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Guderian build online!

We have rolled out the first version of the Guderian build. The main features that we have added is a ‘First Blood’ tutorial mission for new players and the Squad Leader functionality for more experienced players!

First Blood

The ‘First Blood’ mission is a short single-player mission that lets new players get to grips with the life of an infantry man in Heroes & Generals. They are shown how to pick up new weapons and destroy enemies, as well as how to handle hand grenades, anti-tank weapons and even the Anti-Air weapons. We also introduce how to adjust sights when using weapons with adjustable sights.

First Blood ScreenshotFirst Blood Screenshot

Squad Leader

The Squad Leader is a new function in the action game. The highest ranked member of each assault team is automatically made the Squad Leader for that team. He can of course decide that he does not want the responsibility and resign, passing the title on to the next player, the same thing happens if the Squad Leader disconnects.
Press ‘B‘ (or your key for binocular) to enter Squad Leader mode.

Squad Leader ScreenshotSquad Leader Screenshot

How do I order people around?

After equipping your binoculars (default key ‘B’) you can start giving out commands.
You point at something with the crosshairs or through the binoculars and press the corresponding button. On the screenshot you can see that I have ordered my squad to defend the ruins in the left of the picture. You can tell your squad to attack an area by looking at it and pressing either the left mouse button for attack or ‘Q’ for defend. If you want to tell your squad to attack or defend an objective, look at that objectives icon and press the button. If I, for example wanted to tell my squad to attack B3 I would look at B3’s icon and press Mouse 1 (left mouse button).
The legend on the left shows the currently available commands.

My squad’s current default spawn is B2 visible by the small ‘home’ icon shown next to B2’s icon. If my squad members don’t do anything they will automatically spawn where I have selected (if possible). If they think my orders are silly (or if I forgot to update the default spawn), players can always access the spawn menu and choose for themselves.

What’s next for Squad Leaders and ‘First Blood’?

These are the first versions of both the ‘First Blood’ series of tutorials and the ‘Squad Leader’. What that means is that we will closely observe how fun they are to play with (and collect info on possible bugs and strangenesses). The next step in ‘First Blood’ is to get it set up so you can play it more than once, and so players that already have a character can try it, and in the future we want to expand it to also show you how to use vehicles and maybe precision shooting at long distance – or what we figure out is necessary based on ao. feedback from you guys. The next step in the Squad Leader is to look at getting a better overview of who’s on your team and what they do so you as Squad Leader can make better informed decisions.

  1. rosiemarosiema01-15-2013

    This game is getting mature.

  2. TitusTitus01-15-2013

    This update was the worst ever, back to alpha mode. Why change the blue dots to huge shields? Why are allied paratroppers in campaginemode jesus him self. 7 allied paratroppers aginst 974 mech inf, 24 hevytanks, 32 fighters, 16 medium tanks & 32 axis paratrooper (3stars) they can hold 1h 3 min and still wins the battel. Not even Major Winter can do it in Band of Brothers.

  3. DeusTempestusDeusTempestus01-15-2013

    omg, wtf you guys did?
    graphic finetuning? what for???
    where are new vehicles, maps, weapons and much more… you spend your time for graphic finetuning????? in that stage of the game??? nobody cared about some placeholders…
    and yes, a tutorial…ok, too many idiots dont even understand a simple game.. well, well done..

    and wtf are these big big new objective letters? destroy the whole battlefield illusion, looks cheap!!!
    im out here…
    im very very disappointed.

  4. FontanFontan01-16-2013

    Regarding this topic i made months ago: : THANK YOU

  5. OuchOuch01-16-2013

    A problem also seems to be that when a battle is progressing and reinforcements are sent to the town, those reinforcements can’t be used — I hope this is just temporary.

    I also echo the big shield thing above your faction player’s heads — those things are totally in the way — go back to a really small dot. And I also agree that the huge objective letters obtrusive and cheapen the feel — maybe make it where you can toggle them on like pulling up the map….

    I do love the new bullet physics — when a bullet hits the ground — very cool.

  6. benzerkerbenzerker01-16-2013

    meh… all this time for such a build?..

    Things are moving slowly!!

  7. zerov25zerov2501-16-2013

    I don’t like the new inmap objectives icons, I think you should risk in retro styles because afterall this is WW2 and not WW3.

    You had that essence when we had the old style icons, it was pretty awesome those ones :)

    Although the design, I really like you did introduce names in action instead only on the in game map.

  8. willybrown93willybrown9301-20-2013

    Ignore these naysayers, I think yuo guys are doing a great job! I myself am on a low-to medium-range pcm, and I appreciate the effort you put in to make the game accessible us users.
    I even put in $20 because I can see that this game is going to be something worth playing for years to come :D

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