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H&G 5th edition

From the desk of Dondergod:

Welcome to the fifth edition of the H&G newspaper. First of all, sorry for the late post, I’ve been a bit busy the last weeks ;). In this article we have news about 93, a sneak peak in the heroes and FELBER and ending with my second dondercolumn: Bugs, exploits and bugs. And as always, if you want to see anything different, or would like to write an article yourself, you can sent it to [email protected] or notify me ingame for more information.

Heroes & Generals News

Vol.: 1. Issue: 5

War 93: Pushing too hard

*note: I have lost the screenshot I made about this war, I'm terribly sorry for this

Have you ever heard of the ‘offensive overload syndrome’? It is a nasty disease mostly common among Allied generals. When a general suffers under this syndrome, he has the will to send his troops forward. Whenever he looks at the map, and he sees combat, he sends his units in there. Not caring about supply lines, weak points in the frontline, he just has to attack!
The syndrome has seen an extreme form in war 93. Mostly in the south the allied generals send all their units into combat, they won at first. But in the last few hours of day 1. Everything turned around. The axis managed to win a few battles and managed to capture a front-line allied city. Since the allies had sent everything into combat and had left not a single unit behind in reserve, the axis troops stormed through the opening they had created. Their paratroopers flew over the allied lines and soon the entire allied southern-army was either destroyed or surrounded. Several allied generals re-routed their units to the south, and they managed to place a secondary line, but at the cost of at least 2 dozen cities. The war goes on and seems to become a more interesting war than the previous ones.

Felber build on stable!!!

Yes, you’ve heard me alright, Felber has hit stable and as always I was allowed to take a little sneak peak. I brought my photo camera and shot a total of 40 pictures (though most are crap :P). The most important features are: Skirmish map completely reworked! New assault team types! And I suppose those are the two biggest changes.

Skirmish map reworked

As there were a lot of people who weren’t to fund of the skirmish map, they decided to do a complete overhaul. And complete it was; there is not a single trenchline left on the map, the 3 capture points changed from position and the whole gameplay changed. Rather than the old ‘king of the hill’ gameplay, we now have a ‘domination’ map. Meaning that you get points for the control points to hold. In order to keep people from spawn camping, every time you die, you need to start all the way back to the access point.

Assault teams renewed!

You might have already heard something about it, we now have a lot more assault teams, all having a different role to play (look here for a complete overview of all assault teams). The plan is also to go back to more rifle gameplay. The smg has become a unlockable weapon from rank 6. The heavy mg, we might not see at all the next build. And when you equip your rifleman with a sniper, you have become a recon once more. So no more snipers and bazooka’s in infantry assault teams.

New vehicles!

Did I trick you by saying those where the only 2 updates? If I did, shame on you it was very obvious!

First of all, all cars have been removed from the map. They are now part of an assault team. Motorized guards, anti-tank infantry and recon assault teams now come with a motorcycle!

The axis forces have also received some reinforcements for their panzer army:

Panzer I (right), armed with 2 powerful mg’s which will fear allied infantry
The medium tank:
Panzer IIIJ (middle), the counterpart of the Sherman, though with lower firepower, but a much higher rate of fire.
The tiger has moved to the spot of heavy tank.

The allies only have received 1 new tank;

The light stuart tank (right), armed with AP and HE round, can give close firesupport and with it’s speed you can even try to flank an enemy tank. Though don’t try to take on the tiger, where you need 7 hits to destroy it!

Dondercolumn: Bugs, exploits and bugs:

“This game is so poor optimised!”
“Why the hell are there only 5 maps!”
“This game s*cks, it has so many bugs!”
And the list goes on and on.

This column, might be more for the people waiting for a key than for the ones already ingame.
Heroes and Generals is a classic… beta. Meaning that in this game, beta really means under construction, rahter than a game like Call Of Duty where beta is simply a demo for the costumers. Everyone who recieves a key get the privilage! to try and steer the game in a way they would like to see it grow. And don’t just think about scaling the gun, think it big! Suggest entire maps, new weapons, tanks and even complete gameplay rewrites! Think of a system to balance the game out (player-wise, not weapon), how do YOU think the supply system should work?

People who complaing about bugs don’t see the enourmous privilage they have recieved. The further the game is developed, the less ‘big’ changes reto-moto can put through. At this point the lobby system is still in ful development, if you don’t like the way it handles now, come with idea’s on the forums. Speak your mind about what you want to see.

In the end, I do have to make a warning, this game is full of bugs and things you can exploit. We are here to test these bugs, help the reto’s fix them. Sometimes we don’t mind the bugs, we know they are in. Sometimes we do mind them, we just want to play a battle for fun and when a bug pops up at that moment, it’s annoying. No one can deny it, no one will. But try, to always expect a unexted bug to pop up. When you are a new player, don’t be scared by bugs, don’t rage about them. Look through them, and you will find this amazing game combining fps and rts in one game.

When you are truly sick of the bugs, go away for a while, but make sure you come back, because a lot might have changed in your absence. Felber build will double the amount of tanks and by changing some things in the assault teams, the game will be a completely different game once more. Think about that when you are waiting for your key, when you get your key and when you play the game.


HE IS… A bug that has already been removed.

By Dondergod

Volume: 1
Issue: 5
Week: 45-47
Year: 2012
Led by: Reto.Robotron3000
Community Editor: Dondergod
Written by:
War 93: Aftermath – Dondergod
Felber build on stable! – Dondergod
Dondercolumn: Bugs, exploits and bugs – Dondergod

  1. bsnake(Latvia)bsnake(Latvia)11-29-2012

    how come that alldied side gets 1 tank?

    • HallkerHallker11-30-2012

      Didn’t noticed? Allied units are pretty out of focus. At beginning almost all beta invites goes for German players which result in big advantage for Axis side. :)

  2. jumanajumana11-29-2012

    Ahm.. the title says 6th edition, but the text says 5th edition – a small bug that can be fixed easily I guess :-) As always alot of interesting stuff to read – and thanks for the close look at the most important changes in Felber. The picture showing AT progress mentioned in “Assault teams renewed!” is missing though.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300011-29-2012

      Fixed! I guess I was a bit to quick when helping to edit it. Thanks for letting us know :-)

  3. rosiemarosiema11-30-2012

    “A bug that has already been removed.”

    Untill you rouch alone in the bunker and the map is set at night with fog….


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