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New Server Stress Test Today at 19.00 UTC

We have a new server stress test Today (Tuesday the 27th of November at 19.00 UTC), where we test how many users can be logged in at the same time. Access to the servers is closed until the test starts, but the servers will remain open after… unless you succeed in crashing the servers. ;)

Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 4: Eisenhower showing the new matchmaking system, ignore function, 32 player missions, new mounted machinegun handling and more.

So if you previously have played H&G or have received a Beta-key, please log in today at 19.00 UTC and help us test the servers! The primary goal for this stress test test is to see how many players can be logged in at the same time, so a simple log in really helps us a lot if you don’t have the time to play !

If you try to log in before the test starts you will see a count-down to when the servers opens and if you can’t log in today due to the stress test, then just try again tomorrow or another day

The servers opens today at:

Tuesday the 27th of November 11:00 am 2:00 pm 20:00 19:00

PST = Pacific Standard Time (US westcoast)
EST = Eastern
StandardTime (US eastcoast)
CET = Central European Time (Central europe)
UTC = Coordinated Universal Time (Server time) / GMT = Greenwich Mean Time

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    ohhhh, only 20.000 keys? No problem… we vets can handle that… I think… I hope…

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    New players are strongly advised to read the manual prior playing:

    It will give you some edge ;-)

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    And here is the general page:

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    Yeyeeee finally jeeeaahhhH , letz rock servers.

    click enter combat button , is first you need know :)

    And join allies by the way …

    Jeah letz test the matchmaking system too jipiii..

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    Just…. release Felber faster..

  6. avatar

    i opened, but it says: Next battle in 7d 1h.
    what happened?

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      It says 49min 30sec atm

  7. avatar

    Did we succeed already? ;D

  8. avatar

    if the timer is any indicator , we succeded ))

  9. avatar

    so where ta fuk i can get that key ?

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    I logged onto the game and I found out I have 200k extra credits. I don’t know if it’s from this or what, but thank you very much.

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      Same here. If it’s no bug…thanks A LOT :D

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    what does it mean, i have an invittation for the beta but when i want to log in it says your account priveleges do not include to acces to the game

    what now, – it seems me realy a nice game to play – i love ww2 tactical shooters

    greetz a fan of your project

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    i hope they can make South EAst Asia SERVER..!!

  13. avatar

    how long they stay down?

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