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H&G Newspaper 9th Edition

From the desk of Dondergod:

Welcome to the ninth edition of the H&G newspaper. The 13th war of Felber has been a hard war so far in which the allies have shown that teamwork isn’t impossible in their faction. Being one of the new unofficial Allied High Command it is easy for me to write how they work. But not very easy to talk from an axis perspective. That’s why I mostly want to do a shout-out to axis generals, sent me articles! This can of course be done to [email protected]

From the desk of AHC (Allied High Command):

Comrades, thank you for participating in this war! We have fought through many battles like brothers in arms, we have cut through the enemy lines swiftly and without hesitation and we have done many great deeds that would surely be remembered! Did we give up after we lost half of France? No! We pushed onward! Did we give up at the countless battles in Den Haag and in the Netherlands? No! We pushed onward! Did we give up after we lost important front line cities? No! we pushed onward! Let us not forsake our comrades, do not give up and win Berlin! War #13 will be won by the Allies!

From the desk of GHC (German High Command):

We all know we were going to receive a damn good thrashing out there; however, keep a stiff upper lip and walk off at the final battle with dignity and pride; safe in the knowledge that at least you will never have to wear US things.
That said, Axis team, prepare for the next war and listen very carefully to the strategies told on the chat…the US luck is gone now
lead, don’t follow, because like Einstein said once “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and hoping the result to change” AXIS is not insane.

The Allies may have won the war, but we will be back. Axis is the future! Which explains… why this war the world was not ready for us yet. But next time we won’t be so kind, next time we will bring everyone on their knees who opposes us! We will destroy them with our iron fist! WE ARE AXIS!!! And we are not afraid…

Heroes & Generals News

Vol.: 1. Issue: 9

Felber War 10 Recap

Since I wasn’t there when the allies won the war, I am very glad someone took a screenshot of the final push towards Berlin. Apparently, teamwork won the allies the war, since a lot of heroes and generals teamed up in teamspeak to coordinate the attacks. Because of this success, more and more allies seem to be starting to use more teamwork, as well as teamspeak to work on their victory’s.

Felber War 13: Allied HQ

For those who read the forums, you might already have hard about the Unofficial Allied HQ. From the start of war 13, this group of about 20 guys have done great things for the allies. During the start, they pushed very hard on the axis front-line, making some good ground. The first 24 hours of the war showed a very chaotic impression on the axis side. Troops were moving from north to south to north again, without going into any battles. The sudden cooperation on Allied side clearly confused the axis generals. Though, they managed to get their shit back together and start their counter offensive. For the three days that came, the Axis had the upper hand and slowly pushed the Allies away. Some of the allied generals already started to think the new HQ had failed, but after a hard push back towards England and a small part of Western-France, the allied made their stand, sometimes they lost a few city’s, but they managed to retake them every time the HQ was at it’s peak in activity.

Around this moment, I had other business to attend to and did not log in for almost 24 hours, but when I did, at ingame day 24 (real-time day 6) the allied forces had actually won a great amount of ground and the frontline was pretty much back at where it started; The Rhein River.

At day 27 the war even took a bigger turn, when the allied generals found a gap in the axis lines. The allies stormed through some assault teams while starting to take out the surrounded axis city’s. When the axis noticed they were cut off, they sent an strong force on the thin allied forces. HQ tried to get all their troops in there, but some thought it had no chance and would not cooperate. The axis biggest assault was on Bad Salzungen, I myself was part of the defence for this city. We had 1 infantry and 1 light tank unit, they had several infantry units, medium tanks and light tanks. It didn’t take long before we ran out of stuarts, and with total supply dropping, I pulled all the strings I could to get more supply in. For the next half an hour that followed (in which the axis captured the church multiple times) we kept getting small drops of supply, which we could live on just long enough till the next supply’s came in. After an half hour though, things turned quickly, while we kept getting fresh supply’s their supply’s were getting lower as well now, until we reached the turning point where we had the advance in supply. With all of their medium tanks gone and only light ones left, we countered their assault and even managed to push them off the map.

The battle for Bad Salzungen is probably the most important victory of day 27 (and the whole real-time day as well) if not from the entire war! The allies fighting in it may be proud of themselves!

Two hours after the start of the cut, the breakthrough chances of the axis became smaller and smaller, the allied forces now had enough supply and the frontline was now up to 3 lines thick, rather then the earlier 2, or at some places even 1 city. Finally, after almost around six hours of fighting, the allies finished clearing all the axis city’s they had cut off. Strengthened by their victory’s, the allied kept winning battles all over the map and the axis city was getting closer and closer

Volume: 1
Issue: 9
Weeks: 1,2
Year: 2013
Led by: Reto.Robotron3000
Community Editor: Dondergod
Written by:
AHC: Raul
GHC: Mecket & Unknown
War 10 recap: Volfram (screenshot) & Dondergod
Felber war 13, Allied HQ: Dondergod

  1. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti401-21-2013

    yeye war 13 impressions , true and nacked proceed link :

    btw, nice story donder, i like how you ever are part of “most Importand” battles in your newsletter.

  2. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers01-22-2013

    “allies have shown that teamwork isn’t impossible in their faction.”
    Nice sense of humour donder!

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    enjoy the papers. GJ

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