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Support is growing!

Hi all!

With the increased number of players and in preparations for the open beta, the demand for more support is on the rise. I have therefore over the last couple of weeks been in the field looking for more medics to join the field hospital, and I am happy to introduce our newest field medics to you. Please assist me in giving Reto.Gargamel and Reto.Hanzyl a warm welcome!

The support team is now an astounding number of 4 geeky gamer nerds and we are here to help you the best way we can!


A short introduction written by the new stars themselves.

The French-Canadian bald geek (geekus frogus) is not native to Scandinavia, but his clever imitation of other species’ mating calls allows him to blend in with the local fauna.
This particular specimen has been sighted in Valby, Copenhagen for over a year, around bicycle trails. Some observers report the fowl using a laptop to imitate synthesizers, attracting female long-booted clubbers (morticia electronicæ clubex) during the warm season. The bald geek usually elects to build his nest around video-game controllers and microwaved Thai boxes, which he burrows for nutrients. [Cue National Geographic fanfare.]


Hey Folks, 
Hanzyl in da house. I am one of the new supporters at Heroes and Generals  which fills my Gamer-Heart with pride. My real name is Max and i am originally for Germany. I love H&G and have been a beta tester for quite a while now. So all your game-play issues, worries and bugs finding their way to me will be in good hands. Of course I will give my very best to help you and the game, to make it the game WE want to play.
Don’t hesitate, submit tickets !


  1. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti401-31-2013

    Wohooo , jeaahhH cool .

    Warm welcome to Reto Gargamel and

    Ein Herzliches willkommen Reto Hanzyl

    Happy see support crew growing .

    Still in hope you will get not much to work.

    Ps.did that means it will be possible to send bugreports in german language .?

    Pps. where you put all that reto power , did reto rooms expand ? Man youre now growing faster … Slowly i loose overllook . Woohow like that.

    Ppps.selfmemo … Gargamel and Hanzyl are not fakeaccounts vith Reto tag , who are trolling supportchat…. New faces “enter”.be lovely and friendly there newbies . “enter”


  2. S0LDieRS0LDieR01-31-2013

    Damn it! I should have been one of you :p

    Vitor :D

  3. MattMatt02-01-2013

    Gargamel be a nade spammer.

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