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Suspension Work

Some time ago when I was working on the sounds for the suspension on some of the vehicle I felt that something was wrong, somehow it did not sound the way it should. I tried to tweak and adjust the sounds and it did get better but still something sounded off-beat. Having other tasks I decided to leave it as-is and get back to it at a later point. jeepsuspension_fullyextended Suspension fully extended.

Recently I was creating and setting up the sounds for the suspension on the R75 motorcycle when I came across the problem again. This time I decided to find out what was wrong. After a very short time going through my suspension setup it was clear to see what the problem was… Doh! The bottoming out sound was playing when the suspension was fully extended and not when it was fully compressed like it should. I went through the vehicles which had this bug and they now sound more the way they should. :-) jeepsuspension_fullycompressed Suspension bottoming out.

  1. ApOCaLiPeS123ApOCaLiPeS12312-05-2012


  2. fagadabafagadaba12-06-2012

    Do you have a video to show the differences?

  3. Reto.draebesmoelfReto.draebesmoelf12-07-2012

    Sorry, no video this time I am afraid.

  4. shikishiki12-07-2012

    still need to fix the turn over problem
    when you hit a big jump the car glitch and end up upside down, half underground

  5. Reto.draebesmoelfReto.draebesmoelf12-07-2012

    Please use to report bugs, thank you.

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