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H&G Newspaper 7th Edition

From the desk of Dondergod:

Welcome to the seventh edition of the H&G newspaper. A normal newspaper again, this time mostly about the 3rd war in the felber build. Also I am reviewing the start of war 4. Followed by a recap of last weeks newspaper about the game guide. The last topic is my latest column, all about platoons and their use. As always, if you want to see anything different, or would like to write an article yourself, you can sent it to [email protected] or notify me ingame for more information.

Heroes & Generals News

Vol.: 1. Issue: 7

Felber war 3: Breaching the wall

Actually this is war 3.2, seeing Reto-Moto did a reset on war 3, which made it start all over again. Just like in the previous wars, the ingame day-timer is 4 times faster than in real life.

Time for the real story, war 3 started like every war should start, both sides swiftly sent their units forward and a front-line was created along the Rhein river. Along this entire front there were fierce battles. Both sides trying to force their way into enemy territory.
Very good news, is that unlike after the past stress-tests, the servers still see quite some activity. The average online players hasn’t dropped under 100 for several weeks now. Thumbs up for Reto for this achievement, since it can only mean the game is maturing more and more. However, more heroes and generals also mean… a lot more casualties. Thousands have died on both sides trying to fight their way to the enemy capital city.

During the first 16 days, the axis have gained a slight advantage in the Northern regions. Except for Den Haag and some villages in North-Brabant (Dutch province), the entire Netherlands is under axis control. In the south and middle regions little has changed and both sides keep pushing to try and force a breakthrough.

On the 18th day, one of them succeeded.. Out of nowhere the axis forged a massive breakthrough in the south, reaching all the way to the Channel.
Though the allies did not surrender just yet. The allied warmachine swiftly started counterattacking and within 24 hours after the breakthrough, most of the frontline was back to where it was. However, the allied front-line was weakened and shortly after the allied front line felt for the second time, this time they secured their cities better and the allies would never see the US flag rise in the Netherlands and Southern France again.

Even though the allies kept fighting till the bitter end, they simply couldn’t drive the axis back and slowly, very slowly, the axis forced marched to London. The war lasted for I think 30 ingame days. Which means almost 6 and a half day. A very decent war for this stage of the game.

Felber war 4: Bugged

No censorship here :-) We are really sorry that we have run into these issues and we are working as fast as we can to get it fixed. – Reto.Robotron3000
The title says it all. War 4 is one big bug, heroes can’t fight battles, (most) generals can’t move units. Even though I am not a Reto-Moto member (though many think I am) I’m sure they are sorry for the problems (I’m sure Robotron will censor this if he doesn’t agree, he seems to fancy this nowadays :P). But as always I would like to remind everyone that this is a beta-version of the game. Things like this simply happen. Be happy when it does work, when it doesn’t, log off, play another game and come back the day after ;).

Still in need of more game guide material!

First of all I want to thank kingofkingtigers with his additions to the wiki about Creating A New Assault Team.

However, this is only one of many chapters. And even though we have the First Blood mission coming within the next few months, we can still use a well written start-up guide. So if you would like to rewrite one of the many chapters or create your own guide, you can send it to me to [email protected] and I will try to add it to the rest as soon as I can.

Dondercolumn: Platoons

Actually there should already have been a column in the previous version, but I wasn’t satisfied and therefore forced to remove it. However, this time I think I do have a good story. Which is about platoons; teamwork.

For those who have been playing this game longer, you might have noticed by now that it’s hard to win a war on your own. Not only do you need to work together with generals to get the right troops to the right battles. You also have to work in a team in the fps-battles. The more teamwork, the better your chances are to win.

A few months ago, my own platoon was the biggest of the game. Every Sunday we would get on teamspeak with up to 10 guys and we would simply throw the axis off the map (if it weren’t for the problem that even if we would win a battle every 10 minutes, the axis, due to overpop, would take 4 cities during that time). Sometimes we managed to forge an entire breakthrough on the campaign map by ourselves. In fps battles, we were pretty much unbeatable. We would win a 10vs10 battle in 5 minutes while only having 1 paratrooper unit, simply since we could communicate which player would jump on which control point. We would have a win/loss ratio of almost infinity when we would really join up and fight together.

Shamefully, due to the unstable game and like I said, the often overpop axis side, scared many of my former platoonmember away and few were there to take their place.
Even though my platoon isn’t very active at the moment, there are some others that are. The axis 5th panzer won most wars during eisenhouwer build and at the moment the 116. Windhund is another great axis platoon. On allied side… Well, PIB still seems to be the most active platoon, and seeing the fact that most often there are 2, max 3 of us online, that is no good sign for the allies.

Because of this, I want to recommend everyone to take a look at the platoon page over here. Next to that, don’t forget to download teamspeak 3 for free, and join the official H&G teamspeak channel IP: You can also join this teamspeak when you are not (yet) in a platoon.

Volume: 1
Issue: 7
Weeks: 49, 50
Year: 2012
Led by: Reto.Robotron3000
Community Editor: Dondergod
Written by:
Felber war 3: Breaching the wall – Dondergod
Felber war 4: Bugged – Dondergod
Still in need of more game guide material! – Dondergod
Dondercolumn: Platoons – Dondergod

  1. l3binarl3binar12-19-2012

    yo donder! This one was good!

  2. SlyF0XSlyF0X12-22-2012

    Great! Thank you very much! That was really interesting to read. Keep on!

  3. fagadabafagadaba12-24-2012

    Thank you Dondergod for this excellent report on Felber War 3. I try to always be on TeamSpeak whenever I can, but I never see much other people.

  4. Jmigfer7Jmigfer712-27-2012

    As soon as I got my pc fixed i’ll join you guys in battle and on ts whenever i can. Dammit I want to play H&G again! Also nice job donder!

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