-04-2013

    Enjoy your open-beta=)

  9. ValakiasValakias03-04-2013

    hm. This has the potential to be a good game, dont screw it up with pay to win BS. And those machine guns…

  10. deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

    when will dem servers come back up? its noon now :( im drugged of awesome games. good job guys really love the game.
    but i cant wait for servers to come back on

  11. deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

    its noon

  12. deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

    Now its noon

  13. Elwood_BluesElwood_Blues03-04-2013

    Remember, it is a game and it is in beta…
    I think it i fun as hell to play and these things happen..
    Sit tight, play something else a bit..the armistice will be over soon..

  14. CraneTYSCraneTYS03-04-2013

    This happened before and people whine because they told not to hurry with the game if things runing slow so i can understand them.
    Anyway this situation and events remembered me Atari(which is actually bunkrupt) and TDU2.=)

    • NanboNanbo03-04-2013

      +1 This times x10000

  15. deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

    ye but still 1 hour ago it should have been open

  16. takraeltakrael03-04-2013

    any eta when servers are back? and please update the News / Info site

  17. deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

    its still down why, why!!!

  18. Reto.VashuReto.Vashu03-04-2013

    I have updated the post. We are not sure when the servers will be back up again.

    • deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

      can you say about how long maybe an estimate time on 1-3 hours?

      • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu03-04-2013

        I can’t say when, since I’m not working on getting the servers up. The guys who are working with the servers are unable to give any worthwhile estimate.

        • deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

          ok thank anyway i hope its up soon and btw really cool game, but stuff as grass and bushes are needed many places

    • deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

      yesterday firefall was down too like 8 hours. now this :(

  19. qinfortqinfort03-04-2013

    This game is great, its still beta phase and im really amazed how good this game is, i dont want to mention the cons because i know you guys have heard them already over and over again, but this is the best and perfect mixture between strategy and pfs and i really love it. I hope they will keep up the good work and in a near future we have stuff fixed and maybe some more things implemented. I would rate this game 5/5, its just awesome

    • DEVIL13.thDEVIL13.th03-04-2013

      Well my rate for the game is 10 of 5!!!! its awesome just i hope you will get it running at friday cause at saturday or sunday i dont know when yet is my friend gonna visit me and i hope i will be able to show it to you all and to make more custimers/players to you all

  20. deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

    omg will it get up soon 2 hours behind time

    • damunkdamunk03-04-2013

      Its retarded posts like these that make developers not want to post ETAs at all. Please stop posting, you will do us all a favor.

      • NanboNanbo03-04-2013

        Devs not emotionally disturbed like you. Comments have no impact on game programming

  21. ALborik1ALborik103-04-2013

    I understand that the server will not work today, and they do not know when they will

  22. ZapfcreationsZapfcreations03-04-2013

    i just want to say, thx for the updates. The last time servers where down there was no update or information and people (and me :-) complained. Now we have proper updates and a screen that tells us whats going on. a huge improvement, so the developers listened. Next up no more server crashes!.

    • bsnake(Latvia)bsnake(Latvia)03-04-2013


  23. deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

    ye its back up!

  24. deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

    hell no its down again!

  25. ashkentonashkenton03-04-2013

    Took one City, played a skirmish and the server went down.

    On the side note, there were not enough servers to run the game fully. Had to wait 30 minutes before the skirmish i stated got server to play it.

  26. RainOfTerrorRainOfTerror03-04-2013

    the servers seem to have died mid-game. I was in qeue for a match and all I got was a white screen but it said I was in-game, so I logged out and now the servers are down.

  27. KublisKublis03-04-2013

    Still server down? Or there is a fault on my side?

    • deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

      they are still down, admins havent said much or anything at all and well we have only been able to play for 2,5 hours since the server went down last time.

  28. rosiemarosiema03-04-2013

    We are just back, i logged in with Chrome 20:30 CET.

  29. deathcrafter007deathcrafter00703-04-2013

    thank god they are back up

  30. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti403-05-2013

    Reto Hal9k is just shuting down server agan.. to implement a Hotfix , will be back in 15 – 30 min ( its 00.21.o,clok berlin time)

  31. ValakiasValakias03-05-2013

    Heroes & Maintenances

  32. gerdemoniogerdemonio03-05-2013

    Good, again fallen servant, I wait aue could improve it. For this game, it is worth a sorrow waiting.

  33. hero_czhero_cz03-05-2013

    this last restart makes me happy. We was atackers as Allies and almost win. Just few minutes before win was restart, so NOW i suspecting that RETO play german side.

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti403-05-2013

      hehe…. really? c,mon…. they didnt need shut down servers to let axis win. they just press the win button. xD

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