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H&G Newspaper 8th Edition

From the desk of Dondergod:

Welcome to the eight edition of the H&G newspaper, the last one of this year! Though, we aren’t looking back at the past year yet. I’m going to do that in a special appearance of the newspaper but I need YOU to help me! Which brings me to the first article of this week: ‘1 week till New-Year’. After that I will tell you something about the wars from the past week. There is a short story from an axis general and at the end we have an article about myself playing as a hero on the axis side (hence the axis screenshots from this week). As always, if you want to see anything different, or would like to write an article yourself, you can send it to [email protected] or notify me ingame for more information.

Heroes & Generals News

Vol.: 1. Issue: 8

1 week till New-Year

Due to miscommunication between me and myself here in the Reto HQ, this newspaper is a few days delayed. Sorry for that and Happy New Year to all. – Reto.Robotron3000

I don’t know yet when this newspaper will be made public, but seeing the end of 2012 is within our reach, I want to ask people to share some of their experiences of the last year with us. What was the biggest and best update of this year? What bug made you laugh? What was the best war you ever fought. I want to make the new-years edition special, but I cannot do this without your help! So share your story, it doesn’t matter if it’s a 5 page essay, or a 3 sentence experience, everything can be used! As always, you can mail them to [email protected], pm’ed on the forums or you can poke me ingame (just don’t do it with a knife). The end date to deliver your story is 30 December 24:00 GMT +0100

Felber Felbar wars 4, 5, 6 and 7: From Berlin to london in 24 hours

As much fun and hard fought wars 1, 2 and 3 were, that’s how boring and easy won the wars of 4-7 were. The wars lasted between 12 hours and 2 days and the allies were completely wiped of the map. I made some screenshots of the wars, but I could not keep up with the swiftly changing frontline in the axis advantage.

Between the wars, both sides still claim to have strongly underpowered weapons compared to the enemy counterpart. What I can say about that is that both sides are right. Both sides have their OP weapons, combining those weapons ingame, actually give the game a pretty balanced status. The allies mostly seem to have the advantage in the early tier weapons, the garand and the stuart. While the axis late-tier weapons, the mg42 and the tiger, can win in any 1vs1 battle. The mixture of multiple weapons keep the battles interesting for both sides.

The reason why the axis win is one simple word ‘overpop’. I’ve seen wars in which 250 allies joined and 350 axis joined. The allies are doing what they can, but with 40% less assault teams and 25%-30% less heroes, the allies simply cannot win their battles.

I did find a nice short story on the forums after posting there I was searching for them. I decided to use it for this newspaper and hope you guys will enjoy it:

Leaving the door open

By: Suicidal_Skorzeny

There we were in Rethel, holding on with only ONE remaining infantryman of a severely depleted Guard AT… I don’t recall whose AT it was sitting there, but as I had 3 ATs ready to act I plunged them into Rethel to assist. We were reinforced by other Axis ATs and upon our victory the reinforcing ATs bugged out to another pitched battle. Left at Rethel I realized that BEYOND Rethel was a vacant town, a hole in the Allied’s lines! Woo to the hoo hoo! With those whacky three ATs idling eagerly in Rethel, I popped through the gap with no lube or encouragement necessary, to soft-cap ALL OF WESTERN FRANCE! (YAY!)

Ask anybody….that’s what happened. No kidding.

A battle without tanks

After three wars, I got bored of the constant losing and even I decided to join the axis forces with my second account (testing character) named Dalmore. I hadn’t fought on axis side for months and it was time to get a feel for the axis weaponry again.

My first battle was immediately a great battle. It was an auto-generated battle, from which I cannot remember the name. I remember fighting against one of my allied platoon mates, who I of course really wanted to kill! I was a rank 0 rifleman, no pistol, no melee weapon, just my rifle and some nades.
I spawned at the north-west farm (the one leading to the river crossing), and me and my five friends rushed towards the church. We were soon laying on the river bedding engaging the enemy across the river.

While four of us were picking off several enemy’s, the two other guys grabbed a bike and drove it over the stone bridge and we managed to kill all enemy’s and take the point quite easily. On our other flank, south-east, the our guys owned the south side of the pontoon and our enemy’s the north, throughout the entire battle neither side managed to take the enemy position.

For us it was a lot more interesting, while now owning the river-crossing we could start our attacks on the church. While using the houses as cover and defending eachothers backs, myself and another guy managed to get inside the church. Shamefully, two enemy’s joined us in the building and it stopped the cap-timer, while their friends started capping back the river crossing. We managed to clear the church, but the enemy captured the river crossing before we could get the church. We both decided to rush back to the river, but ran into my platoon-mate… who was carrying his Thompson.
After respawning I noticed the enemy had stolen our idea to flank, while some were still at the crossing, others were in the woods, taking their shots at us. How they did it I cannot say, but every time I killed one of them, 10 seconds later the next one seemed to pop-up. At one point we even lost our spawnpoint and had to take it back. Luckily, enemy supply was starting to get lower and lower, then again… so was ours. We decided to really try and focus on getting those kills. While their men died left and right, our time was starting to grow short. We had to go for the last push
While my friends moved on the river-crossing once more, I took my potshots, killing 1 and wounding 2 enemy soldiers. My guys managed to win the battle over the point and we all moved up towards the church again. The battles between the river crossing and the church lasted about five minutes, and with 7 minutes left on the clock, they had lost all their respawns. We managed to grab the church and reunited with our six attackers from the south, swiftly we moved on their final point and with minimal resistance left, we took our objective.

Before I forget, I killed my squaddie 6 times and he killed me only 3 times :P.

Server down

A nice picture about last weeks server problems.

Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Weeks: 51
Year: 2012
Led by: Reto.Robotron3000
Community Editor: Dondergod
Written by:
1 week till new-year – Dondergod
Felber wars 4,5,6 and 7: From Berlin to london in 24 hours – Dondergod
Leaving the door open – Suicidal_Skorzeny
A battle without tanks – Dondergod
Server down (‘painting’) – Derpy

  1. DondergodDondergod01-02-2013

    Since I haven’t started working on the special yet, you can still sent me story’s until the end of this week! (so till sunday 6th).

    Thanks for all who sent something in advance!

  2. rosiemarosiema01-02-2013

    Man I almost banned that server crash from my memory :-(

  3. jumanajumana01-03-2013

    A short note on the well drawn server-down comic: I really like the similarity between the stylized Heroes-and-Generals-Logo-Bird on the screen and the raging soldier in front of the screen :-)

  4. suicidal.bananasuicidal.banana01-11-2013

    Nice read, and cant wait to see what 2013 has in store for us :D
    Keep it up guys, loving the game and maybe even more the quality & amount of communication between ‘us’ (players) and you. Theres kickstarter games claiming they do this that dont even come close to the insights you give us.

    And, even if a little late, happy new year to all at Reto-Moto! (and my fellow players ofc) <3

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