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Happy New Server Year!

As some of you already noticed, we got some new servers up in Australia and Japan, with two more in Texas and Brazil on the way.

Orange servers are online. Green ones are coming soonOrange servers are online. Green ones are coming soon

Orange servers are online. Green ones are coming soon

Getting good ping in Australia has been underway for a long time, but we finally got it. We also have quite a few players from Brazil, so we’ll add a server there. There’s also a server on the way in Texas, which can provide good ping for California and Florida which currently don’t have the best connection.

We do our best to keep an eye on where servers are needed and put servers there. If you feel that we missed a spot, please let us know in the forum.

  1. Gaurav251Gaurav25101-15-2013

    African players will be dissapointed to know that H&G is not accessible to them xD

  2. rosiemarosiema01-15-2013

    Good to see that HnG is growing server wise too.

  3. harlequinharlequin01-15-2013


  4. tikshen2tikshen201-16-2013


  5. BloodskyBloodsky01-16-2013

    Woot Texas! I will have good ping now ;D

  6. kachaumkachaum01-16-2013

    thanks for that upcoming server on Brazil devs!

  7. Gen.MansteinGen.Manstein01-17-2013

    Thank you for the server in Brazil!!

  8. peladinshipeladinshi01-22-2013

    Siiiiiiiiiii sudameria lo necesita…..

    thanks for that upcoming server

  9. reto.goonstahreto.goonstah01-29-2013

    Quick update: The servers in Texas and Brazil are now online.

  10. amegaaraamegaara01-31-2013

    are there plans to make servers in turkey/the middle east area?

  11. punzybobopunzybobo02-06-2013

    Wish they would make a server by the West Coast US, preferably Oregon or Northern California.

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