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What does the Reto office look like? – People

Ever so often people ask “What does the Reto office look like?”
(Splixxen! You just made that up! /Ed.)

We sometimes move around to make communication easier, for the people who needs to work together.
At the moment, one of the rooms is called “The Action Room”, where we have all the guys working on stuff for the action game; Level design, Vehicle design, Action game code, Animations, Stats, QA, etc.

So here’s a small glimpse into the world of Reto’s (messy?) workstations ;-)

The Rainbow-colored elephant watches closely as Reto.Leto tweaks the vehicle code.
Reto.FleCK and Reto.Ratamahat strikes a pose, when asked to “look natural”, while working on the new Skirmish map.
(It is true! Whenever you look at them, they turn around in unison and look back at you like this! /Ed.)

This is where I consume a large amount of Red Bull, while I hunt the evil bugs.
(The drawers in the right of the photo are all full of either Red Bull or other things that consists mainly of sugar! /Ed.)

  1. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti401-24-2013

    Helloo :)

    heyy splixxen , i think the modem behind your chair is a bit displaced, it restrict your movemant …

    when youre on sugar i mean….


  2. ChlodovechChlodovech01-24-2013

    I see 2 developpers needing to share a small desk, mouse and keyboard while another developper sits their with a giant desk, 3 monitors, 2 keyboards, 2 computer mouses and a chair probably too comfortable to not fall asleep in.

    btw, is that a role of toilet paper at Reto.Fleck’s desk?

  3. CraneTYSCraneTYS01-24-2013

    New Skirmish map sounds real good.And tweaking venichles too.Keep going devs!

  4. Gaurav251Gaurav25101-24-2013

    “This is where I consume a large amount of Red Bull”

    Red bull gives you wings!

  5. MattMatt01-25-2013

    I have that same mouse and keyboard fleck, except now the mouse is dying now. :(

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