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Skirmish in the forest

We are now ready to launch the new and improved Skirmish map, with a new game mode: Domination.

The first new Skirmish Map is situated in a heavily sloped forest, where the terrain itself plays a vital part of the map. The central capture area is placed by an intersecting main road, and the area holds barns and sheds and works as a logging camp, before the wood ends up as fine cabinets in Ikea.

The two outposts are cleared forest area, setup as temporary radio outposts with a tent. This type of Skirmish will normally be situated with both a central and stationary area, and smaller temporary areas.

The level is designed as being symmetrical – but not with Counter Strike precision, since the terrain varies and you should experience different feelings based on your access area. There are bikes on all capture area for faster movement around the map – but hey, it’s sloped and not that suitable for bikes (reminds me of when “The Eagle from Herning” won Tour de France in 1996 just using secret field rations).

The capture areas are positioned by circular radii, and a new feature (counts on all maps and game modes) are the vehicle capture. Just drive into the capture area, and start capture it nice and smoothly, but beware of getting stuck in tree stumps, Czech hedgehogs and dragon’s teeth.

There are 3 capture areas, and you need at least 1 more than the opponent to dominate the map. Your domination-counter is only growing when your team is dominating. We hope you will like this new map :-)

  1. FontanFontan11-30-2012

    First: I really like the map design and the atmosphere, feels great !

    – Map takes way to long, played several skirmishes taking more than 40 min and nearly using all 12 ATs resources.
    – the domination system looks like not working right or the rules (progression)
    – axis having a serious disadvantage at these map:
    1. capping as always is CQC in the center post with a lot of camping positions
    2. this map mainly support mid-range outside the capping points
    3. Axis tanks are not agile enough for this map, while e.g. M3 Stuart is small, fast, manoeuvrable
    – spawncamping is a serious issue, also i dont like that u cant cap the Accesspoint to finish a map

    • reto.ogssanreto.ogssan11-30-2012


      We have noticed that the skirmish gamemode is taking much longer than desired, so we have a few tweaks that hopefully will help improve this. Before if just one enemy was within a capture area, that area would not count toward that areas owners. So now we are going to change it so the attackers need to have more soldiers within the area than the defenders to stop it from counting towards the owners.
      This will hopefully hit live early next week.

      We have been discussing bringing back an old feature where players are ghosts the first few seconds after spawning, this will hopefully help improve the spawn camping situation.

      Weapon balance is another issue entirely which i am not that involved in.

      • DondergodDondergod11-30-2012

        The problem with spawncamping is really the south side. When you place your tank around the middle control point, you can already fire directly at the south access point.

        I also agreed that you should be able to capture the access point. But perhaps ONLY when you already own all 3 victory points. (so you can’t just drive a jeep around and cap it)

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