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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 43

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, this last week has been spent getting a lot of things fixed that we wanted to get done before the Holidays.

The Squad Leader commands are coming along nicely, we have locked down the features for the first iteration and we are talking about and designing the next iteration. Today Reto.Hr.Wille discovered that the Squad Leader binocular had a cone fire setup that resulted in soldiers often being told to attack and destroy the grass right next to the enemy tank :-) Killing an enemy Squad Leader has also made his way into the First Blood level as an objective.

If you haven’t seen the December issue of ‘News from the front’ we have a small Christmas present for you: Download the two new tracks by Jesper Kyd in mp3 here.

There will not be an Intelligence Briefing next week as most of us will be recuperating from the orgy of food that is a traditional Danish Yule, while preparing to set off enough fireworks to to make night into day on New Year’s Eve :-)

From all of us here at Reto-Moto, it has been a pleasure to work so close to a so dedicated community for all of 2012 and we hope that you will continue to help us make the game YOU want to play in 2013 :-)

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Developer Blogs this Week

News from the front, December

By Reto.Robotron3000, Community Manager & Game Designer
“Out monthly newsletter with an overview of what we are tinkering with” Read More

H&G Newspaper 7th Edition

By Dondergod, Community Newspaper Mogul
“News from the Felber wars, a bit about platoons, and more” Read More

Team Debriefing



Game Director
“- Had some water plants delivered”
“- Trying to see if I can train the fish in one of the aquariums to work as a render slave by feeding them yeast and threatening them with pouring vinegar into the water if they don’t behave.”
“- So far it is looking good.”


Level Designer
“Submitted “First Blood” for testing – and it’s actually pretty funny to do some single player setup again… “
Level Designer
“- Work on new skirmish map”
“- Scrutinizing some documents i ‘found’ in New York…”


Community Manager & Game Designer
“- Fix on Halftrack’s HP and armor [Guderian]”
“- Fix on armor on Sherman fenders”
“- Forum followup, make sure that people read the relevant posts.”
“- Vehicle tweaks and polish.”



3D Artist
“- Working more on the new in game icons and HUD.”


Lead Character Artist
“- Has been the victim of an enemy infection with the plague.”


Art Director
“- Gløgg and Æbleskiver”
“- Same procedure as last week :-)”


Lead Animator
“- This week I have done weather-settings tweaks due to new tonemapping models and return of distance shadows. “
“- Also I have worked on marketing material.”


Concept Artist
“- Been working on the First Blood level, building new props and placing a zillion grass patches”


Effects Dude
“- Been tortured by Reto.Robotron3000’s request for tracer adjustments”
“- Caught the Christmas plague.”
3D Artist
“- They said the war would be over by Christmas.”
“Not for me.”
“Building game mesh and thinking about home.”
“When this is all over I am going to get me a small farm and have a peaceful life.”
“Maybe, just maybe.. . . .”
“Have a good one!”

Coders & QA


Programmer and Technical Lead
“- The usual round of bugfixes etc. “
“- Then i did a lot of sneezing, coughing, noseblowing, watching reality TV. “


Render Programmer
“- Mostly bugfixing on Felber and Guderian”


Gameplay Programmer
“The same as the last two weeks, Easy Access and Squad Leader”


Gameplay Programmer
“- I’ve been working a bit more on the AI. “
“- Started working on the friction model for the vehicles and put climbers on the front and back of the tank tracks”


Senior Programmer
“- New Resource System – everything packs and engine is beginning to run with the new system.”


Lead Tester
“- Test First blood.”
“- Test Localization.”
“- Meetings.”
“- Handle feedback from testers.”
“- Eat candy.”
“- Test hotfixes.”
“- Poke people with a stick.”


IT Architect
“- Recover Game Servers from the “Great Server Depression of 2012”
“- Reset war fix”
“- Transferring resource fix”


Flash Programmer
“- Fixed Health bar update on Assault Teams on Campaign map [Guderian]”
“- First Blood tweaks and updates [Guderian]”
“- Assault Team Details tweaked for better updating [Guderian]”
“- Added Night and Day cycle for Strategy map [Guderian]”


Server Programmer
“- Well, I spent the start of the week having great fun with the fallout from last weekends server crash.”
“- After we got things stabilized again, I’ve been continuing my work on transactional consistency for view data. “
“- Merry Christmas, folks.”


Mobile Programmer
“- Fixed some more bugs on the mobile clients, and started looking into streamlining the build process.”
“- Learned more about the internal workings of the strategy game.”
“- Kept forgetting to buy Christmas presents, so GF had to do it instead.”
“- Fixed some more bugs.”
“- Finally got the Mac/PC setup to work just so.”



Lead Sound Designer
“- For the last two weeks I have been working on the sounds for the squad leader. “
“- We have also started to work with a script writer and we have received the 1. draft for dialog for the squad leader.”


Audio Programmer
“- Squad leader in-game info, sound + display “
“- Bug fixes”

Management, IT & support


“- Did a review of First Blood. It’s looking great and looks like it will be a great introduction to the action game for new users.”
“- Board meeting stand-in for Reto.RedBjarne, who were at the infirmary”
“- Production meeting with Game Management”
“- Trailer meeting with our Brand Manager, Amanda, from Square Enix”
“- Production meeting with Team Leads”
“- Working on ‘legal’ stuff (as opposed to ‘illegal’ stuff… or… well, no it’s…. nevermind, it’s a bit old that joke isn’t it… :-S )”
“- Production meeting with one of our Producers, Hugh, in the Square Enix camp”
“- The usual stakeholder reports


IT Admin
“- Building new super-server”
“- Did some network trimming”
“- Built a proper render slave and stuck it in the rack in the basement, hooked it up on the network as //Aquarium-render, please don’t tell Reto.RedBjarne,”


Project Coordinator
“- Meetings, Coordination, Practical stuff and now I will buy æbleskiver and glögg to my colleagues.”
“- Merry christmas and happy new year :-)”


Support Manager
“- Christmas tickets!”



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  1. evilsamarevilsamar12-21-2012

    At first I read ” It has been a pleasure workin so close with so ADDICTED community” and I was: WTF are they talking about?! Then after reading for the second time I realized what are you acctually talking about.

  2. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti412-23-2012

    I vish all Reto Team A really Great Time, merry christmass and happy new year .

    Stay like you are and all will be wonderfully

    Thx for a Hot and Emotional loaded Year 2012.

    In hope 2013 will shine in Heroes and Generals Name. btw.. RETO FTW !! JeeaahhHH

    • cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti412-23-2012

      i like that Pictures allot.

  3. fagadabafagadaba12-24-2012

    RedBjarne, try playing some electronic music to those fish. I’ve found best results with Venetian Snares playing at maximum volume gets my aquarium-render-farm great speeds to compile and render.

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