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Server reset


Attention! As we now have moved into the final field exercise towards the upcoming Open Beta, we’ve reset the server and removed some of the registration restrictions that were in place during Closed Beta. This server reset will be the last before Open Beta, and we don’t plan on doing another reset when we move into Open Beta.

If, at any point, you’ve purchased Gold, this will now have been refunded into to your account. The only exception to this is Gold spent on War Bonds – this won’t be refunded, but you do get to keep your War Bonds. The interest you might have gained from War Bonds is also refunded to your account. All refunds are in Gold – no credits or cash will be refunded.

Open Beta is not far away, and we look forward to celebrate the official announcement in the coming weeks.

  1. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti401-29-2013

    You are so freaky awesome , JEEEAHHHHH i like that news, jipppiiii i do not know if i am happy about reset or to read about soon / few weeks going open BETA .

    LOVe <3

    • solid_snake1solid_snake101-29-2013

      well i like the open BETA news, can’t wait for the day the servers don’t lag so bad it gets me killed and i can’t kill anyone because my pings spike from 50 to 1200 or more, the closer we get to launch the better it will get

  2. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers01-29-2013

    Oh god no…
    Game needs few improvements before open beta.. it’s not ready for this…

  3. ChlodovechChlodovech01-29-2013

    The current state of the game is an almost ready for open beta kind? I am baffled.

    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers01-29-2013

      Same here… I don’t get it why would they rush for open beta… But i might be Square Enix decision not Reto.Moto…

  4. EdEbEEdEbE01-29-2013

    Why does it say “No available hosting centers” when im trying to connect to a game or when pressing “Enter combat”? The game have worked before, but now i get this…

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti401-29-2013

      try choose your Misison from Misison list – click on campaign map- mission list – enter combat ( running game test it) ps for that kind questions use forum plz.

  5. WKDKWKDK01-29-2013

    I must say the same its to soon, so much more is needed, before that stage.
    But hey, perhaps the investors are in a bad mood, and do push it?

    I do support the game, so lets try to get the best out of it, and good luck with it.

    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers01-29-2013

      In open beta, excuse that it’s a “beta” won’t work.
      Cause people thinks that open beta is already polished product who’s ready for full release.
      Keeping game in closed beta would be better for now.
      And aswell it need to add bipods for machine guns cause they’re breaking the game right now, aswell polishing graphics even more, putting more objects in map wich you could use as cover for example abandoned houses, pile of trees on ground, pits.

  6. MorgomirMorgomir01-29-2013

    I personally feel this game is not ready to leave closed beta…I actually would say that it feels like a late alpha more than anything. Dont rush this Reto…this game needs work.

  7. kaese_felixkaese_felix01-29-2013

    Reset Why? I can just not understand why this reset was needed could you please explain.
    Fehlber reset was needed cause of new at system which would not have worked without an reset.
    But why this reset so fast again ???

  8. DondergodDondergod01-29-2013

    Open Beta is the most stupid thing there is. If you go into open beta at this stage, the game won’t live long. To be honest, I might skip some months myself, since the map will be filled with spawnkillers and other cheaters/exploiters. After about 2 months they will be bored though, leave and we will be back to 100 players.

    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers01-29-2013

      I totally agree with you, i don’t want this game to die.
      It has to stay on closed beta for more time.
      Like look for example at Planet side 2, they released game with **** loads of bugs and performance issues and most of people didn’t even bothered to try that game just cause of that.

  9. Gaurav251Gaurav25101-29-2013

    Trust me when I say its to soon.

  10. venenumvenenum01-29-2013


  11. konigadlerkonigadler01-29-2013

    Yes I think a lot of experienced beta players are telling you MOTO that its too soon. Great news on the deal with Square Enix but a PR company should not push development. If the game lacks substance then you will loose a lot of people who will look at the game and go ‘meh!’ and leave due to lack of balance or too many bugs. First impressions last. You want to get the game ready first so that when you do release, the new people will be hooked and will stay. Just my many years of experience playing mmo’s……….

  12. SidoniusSidonius01-29-2013

    Oh my gosh, days of farming to get recon! Needed 10 000 more credits to buy new slot + recon character and it is freaking resetted! OH MY FREAKING GOSH.

  13. MorgomirMorgomir01-29-2013

    I think this game needs at the very least, uniform customization, a few more guns (a must) and reworked SFX among the already mentioned balance and bug issues. There aren’t quite enough features yet, more needs to be implemented. Wasn’t the Gewehr 43 being made? Is that weapon to be thoroughly tested?

    Unless you guys plan on having a really long open beta, I would keep it in closed until more is finished.

    In most of the betas I have tested, not much changed from open beta to launch, and that worries me here.

    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers01-29-2013

      That worries me aswell…

      • chaos205chaos20501-30-2013


  14. GrDHanibalGrDHanibal01-29-2013

    It aint my pony but, I don’t think she’s ready to show if ya know what i mean. Dog will hunt but too soon to woods it. lol Yall pickin up what i am layin down. G.G., still needs improv. in some spots jeeps and such more guns etc.

  15. benzerkerbenzerker01-29-2013

    I’m gonna add my voice and say that the game is not ready for open Beta!

  16. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti401-29-2013

    i Think th ebig problem is , you guys know to much about the future stuff . So you cant await see it implemented. And thats biggest problem.

    i fully Trust in Reto´s decide whenever it will be . And coming weeks, means for me coming weeks and not next week.

    And why not… agan i want see a List vith that “so crazy bugs” ever is talk about so much ones.. where ..? i didnt see any posts in Forum about “problems vith Bugs?” i really wonder about few how you cant just be patient. and hey your pessimistic style disturbs my Fun impression of that NEWS. thx…

    • benzerkerbenzerker01-30-2013

      And your always fanboy optimism seems rather…. biased..

      Do not take it on the wrong side.. I’m pretty sure that everybody who took the time to comment love this game.

    • fagadabafagadaba01-30-2013

      Read the comments(scroll down a little) from people who try the game for the first time:

      • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti401-30-2013

        sry but most of that comments seems to me not very “intelligent and qualitatively” , there you se how the palyer mind is infected vith crappy “merchendyse awaitings” and all in all R4ge and dabbler thoughts “to feell part of that Player vibe of .

        “one of them” read Buy Gold ….and hes instant sure that game is pay to win ” omg what a Quality researched comment , i really doesnt beter read that “self-displeased” childish comments , i got only head-shaking to that kind of comments , still hope we have few RPS users here who can a bit clear up sitation there vith “knowing” about game.

  17. CraneTYSCraneTYS01-30-2013

    I am totally agree with Sky Daggers and Dondergod the game is not ready for Open-Beta simply because of two reasons.1:A very small content and a lot of grind to get it (Weapons, Maps,Venichles) so it’s become booring for new players after few months.2.Now this game is really unfriendly for Begginers:disbalance, almost impossible to play with friends,сlanmates,and a lot of things that hard to understand for beginner.That’s the reason why we see the same questions over and over in support chanel.
    To Croatia: if you want to see a sufficient post about game issues and problems you can read this

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti401-30-2013

      Okey its a nice link you give to a nice feedback thread , but agan that just show how non patient and non informed players are.

      90% of his list is knowen thats worked on and if he really take care on info from reto about , he would know it.

      But there were agan by the point not patient and i wanna now all vibe.

      Step by step

      • DondergodDondergod02-01-2013

        Patience is the exact reason we are having this discussion. But not the patience of the playerbase, but of reto.

        We have the patience to keep playing, but that number is limited and to be honest: that’s not a bad thing. Once you go into open beta, you say to the world: The game is ready to be played like it should be played.

        And that’s clearly not the case here.

        They should call it Open-Alpha. They can unlock the doors, but still show everyone that they go into ‘open’ a lot earlier than other games.

        Might actually be a great promotion stunt to call it open-alpha. Don’t think anyone has ever done that before. That would really be telling people ‘the game is still very early, but we want more feedback so we do open up’.

  18. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers01-30-2013

    Oh by the way i can’t even log in to game like 3-4 weeks already after one of ”fixes”.
    Had that problem in some older build aswell but it gone after new build, so waiting for hansen…

  19. CraneTYSCraneTYS01-30-2013

    I hope you right Croatia, yes all things need time, that’s the reason why i was dissapointed by this news because i dont want Reto to harry up with all these things and make a good game.But with this news about close Open Beta it looks like they harry up.

  20. GrDHanibalGrDHanibal01-31-2013

    I have faith, but i like this game so much i dont wanna see it flop on release cuz of a few bugs u know. I’ll play still but id like to see it get huge russian front and africa front and possible japan china would be sick but maybe updates and patches and dlc is whats to come idk i’ll ride it out till it stops lol.

  21. dukecromdukecrom02-01-2013

    Will there be a reset AFTER the Open Beta?

  22. gamersrevenuegamersrevenue02-03-2013

    With them going open beta it just means there be more players. More people playing will provide the company and the game the information they need to fix the issues. They know of the recent issues and will fix them, I’m sure. That’s why other companies have open beta’s, like battlefield 3, crysis 3, and more. I don’t think they will launch the game premature once it goes to open beta. The game has been in closed beta for a long time. The DEV knows what their doing..

  23. plhanibalplhanibal02-07-2013

    Why cant login server frez ? can’t ply help

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