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Angry Database Server!


One of the main database backend servers has decided to start toasting its memory chips. This is a “Bad Thing” and we have a group of highly trained memory-chip replacers working on replacing the faulty memory. We unfortunately haven’t been able to get an estimated time for the fix out of them so far.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Below is a picture of a German night patrol on MC. I thought it was more interesting to look at than a picture of a broken memory chip

Night patrol on MC


  1. mamotromicomamotromico03-01-2013

    Any estimated time for it?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300003-01-2013

      Added info to post. Will update w. estimate if I can get one.

  2. DraachDraach03-01-2013

    Hy all, ^^
    Is that the reason, that for 2 days the game didn´t run no more ? You better hurry … please ! THX ! :D
    Oh, btw, i´m not able to write anythink in the forum … there are no buttons to answer or to add a post !

    Greetings, Draach.

  3. DraachDraach03-01-2013

    -k +g ^^ ( anything) oops ;)

  4. ALborik1ALborik103-01-2013

    сколько по времени будут идти технические работы????кто знает??????

  5. DraachDraach03-01-2013

    Ah, now i see the “Post a reply” button ! ;) Fine ^^ THX.

  6. AmendeonAmendeon03-01-2013

    I would like a picture of smoking memory chips though ^^ The satisfaction it will give that at least something is going on at your servers :P

  7. MurderDoggMurderDogg03-01-2013

    Damnit I thought it was the game update. “Hoden” or what ever it`s called.

    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers03-01-2013

      Hansen* i was hoping for that aswell…

  8. Elwood_BluesElwood_Blues03-01-2013

    War is hell, but it sucks even more when servers decide to go wild.
    Hey..that could be a documentary…When Servers Go WILD!!
    You could should topless servers drinking too much, memory chips running around naked and on fire….
    At least it is not “When Servers Attack”…as an IT guy..this would scare me silly!!
    Well more silly.
    Good luck fella’s, patience is a virtue and all we can do is wait.


  9. DraachDraach03-01-2013

    It´s my fault … -.- sorry … i used AL “Anti Lag” ammo´s, so the memory chips are heavy uploaded and burnt out … I´m so verry sorry for that !!! I promise to never use again this ammo´s !!! *Shame*

  10. skipSVKskipSVK03-01-2013

    I am getting really bored from this maintence, Yesterday was server off for one day because of maintence and today a chipp is burning Iam asking my self about the profesionality of maintence team from yesterday. One day long and today chip is broken

  11. Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300003-01-2013

    Servers are up again. A mem-block in the central Database server was sick. So we had to get our hosting people to turn it off, replace the mem and get it back online.

    We then had to check that we did not have any data corruption.

    so in total, downtime ~4 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience – we worked as fast as possible to get it back online.

  12. DraachDraach03-01-2013

    Ahhhh … u make me (us) happy :D So then, lets see if the game runs now ^^ THX Reto ;) and Team … ;)

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