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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 3

The Guderian build is online. This build has a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ fixes and updates as well as the new ‘Squad Leader’ functionality and the ‘First Blood’ mode.
The new Squad Leader is the first iteration and we hope it will make it easier for players to understand where to go and what to do by following their Squad Leader’s orders. We have a lot of ideas of new functionality that we want to add to the Squad Leaders and we will gather feedback and statistics from the game to see what to implement/fix/change first.
‘First Blood’ is the first (hehe) step in building a set of tutorials for the game. New players will get a quick and fun introduction to the game and have a chance to setup their graphics settings before joining a ‘real’ game. The first addition you will see to ‘First Blood’ is the ability to replay the mission whenever you please. This was on the list for the Guderian build, but we could not get it done on time, so we rolled out ‘First Blood’ without it. This feature is first on the list to add.
Reto.Leto has been rewriting a lot of the vehicle code and that has been rolled out in Guderian, unfortunately we immediately found a lot of bugs, so we are hard at work getting them fixed. The reasons we are rebuilding the vehicle code are multiple, but some of them are: Easier to maintain and tweak wheeled and tracked vehicles when using the same code, friction system for slipping and sliding, climbers on tracked vehicles for better handling on rough ground AND it is the first step for having destructible terrain features!

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Developer Blogs this Week

Reto Sweat Shop

By Reto.Mato, Lead Character Artist
“Looking up from his binary sewing machines Reto.Mato spills the beans on the incoming German parachute.” Read More

Guderian Build Online!

By Reto.Robotron3000, Community Manager & Game Designer
“A quick guide to the new ‘First blood’ and ‘Squad Leader’ features added in this build” Read More

Happy New Server Year!

By Reto.Goonstah, Programmer & Technical Lead
“We’ve launched new server locations for the action game” Read More

Team Debriefing



Game Director
“- Terrain Shader Iteration”
“- Terrain Workflow”
“- Simple Design for starter packs”
“- A few meetings (game management, teams, starter pack design)”
“- More work on Battle Auto-Resolve (Demo)”
“- Optimizing Campaign Map”
“- Optimizing Particle system used for the burning cities on campaign map”
“- Listening through the entire Slayer discography (do this more often :-))”
“- Installing graphics software on our new render-slave so I can update the campaign map.”


Level Designer
” – Been testing and wrapping up a new skirmish map – fun, yes”
” – and hot fixed various bugs on Guderian – fun, not so much”
Level Designer
“- Worked on new Skirmish map”
“- Testing and tuning my ‘import roads’ script in SoftImage”
“- Getting photographed for developer profile and filling in profile info :)”


Community Manager & Game Designer
“- Helping Reto.Bacon w. interviews”
“- Helping Reto.hansG run/monitor some server backups, while he is on vacation”
“- Forum update planning”
“- Level Design input”
“- Gather stuff for Guderian Changelog”
“- Write short Squad Leader tutorial”



3D Artist
“- Building new reconnaissance vehicles, fixing and optimizing Guderian.”
“- Reworking chat and GUI for the Hansen build.”


Lead Character Artist
“- I’m making UVs for various ingame models.”


Art Director
“- Shopping for new winter boots”
“- Optimizing workflow”


Lead Animator
“- Animation”
“- Plague”
“- Animation”


Concept Artist
“- I’ve been working on a fern model that hopefully can be used to fill up the forest floor so that it comes alive a bit more, but there are still some tweaking to do before it can get ingame.”
“- Wrote a blogpost as well about a drop caninster ive been working on.”


Effects Dude
“- Making better bullet impacts on various materials”
3D Artist
“- As I wait to be dropped behind enemy lines I have been building game mesh and UV mapping to pass the time.”

Coders & QA


Programmer and Technical Lead
“- Meetings”
“- Ran the installer in Russian for the first time”
“- Bug fixes”
“- Localization work”


Render Programmer
“- Build and Deploy of Guderian release to Live”
“- More design meeting on strategy battle system”
“- Fixing bugs Guderian”
“- Help prepare server backend for more players”


Gameplay Programmer
“- Guderian fixes”
“- New ingame chat”


Gameplay Programmer
“- Played with toy cars aka Vehicle code work, hope new version online before Wednesday next week”
“- Crash bug fixed on Mountain Village”
“- Bug fix installer”


Senior Programmer
“New Resource System:”
“- Engine is pretty much up and running, characters and grass is missing.”


Lead Tester
“- Meetings.”
“- Handle Guderian feedback.”
“- Test hotfixes.”
“- Train new QA/testers.”
“- Verify fixes.”


IT Architect
“- bug fix – supplylines not updating correctly”
“- bug fix – battle re-creation fix”
“- bug fix – battlefield getting blocked due to creation of multiple battles at the same location”
“- bug fix – result of winning a skirmish is not correct. If attackers lose, they should retreat. If defenders lose, nothing happens.”
“- bug fix – avoid handling AT retreat after battle, if the war is over.”
“- bug fix – AT movement check depending on their resources fails on the server and allows depleted ATs to move sometimes”


Flash Programmer
“- Crash fixes, bug fixes and more fixes [Guderian]”
“- Tweaked small changes for launch of new build [Guderian]”
“- Fixed a bug with WarIsOverScreen showing data in the wrong places [Guderian]”
“- Implemented login handling for joining, when servers are full [Hansen]”
“- Revamped Assault Team rendering/components for Campaign map, seeing HUGE improvements in performance in initial tests [Hansen]”


Server Programmer
“- Worked on design document for changes to the strategy battle system”
“- Introduced compression that should speed up load times for the flash client”
“- Now hunting for weird bug related to multiple logins and choosing new wars.”


Server Programmer
“- Guderian testing”
“- Got an old strategy game load tester working and added some awesome features to it. Apparently, 50 players moving 8 fighter squadrons each to random battles, looks amazing on the campaign map :-)”


Mobile Programmer
“- Had my photo taken, wearing one of my scout sniper uniforms. “
“- Fixing bugs in the iOS client. “
“- Attended some design meetings. “



Lead Sound Designer
“- Helping Reto.Splixen test the ‘First Blood’ tutorial and other Guderian related items.”
“- Reading and commenting on the 2nd draft of the script for the Squad Leader dialog.”
“- Fixing Guderian sound-bugs.”
“- Installing and setting up our new nice sound library! :)”
“- Researching and working on sounds for the US WLA 1942 motorcycle.”


Audio Programmer
“- Bug fixing on Guderian”
“- Flash optimizations”

Management, IT & support


“- Planning the Hansen release”
“- Marketing/PR planning”
“- Investigating analytics tools with Reto.Goonstah and Reto.CrazyCat”
“- The usual bunch of production meetings”
“- Coordinating stuff with laser_hobbes (Square Enix Producer) “


IT Admin
“- Vacation”


Project Coordinator
“- Meetings of all kind.”
“– Production, Team Lead, Openings, Spontaneous kitchen meetings….”
“- And follow up on all the tasks from the meetings.”
“A very nice busy week :)”


Support Manager
“- Job interviews”
“- Reading job applications”
“- More interviews”
“- Some support”
“- Evening chats on live”
“- Another interview (why did none of the applicants bring bacon, they must not want the job!)”


Games Analyst
“- Meetings with analysis tool providers”
“- Getting familiar with our databases and running queries”
“- Getting killed a lot in Heroes & Generals”



The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
Developer Department

  1. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers01-18-2013

    “starter packs” ? Is it a part for steam release ? Cause lots of free games on steam has starter packs wich you buy to get something extra in game, like special currency aka gold.

    Oh and few suggestions.
    Old school flashlight, who would be attached to soldiers chest if they buy it.
    Light for jeeps( Cause it’s really really hard to drive with jeep in night map through trees) aswell, and make option to turn them off at any time with F button so you won’t give away your position easilly.
    Aswell it would be fun to have M-COM mode like in bf3 where you have to rush.
    Then any kind of russian faction sneak peak to lure lots of Russian players, just to lure them, you don’t have to rush with new faction a bait is enough for that stage of game..
    By the way Squad leader needs simple stuff like “follow me” command or whole squad leader feature should be taken out cause atm it’s kind of useless and lacks of features and not rewarding for “leaders”

  2. MattMatt01-18-2013

    Will you be doing a blog post or at least a thread on the starter packs? I’m sure a lot of players are interested and probably have an opinion to give.

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