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Incoming CLE Drop Canisters

While Reto.Mato is working on German RZ parachutes, reto.dave has been working on an allied item related to air. In the future we of course want to have different drop canisters for each faction as well as let airdrops of supplies be player controlled. – Reto.Robotron3000


I’m currently working on a CLE drop canister, it is going to be used for the supply depots. They look a bit boring at the moment; so we put a bit of effort into making them a more interesting.

Closed canister frontClosed canister front

Closed CLE canister front view above & back view below

Closed canister backClosed canister back

When I began working on the canister I imagined that Google would be flooded with images of drop canisters, but that was not really the case so we have been scouring the internet for collectors’ images and images from militaria auctions. After some more research I found, to my surprise, that not only did they use the canisters for weapons and such but they even made a small… well motorcycle I guess it is, but looks more like a scooter for kids :-D I, for one, would like to see those in the game at one point, I believe it will be just as fun as the bicycles ;-) I’ve included an image of one of them below (it was developed for another type of canister though).

Wikipedia Image of Corgi/Welbike at RAF Museum CosfordWikipedia Image of Corgi/Welbike at RAF Museum Cosford

This one is exhibited at the RAF Museum at Cosford.

But back to the game, so far I have only made the highpoly model for the drop canister, and in my next blog post I’m hopefully done with the ingame model :-).

Here are 2 views of an open canister.

Open canisterOpen canister

Open canister backOpen canister back

 And if you want to read more about this type of canisters Wikipedia can help you out here.

As always comments and questions are more than welcome!

Signing off Reto.dave

  1. rosiemarosiema01-17-2013

    Great, so perhaps we are getting supply drops like the Commander can request in bf2?

    Now we only need a sort of spyplane to show enemy targets temporarily on the map of the commander/ Kommandeur and we are there.

    THen HnG can finally get the commander thing of bf2:

  2. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers01-17-2013

    Wow…. Just wow, how can you guys even think of such awesome ideas ?
    Most of devs just thinking about profit… But since alpha i can only see this game improving all the time.

  3. KROATKROAT01-18-2013

    ” They look a bit boring at the moment” , naaaaa they just look british, but awesome.

  4. Reto.daveReto.dave01-18-2013

    Thank you for your comments! :D
    at some point the germans will be made as well :)

  5. DeusTempestusDeusTempestus01-18-2013

    dont get me wrong, its a great idea and i like it but..

    you have the time and the manpower to work on things like that, and paracutes (last news) and much more, but not enough time to work on new maps, vehicles, airplanes, tanks, weapons……????
    i mean, its nice to see you working on things like supply canister (great job btw) but there is no plane ingame to drop them… so. … where is the plane you are working on to drop these things? would be much more interesting…
    or the maps – which are so big – that players really need airsupply..?

    after the last patch i really wonder about you guys.
    it seems you have enough ppl to work on irrelevant things – but the game itself doesnt look like that – neither the general nor the heroes part.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300001-18-2013

      First – it is not the same people doing these things that make levels or fix performance issues in Flash or write backend code. As for planes we currently have the Junker Ju52 and the Skytrain that we use for paratroopers, we will use them for dropping supplies first. Also the canisters will be used on the ground to resupply players with f.ex. ammo.

      We can’t just move people around and have character artist write backend code or design levels or have 3D artists write code.

      Weapons are on a separate line of production and we are working on more. Weapons do take a bit more effort to get into the game than replacing a placeholder parachute with a correct model.
      F.ex. adding a new weapon involves at least – building the model, sknning, textures, maps etc as we as handling animations, reload animations, stats for the weapon, balancing, weapon mod design, weapon mod balancing, 2D renders for the character screen and shop, price setup, rank unlock setups, and probably more things that I forgot.

      Compare that to the parachute: Replace placeholder parachute model w. new parachute model – DONE!

      I hope that explains it a bit more.


    • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers01-18-2013

      To make a good map it takes lots of time, like look at skirmish map it’s complete piece of crap, i guess it was rushed… and then look at Town map it’s amazing it has alot of cover in it lots of buildings that you can enter and even alot of clever places to “stalk” your enemies.

  6. DeusTempestusDeusTempestus01-18-2013

    Thank you for the answers.
    Again, pls dont get me wrong – i think you guys do a great job so far – and the whole idea of the game itself has great capability.
    i was just wondering about your priorities – and im still wondering about some decisions ( but thats another story)
    anyway, now i understand you a little bit more, and for the explanation concerning weapons – i really appreciate it.

  7. CraneTYSCraneTYS01-19-2013

    I think it’s a really good idea with these Canisters, also now transport planes become more usefull because if you are one para in battle you can just jum out of it and waste these planes.

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